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Aisha Buhari Calls For Total Lockdown In Nigeria As Coronavirus Cases Increases to 36

The wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, has called for a total lockdown in Nigeria.

Aisha made the call on Monday morning after Nigeria confirmed five new cases of coronavirus.

She commended the state governors for closing down schools but asked that parents be told to stay at home also.

Her post read:

“It is commendable that state governors have closed down schools; however, this could be counterproductive if parents are still going to work.

“We should not isolate students and expose their parents. Let us remember that they will meet at home.”

At the moment, Nigeria has 36 cases of coronavirus as Edo records its first case of COVID-19.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)on Monday confirmed five new cases of coronavirus, two in FCT, two in Lagos and one in Edo.


Coronavirus: FG Bans Two More Countries From Nigeria

Austria and Sweden have been added to the list of high-risk countries restricted from entering Nigeria over the coronavirus pandemic.

This was made public by the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire at a press briefing in Abuja on Friday.

Nigeria had, on Wednesday, placed travel restrictions on entry into the county from 13 countries with high-burden of coronavirus.

The countries are China, Iran, South Korea, Germany, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Japan.

The country also announced a temporary suspension of visa-on-arrival policy.


Life Of A Sickle Cell Warrior: Tales Of A Mother and Son | @Tatafo__tony

Story of a sickle cell warrior….

In Africa, it is the dream of a every family to have a male child as he is presumed to be the one that keeps on the family name. For a mother who already have five kids (all girls), the struggle for a male child can be very tough.

On the 6th of January some 30 years ago, God decided to answer a mother’s prayers. Oh how my mama wanted a son. It might interest you to know that her own mother only have one son, a family thing I guess.

Sickle cell and genotype awareness is something that was relatively unknown in the time of my birth. My father been a polygamous man have no other sickle cell warrior apart from myself. My mother already had 5 daughters and none was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia.

On the day of my birth according to my mum, the Doctors pronounced me sick in the womb. She was told she will require the help of infusion to be able to birth me. At this point, her fear of losing me began. As God may have it, I came out successfully and was among the first set of kids to be born in my community hospital. My mother birthed a Genius.

My Loving and Caring Mother

To those who might not know, Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia — a condition in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body.

Normally, your red blood cells are flexible and round, moving easily through your blood vessels. In sickle cell anemia, the red blood cells become rigid and sticky and are shaped like sickles or crescent moons. These irregularly shaped cells can get stuck in small blood vessels, which can slow or block blood flow and oxygen to parts of the body.

There’s no cure for most people with sickle cell anemia. But treatments can relieve pain and help prevent problems associated with the disease.

Sickle cell anemia is caused by a mutation in the gene that tells your body to make the red, iron-rich compound that gives blood its red color (hemoglobin). Hemoglobin allows red blood cells to carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body. In sickle cell anemia, the abnormal hemoglobin causes red blood cells to become rigid, sticky and misshapen.

The sickle cell gene is passed from generation to generation in a pattern of inheritance called autosomal recessive inheritance. This means that both the mother and the father must pass on the defective form of the gene for a child to be affected.

If only one parent passes the sickle cell gene to the child, that child will have the sickle cell trait. With one normal hemoglobin gene and one defective form of the gene, people with the sickle cell trait make both normal hemoglobin and sickle cell hemoglobin. Their blood might contain some sickle cells, but they generally don’t have symptoms. But they are carriers of the disease, which means they can pass the gene to their children.

Living with sickle cell is terrible for an adult, for a mother nursing a baby who cannot tell what or where the pain hurts, it is even more painful. I was named Orevaoghene meaning Gods Will. Truly my life was and is certainly the will of God.

I was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia very early, I think few months after my birth. With the help of well trained Doctors and Nurses who were just moved to my community hospital after its commissioning, my mother got all the advise she needed to take care of me. Back then there was no social media, no avenue for my mum to relate with anyone who is going through same health challenge or even a mother with a child suffering from sickle cell anaemia. Me and herself was all we got.

Growing up in my early childhood, I was so crazy about football and friendship. I always wanted to go out and be with friends so I can do all they can do. But my mum always try to stop me. This I never understood as I used to feel she hates me been happy. The only thing I know growing up is that I always feel excruciating pain all over my body anytime I play football. I also get so cold from going swimming with my friends which often lands me in the hospital with pneumonia. Though I do not understand why I was always in the Hospital as a child, I used to think everyone I played with is still in the hospital too. Little did I know I was the only one suffering from the fun time we had.

My mum protected me as a child like the mother hen would her chicks. Most of the sickle cell crisis I had as a child and even as an adult starts mostly in the middle of the night. With all the evil stories and news associated with the night time, armed robbery and co., my mum fears no evil. The fear of the night was never an excuse for her to keep me in pains till the next morning. She will pick me up after applying my home meds with no remedy and head for the nearest hospital. Doctors and Nurses became my best friends as a kid. I guess I was the most popular patient in my community hospital and most of the hospitals we frequently visit. While my peers where living their childhood having fun or going to school, I spent most of mine in the hospital.

Back home, I was loved. My mum and dad never took me for granted. I get listening ears when I want and most of my requests are granted asap. I wasn’t the last born, I have a younger sister but most times, people feel I am their last born as I get treated as one. My birthdays are celebrated all the time, my dad was never too broke to get me Christmas clothes even though they couldn’t get for my other siblings. All these they did to make up for the time of pains I had all year which is more than the time I spent been Ok. Toys and games I get anytime I make a request, truly I was a king at home.

Back to my mother, she makes sure I am not allowed to do any house chores that will drain me. The only time she gets angry at me as a child is when I refused taking my routine drugs which is something I used to do a lot. I hate taking drugs when I am not sick. I would tell her I am not sick, that I will only take the drugs when I am sick. By this time I am still yet to understand I was a sickle cell warrior. My mum will only try to explain to me why I should take the drugs everyday, but she never used the word “You Are A Sickler” on me. She will just find other ways of explaining to me. Sometimes I understand, other times I don’t.

When I began to understand I was a sickle cell warrior, I started to realize why my childhood was so messed up. Why I missed lots of school time. I remember how I will wake up to see my mum crying by my side in the hospital for God to not let me die, even if that is the only thing that he will do for her all her life. Her tears always moved me to tears. She constantly lived with the fear of losing her son who though was never given a chance to life, broke every obstacle to still be alive. My continuous existence was and its still my mother’s best miracle.

My Education was rough, very many off school days, from kindergarten to my higher institutions. Those who know me well can attest to this. Despite all these off time, I was always among the very best in my class. My mum never wanted me to go faraway from her all in the name of schooling. This is why I did all my education in Delta State.

I wanted to go to Uniben or Uniport, I did my very best to get these admissions. I remember travelling to Benin for my Uniben post ume in 2010. When I got to Benin, I followed my friend whom I put up with to check out the school. On our way back, a heavy downpour met us. When I got home, I was so cold. My friend gave me hot water to bath with as I thought with that I will be fine. Little did I know its just the beginning. I woke up in the middle of the night with pains all over. I didn’t take any medication with me as I thought I was fine. I had to bear the pains all night as I wasn’t at home with my mum who will damn the night to rush me to the hospital.

The next morning my friend got me the meds I asked him to get for me. I took them and felt better to an extent. I proceeded to the exam hall. I was writing in pains. It got to a point I couldn’t take the pains anymore, I decided to submit my script and rush to the park to return home to Delta State. I remember been the first person to submit in the hall. Fast forward to when the result came out, I missed out on the pass mark for admission with just two marks. This made me give up on schooling faraway from home as I had to accept my ordeal was God’s answer to my mother’s prayers.

When I got admission to study Accounting at Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro, my mum opted to move to school with me as my room mate. She was so convinced I can’t take care of myself. After much argument over the matter, she asked me to get a room mate. Then it was time for NYSC. Another battle. Guess where I was posted to, Katsina. My mother will not hear it. It was January, a time of cold in the Northern region. It was a No No for her. She convinced all my siblings that I must not go for my NYSC. That I should go for exemption even when I was not up to 30 years. I was so mad as it seems to be a gang up against me. By this time my dad was no more, it was just me, my mum and siblings. I told them I must go for my NYSC. I told them I will not forfeit my dreams all because of sickle cell. At last, I was allowed to go on the condition that I apply for relocation on health grounds.

My mum and I have experienced things together in this sickle cell world. My first and only experience with armed robbers happened while on admission in the hospital. I remember how she and the nurses where locked up in a room downstairs while they came up to me to take my phones with guns pointed at me. My mum only went downstairs to call the nurse that my drip is finished for them to replace it, little did she know she was walking into the lions den. After they took my phones, I waited for almost an hour and my mum wasn’t forthcoming, I had to take my drip downstairs only to see that they were locked up in a room. I was the one who let them out.

Life can be really depressing with us sickle cell warriors. I have had crisis, I have heard Doctors tell me “We thought you won’t make it”. I have been inches close to death on several occasions, but God has always brought me back. I do not know why as I do not claim to be a saint, but I know that the prayers of a mother for her only son cannot be overlooked by God. Today, 6th January happens to be my Birthday. Today I have been given an opportunity to live more and also to prove to science and medicine that God is the giver of life. Yes it can be very annoying to have people control your life, but the truth remains that if my mother was careless about me, maybe I won’t be here to share this story today. I love my Mother and I will always make her proud.

Dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Ruth Asiemo and all mothers/caregivers of sickle cell warriors. Please never give up on your Children/ward.


NEWS: THE CARDI B NIGERIAN TRIP THE MEDIA LEFT OUT ||@thehelejaneofficial @iamcardib

At the LivespotXFestival, Cardi B meets with Nigerian Fans and was presented with a luxury handcrafted leather made in Nigeria handbag that was inspired and named after her song, Bodak Yellow. The creative designer, Dolapo Deji-Torey says the realness of the song which talked about Cardi’s struggles, challenges and rise to fame inspired her to pursue her dreams with HELEJANÉ.

Talking about her experience meeting Cardi B at the LiveFestXFestival, HeleJane reveals that she first fell in love with the artiste from the Love & Hip-hop reality TV show whose challenges resonated with her own personal experiences.

Growing up, HeleJane had many talents but struggled with identifying her passion as she was constantly nagged by the fear of failure.  She started her brand 10

years ago but had to shut it down a year later because she felt she was failing and not doing enough.

Six months ago, the Nigerian designer started over with the luxury handbag collection which is a testimony to following her dreams and seeing it through just like Cardi B did when she left the Love & Hip hop show to pursue her rap career.

HeleJane, inspired by Cardi B, then named one of her handbags “Bodak” after the artiste’s “Bodak Yellow” song.

In September 2019, HeleJane learned that Cardi B would be in Nigeria and she just knew she had to meet the person who inspires her.

She wanted Cardi B to have the handbag named after her song and started to put plans in motion.

HeleJane sent messages to the artiste’s stylists, promoters and even Cardi herself but got no response. Nevertheless, she persisted.

She restrategized, recharged and sent even more messages but this time around to the event organizers and anyone who was likely to be in touch with Cardi B for the event.

Two days to the show, HeleJane still had no guarantee that she’d meet Cardi B but had told everyone she was going to meet her. In a way, she had come to believe it.

A day before the event, a friend suggested she goes to Lagos and try to make it to the Meet and Greet with her

Cardi B. Prior to that, she had participated in an online contest to attend the meet and greet.

She got a mail on the D-day that she had won a ticket to meet Cardi and her dream was finally becoming a reality.

At the venue, HeleJane met Dare Art Alade who introduced her to his wife and arranged with Cardi’s team to meet with the designer.

During the photo session, HeleJane’s dream and all of her hard work finally paid off as she was introduced to Cardi and presented the bag to her.

To her surprise, the rapper unwrapped the box right there and the expression on her face was priceless. In HeleJane’s words, “for me, it was an early Christmas gift. It made my year, it made all the hard work worth it.”

She describes Cardi B as warm, real, accommodating and down to earth.

Our story – “Synergy in Art and Technology”


Helejané Is a brand driven by passion, creativity and

craftmanship. The philosophy is to create beautiful luxury leather goods out of simple materials with an artistic elegance. Helejané captures timeless silhouettes of unique art and bears quality details, creating a fascinating, fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury. The brand is dedicated to delivering only the finest quality handbags for women. Each bag is created using a careful selection of calf skin leather, strong light-weight supports and polished brass delicately plated in 24-carat fine gold.


The Horse

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful” – Pam Brown.

Helejane’s “LE CHEVAL – PRINT COLLECTION” is a celebration of strong, beautiful women achieving success. It is a love letter to women riding on and conquering in every sector: women who are impacting their communities. The print collection features distinct graphic representation of Nigeria’s history, culture and art. The le cheval collection celebrates the legendary Queen Amina of Zazau in Northern Nigeria. She represents the spirit of strength and

womanhood. She is illustrated with a spear in hand, on her charger in this collection’s campaign.

The collection celebrates modern femininity with emphasis on craftsmanship and expertise to create the most astonishing and unique handbags. To create the Le Cheval collection, the band designed its unique leathers. The designer was inspired by 3 pillars of Nigerian culture: Vlisco’s flying horse Ankara, inspiring women (This Day print) and National heritage (Nigeria Flag) thus creating a functional piece of Art.The le cheval collection is a first of its kind in Africa, while the African fashion world is associated with fabric bold prints, Helejané changes the game, the designer expertly usestechnology to emboss beloved Nigerian print Ankara, newspaper patterns, on genuine calf leather to create cheeky, layers of textures, colors, and culture. These iconic bags are transcendent. The collection is set to officially launch on the 6th of September with timely press coverage by British Vogue and other media platforms.

The Helejané minimalistic but luxurious aesthetic is visible in all six bag styles. The le Cheval collection includes

The following limited editions lines:








Dolapo Deji-Torey was born on September 24, 1986 in Akure, Ondo state. She is a Nigerian born Fashion Designer renowned for her trademark luxury fashion accessories. In 2008, she launched her luxury fashion brand, Helejané, famous for timeless designs, simple and sophisticated for women of style. As the Founder and Creative Director of Helejané, she believes every woman is unique and fashion is self-expression.

Owning to the challenges of being a young entrepreneur in the fashion industry in Nigeria, Dolapo took a break from her young brand to pursue other ambitions. She embraced the opportunity for career development,earning herself a Master’Degree in Marketing

Communications from Pan African University and subsequently, a degree in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London Business School. Dolapo has served in different roles and has a proven track record of success as an astute Investment portfolio manager. She is a result-driven Business Development executive responsible for driving Capital EPC projects for the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, Power, Telecommunication and Infrastructure Industries.Inspired by a recent encounter with a local handbag manufacturer, Dolapo released a capsule line showcasing Nigerian artisanal acumen. Dolapo designs luxury leather items that are creative, original and functional aimed to celebrate modern femininity.She may be found in Abuja, Nigeria, or Houston, Texas depending on the season. She lives with her husband, Mr. Deji Torey, and their children,Shih,Tzu, Cody.


In Nigeria, Treasures are passed down from mothers to daughters alongside family heirlooms and spicy recipes. An appreciation for the finest Nigeria crafted jewelry is one of such treasures. Helejané partners with Women in Mining to craft only the finest accessories of gold and precious metals as design ornaments for the bags. In doing so, the brand supports artisanal miners which are mostly women in the industry.







Havivah Umanah ,Gospel Minister,Recording and Performing Artiste

Havivah Umanah is a Gospel Minister, Psalmist, Recording and Performing Artiste and Song Writer; She was born on the 25th December in the Eastern part of Nigeria. A graduate of Public Administration from the University of Abuja.

Her singing career started unofficially at the tender age in the Choir, as a teenage Chorister she was a leading vocal in the Annual Choir Competition.She has two Albums ‘DAVID’S PRAISE’ and ” MY CONNECTION with twelve and nine tracks respectively, all songs were Inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.

She is so passionate about God that her delight is in fulfilling the will of God and ministering the word of God through songs to every nation.Havivah receives all her songs through Revelation in the Word of God, most time she wakes up with a new song in her mouth.She is gifted in the word of wisdom and revelation, a dynamic motivator and Councillor. Her powerful lyrics comprises of psalms that heal the sick, transform lives and amend a broken heart that is why the Album is Titled ‘DAVID’S PRAISE’.

Havivah is a Lover of God, a Gem of authenticity and uniqueness, her songs go with deeper thoughts and they stay with you, She opens her heart and sings from the place of depth passion and joy in praising God.

Havivah is mandated with great delight to bring the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through music to the whole world to the Glory of God the FATHER, SON and The HOLY SPIRIT. She is happily married.

Instagram: @iamhavivah

Twitter: @iamhavivah

Facebook: Havivah Umanah

She is the owner of ADAHZION Records Ltd. with fully equipped state of the art ANALOG AUDIO and DIGITAL STUDIO, located in Lekki Lagos.She is the founder of AD Crew which is her band. The group comprises Seventeen (17) Crew members.She is also the owner of a Gospel music and entertainment

Havivah is a Senior partner with Overhplus properties Limited.



The Biggest International Reality TV Beauty Pageant is about to hit your TV Screen

The Biggest International Reality TV Beauty Pageant is about to hit your TV Screen 🎥


A Reality TV Show airing On DSTV | GOTV | STARTIMES | A contest for female models who aspire to take their career to the next level as TV Presenters | Red Carpet & Event Host | Commercial Modeling | Brand Ambasador for Top International Brands | Fashion Designers | Skin Care & Make Up Products ETC.


To Register as a contestant send your name & location via WhatsApp only to +2348106194645 .

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Africa’s Biggest Technology Invention Competition, NaijaHacks, is returning for the second time this December at ZoneTech Park, Lagos, Nigeria

Africa’s Biggest Technology Invention Competition, NaijaHacks, is returning for the second time this December at ZoneTech Park, Lagos, Nigeria. This year, the Technology Invention Competition or Hackathon will focus on building solutions in Education, Housing, Employment creation, and Citizen safety.

Kicking off with the online Hackathon on December 7th, 2019, all admitted teams and individuals will have 7 days to build creative solutions that will enhance pressing local and global challenges using technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data, and others. Online solution development will end on 14th December 2019.

This year’s event will feature an expo-style demo, stage pitching competitions, a keynote speech and award presentation (on the 17th December 2019)

Uchi Uchibeke, Founder of NaijaHacks, said: “We’ve synthesized learnings from last year to make this year’s NaijaHacks bigger, better and more sustainable. We hope to place 90% of winning teams in incubators, connect 70% of job-seeking participants to interviews and get 50% women to participate. ”

On the Demo day of the event, invited teams will present their solutions to judges from around the world including leaders in tech, business, government, and others. The creative and disruptive solutions will be used to inspire next-level tech products for Nigerian and international markets.

In keeping with NaijaHacks’s mission of making opportunities available to all young Africans, promising projects from the hackathon will be matched to related companies and mentors for funding and guidance so that they can be developed into technology ventures.

About Naijahacks.

NaijaHacks makes opportunities available to all young Africans so that they can start their own technology ventures or work at some of the world’s best companies. This mission is accomplished with The NaijaHacks Hackathon and The NaijaHacks Community.

Current sponsors of NaijaHacks include Amazon Web Services, Linode, DigitalOcean, STEMHub Foundation, and many others.

Register to be a mentor or participate at



Saturday 19th October 2019 was a day so phenomenal. At the prestigious Pelican Hall, Pelican International Hotel, Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos was the gathering of who is who for the GRAND FINALE of Nigeria’s topnotch Reality TV Show to support young aspiring entrepreneurs, The Young CEO Reality TV Show 2019.

A fiercely contested journey which began on 14th of September with a grand opening and had 25 rising entrepreneurs drawn from diverse fields nationwide but with only top 5 making it to the end, witnessed the parade of stars, experts, business moguls and lavish media professionals in a night of glitter and glamour.

The row call of attendance was sauced with the presence of one of the official

headline sponsors, Prince Christopher Nebe, MD/CEO of Phamatex Industries Ltd; who stormed the venue with heavy security detail and the presence of senior executives and CEOs of other corporate sponsors such as AfriOne, Green Lotto Nigeria, NTEL, OHWow Popcorn, Silvertine International Autos, Dabinchi Global Limited, Delaquine Services, Mavin GRANDPA, President of Artiste Managers Association in Nigeria AMAN, Mr Akinpelu, Tochukwu Micheal, CEO Asandrea Fashion, Jossy Vasachy, Chita Agu Johnson, Nollywood Actress, TV Host and Producer, Esther White Bassey, Multiple Award Winning Teen Actress and Producer, families and friends of the hubmates. The Judges, David Agu, CEO Entrepreneur Africa, Chisom Egwuatu, CEO The Vain Stores and Temi Ajibewa, Author, Speaker and Business Coach. The Hosts, Bimbo Abayomi, CEO Messenger Network, Teniola Akinpelu, CEO Afrikan Island Fashion, Nonye Chidolue, Founder CHEGCAF.

The high point was unveiling the winner of the grand prize. Young, Beautiful, Gentle and Intelligent are what describes the personage of Chidera Vanessa Akamelu who clinched the grand prize of 1 Million Naira and a Multi Million Naira Car. The runner ups who emerged were: Josephine Chisom Okonkwo, CEO Odettegrand, Kester Gfella, CEO Light House Entertainment who won an all expense paid trip to Dubai for 1 week holiday and business tour, John Oho, CEO FXTicari INC, Mabel Christian, CEO Belluxury Emporium.

The winner of The Young CEO Reality TV Show 2019 is a thriving entrepreneur and founder of an online store, Trendy Closet By Dera. Chidera is currently studying French as part of her leap towards taking her brand to the world. The epochal show which aired daily for 35 days on DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES Via NTA 2 CH 5 and ONLINE at came to close amidst thunderous ovation and media paparazzi by NTA and Red Carpet On Tv. The

winner is billed to begin her media rounds and courtesy tour alongside her runner ups in few days to come.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on social media platforms @theyoungceotv




Question1…Can we meet you?

Am Monsurdeen Abiola and popularly known as Omoluabi MaDream 4pmy

Question2…Where did you grow up?

I was born in ibadan, oyo state, but I am a native of osun state, Ede precisely.

Question3…When and why did you start music?

I started music in 2004 and the main reason why  i start music was because i got the influenced from my past friend Shanko Rasheed who is fuji Musician, and i felt i can always do what he is doing and even more better.

Question4…What is your musical background?

I have a little bit of a music background I would say. I played alto-saxophone from fourth grade until I was a freshman in high school. I also took a few piano classes as well. I’ve been in love with music since I was a child, but it was more so my own curiosity rather than it being pushed on me by my mother. My mom played clarinet when she was in school so she plays a big role in encouraging me, but it was really j my own curiosity into music that got me started. Music basically pushed itself on me.

Question5…What does it feel like to be a hip hop artiste in Nigeria at the moment?

At the moment, for me, it is mixed. There are days when I am proud to be one. Days when I see flashes of hope and feel like am not doing this again. Days when many fans are excited about my new hip hop project or about a really good verse of rap that i just dropped on a song.There are also times when it is absolutely frustrating. Times when I sit down and realise that i really do not have any major concerts and that i have no award shows strictly meant to honour me, but to be realistic,for now it is discouraging but i hope that soon enough the fans will learn to appreciate the diversity in Hip hop and will also start to gain from it sooner.



Before we go further, can you give us a freestyle???

Yes! that is my job
freestyleeee OK!!!

This is the time for me to think about my life,
Boys are so wicked they kill and survive,They collect someone money with gun and knife,
They no ready 2 work & they want become a chief,
Yeah…When there’s life there’s hope 
When there’s earth there’s globe
When there’s kerosene there’s stove
When there’s level Boi get scope
😃 😃 😃 lolssssss Wow nice one (dream)…

Question6..What do you hate most about the industry?

Hate is a strong word but I can’t say it isn’t appropriate. I hate the lies, yes and also what i hate most is listening to music and get to know that it has no meaning or message to pass. i hate it.

Question7…Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

Musically, my biggest influence has to be music in general. I love sound and I enjoy witnessing or participating in a concert. I love to see the reaction people get when they hear my songs that they love. That reaction is my biggest musical influence. and my favorite music is Ayinla omowura, Yusuf Olatunji, Orlando owo, lil wayne, Mr P, Brymo, Asa and Burna boy, also 9ice.I’m more so influenced by great thinkers and writers when it comes to my music.

Question8…How would you describe your own style? 

I guess I would say that I’m different in the sense that I’m more of a Motivational Singer. I touch a lot on spirituality in my rhymes, but not in a religious sense though. I’m not a gospel singer by any means, but I do discuss the soul a lot.  I’m a self-conscious rapper/singer.  A lot of my songs are serious in nature, but I have a lot of music with a lot of different feelings for each song. So I would describe my style as diverse, poetic, and original. I like to take a lot of risks with the things that I say, the way that I say them and the beats that I use.

Question9…Who do you collaborate with?

I have not really collaborate with any artists for now.

Question10…In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

I’ve just improved all around. I’ve worked on my mixing, my songwriting and just myself as a person. When I first started I just wanted to make music, but I didn’t know much about anything so I made what I heard other singers making.The music has changed, but it’s because the lifestyle and thinking behind the music has changed drastically as well.

Question11… What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Its is Easy. God, after God he is still the one. Which is EVERYTHING.

Question12… Have you been in competitions?  Any prizes?


Question13… What would be your dream venue in which to perform?That’s a good question. well i have been performing live in ibadan and other places but where i will Probably like to have a performance is at #Felabration, Mtn project fame, and #Olamide’s OLIC. That would be my dream venue. I think that would be pretty sweet.

Question14…What advice would you give other hip-hop artistes?

I’m no expert in the game and I’m not accomplished yet so I can’t exactly dish out advice to everyone. I would however like to address the newbies
•They should try and work very hard even harder meanwhile, should know what you are doing. •Don’t sign agreements without doing proper research about the business and legal components of the industry, i think you should learned from the mistake Kiss Daniel and oladips made.
• Don’t get carried away by men in suits, offering you the whole world and promising you the platform you need. Sometimes when it shines too bright, it blinds you.
• Stay humble but don’t let anybody understate your value.
•.Regardless of opinions, focus on your hustle. God got you.



It’s a new dawn for youth empowerment and talent development as a Canada-Nigeria partnership initiative launches a Reality TV Show for youth enterprise development “THE YOUNG CEO REALITY TV SHOW”. The Auditions which lasted for about 30 days witnessed buzz and outlandish display of massive campaign to network youths in business with potential and capacity of competing for fame, financial empowerment and excellent character reward in a 36 days exclusive reality show.


Auditions which began May 28th, held both online and at some of the most sophisticated physical venues across Calabar, Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt, Awka, Owerri, Ghana, Cameroon and finally in LAGOS Nigeria. The Young CEO Reality TV show will be airing on DSTV CH 369, GOTV CH 104, STARTIMES CH 116 Via NTA 2 CH 5 and online via


More reports reveal that over 1500 young entrepreneurs registered to participate in the audition, who now await what their fate would be as the result on who gets shortlisted for the next stage is expected soon. It was recorded that only topnotch industry experts, multi-national companies executives, senior enterprise professionals, Owners of successful business outfits, top Nollywood actresses/producers and media technocrats were onboard the judges seat across all the centers. Special thanks to Mrs Helen Odeleye, immediate past General Manager NTA 10 Lagos, Chita Agwu Johnson, Amaka Chukwujekwu, Bola Abayomi, Chinonye Chidolue,  Teniola Akinpelu, Esther Whyte Bassey, Ettah Emani,  David Agu ESQ, Tochukwu Micheal, Rukkie Benson, Daniel Whyte, Victor Atewe, Collins Uwaeze, Blessing Thomas, Chinonye Joy Olebu, Racheal Bereba, Jennifer Akoka, Abayomi Diamond, Big Willy, Ada Amaechi, Ope Seriki, Ihioma Iwuji, Sandra Bassey, Precious Chinasa Okaforigbo, Waccher Margeret, Okonkwo Joy, Nneka Merit Opara, Kamsi Ejiofor, Tovia Bars.


The Young CEO has also attracted support from top brands and technical partners to make its objectives worthwhile which includes PHAMATEX Industries Limited-Makers of Lumapil Forte and Paratex Paracetamol, NTA CH 2 Lagos, Red Carpet On TV Limited, Dabinchi Global Entertainment Limited, Asandrea Fashion, African Bro Media, The Entrepreneur Africa, Esther Whyte Media, Nicson Africa, Vik Prince Media, Ivory Mark Limited, Happenings Media, CHEGCAF, Afrikan Island Luxury Fashion, Line Of Culture, Rukkies House, FooFoo NG, WhatSheWore Closet, Laser Oil, Nekkimerit Collections, Note Cosmetics AMC Lounge, Destiny Pots, Mr Dynamix Lounge.


However, qualified candidates will be shortlisted soon while the envisaged Reality TV show will commence any moment from now, says the African Managing Partners in a press meeting.


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