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#EndSars: Prophet Fufeyin calls on Nigerians, Clergymen, women to join hands in prayers against civil war

Following the protest that erupted across the country to seek an end to police brutality, especially a section of the force called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), popular clergyman, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin has called on the entire christian body, especially clerics to pray against civil war. It would be recall that the renown Prophet saw this coming as far back in 22nd of June, 2020 and called on the church to pray, the accuracy of his prophetic words caused many to marvel at fulfilment.
 Speaking in a video made public to journalists, the prophet said Nigerians must intensify in prayer, adding that keeping quiet over the situation spells doom. “Don’t keep quiet. Things are happening in uncontrollable manner. If you think the things that are happening in Edo, Lagos, Rivers, Delta, Ibadan wouldn’t affect you, you may be wrong,” Fufeyin, who is the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries (CMDM) warned.

 According to him, it was high time for the crises to stop and the church would be strategic in helping to tame the tide. 
 The prophet had specifically prophesied that some people were planning war, stressing that the development would shake the country and leave devastating catastrophe as we’ve now seen.
 Speaking during a Mountain service in Warri, Delta, earlier in June, the billionaire prophet had stated that the country was at the verge of collapse.
 “Let us pray for our country Nigeria. There are different things that are about to happen. The country is shaking. Everybody is talking about the story, even small children. Some people will say how did these things come about, other would say God was doing it. 

 “Let us pray for Nigeria, somethings that I am seeing, I have never seen before. The things that are about to happen, if it is good for the country it should manifest to reality but if it is bad, let it be cancelled. 
 “As a prophet, what is about to happen, every household, every media, news houses will carry it. Let us pray that is red light. There is struggle. I can’t bare it, I can’t stand it, I don’t know whether it is truth or not,” Fufeyin had prophesied in video posted on youtube 

 The prophet further stated that he saw death and that the situation would shake both young, small and old “I am seeing death, Fufeyin said, adding, the country is kicking and even small children were talking about the story.” Again, in August, Fufeyin said at a church service in Warri emphasised on the need for the country to pray, stating that they may be civil war in Nigeria. 
 “Let us pray for our country Nigeria. Let us come together and pray for Nigeria. I am seeing war, civil war, if the country did not take time, if we are not prayerful, people are planning, this is called war,” Fufeyin noted.
 According to him, the country is scattering and christians must pray and not allow the country to be scatter. 
 In October this year, the youth of the country started a massive protest against Police brutality, espailly seeking an end to a section of a Police force, know as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The protest, which started as a peaceful movement eventually degenerated as hoodlums reported hijacked the protest.  The development took the worst turn as after shootout at a venue of the protest in Lagos, leaving people dead while some sustained injury. The issue further worsen with crises across states as international communities waded in.

In conclusion,the Man Of God prayed for those that have lost their lives, their families, the Nigerian Government and every hurting Nigerian…The Peace of God will reign in our Land he said.OWOMOWOMO as he is fondly called is known for his prophetic accuracy as seen in various popular cases like the prospondment of the 2019 Presidential Elections, the Advent of coronavirus and it’s batch by batch disappearance from nation to nation, and many more just to mention a few.


The All Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (ANID Worldwide) Launches Initiative to Support Nigerians Back Home

The “All Nigerians In Diaspora” as an organisation expresses its condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives during the protest and wishes the injured a quick recovery.

The seriousness of the recent event that happened has require us to put in place measures and initiatives to support our brother and sisters back home (Nigeria) in the following format:

1.Emergency needs Fund Grant

2.Medicals Support

3.Legal Support

Please Visit to file a claim.

All Nigerians In Diaspora (ANID Worldwide) recognises the right of citizens to freedom of demonstrating and expressing peaceful assembly and protest. But it is also important that we focus on safety first.

Today’s generation of young people is the largest the world has ever known. One in every three people alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety percent of young people are creating opportunities for themselves, It is of the view that The Priority for a Better Nigeria is Almost Inevitable.

In order to underscore the importance of safety and peace,we employ you to calm the protest and observe the answers to the request asked for.

Finally, Anidworldwide appeals to federal goverment of Nigeria to meet up with the promises made with fast actions.

God Bless Nigeria.


CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

FEYISAYO ADENIYI is an integral part of Itire. He identified with the community during good and tough times. It is instructive to note that he provided palliatives in the sizable form in the peak of COVID-19 to the community.It is impossible to make an environment where he does business unfriendly. It is also foolhardy to speak at a protest where he has evil intent which is where the mischief-maker got it wrong.Mr. Adeniyi was present at a protest, knowing how sensitive the area is, and gave a speech of peace. He pleaded for peace and promised to give the protesters N100k by providing meals and water on the premise of a peaceful protest.Please see the video for your perusal. One would think that he should be encouraged and appreciated as against assassinating his character.

CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

See Proof Video Below


Introducing De Nosh Cassava Flour, The Magic of Having Yourself The Best Cassava Flour

The magic of having yourself the best cassava flour (fufu).
If it’s not De Nosh then it’s not the best. The flour keeps the body nourished, fit, slim, and healthy. DE NOSH CASSAVA (fufu) FLOUR the best swallow money can buy. It’s odourless  and it’s highly redefined low sugar, and it’s very light on the body
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A criminal oil company illegally sold 137,629 barrels of Bonny Light crude in June 2020 from OML 55 through the black market, pocketed the proceeds after reporting to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, that they had no production.


Belema Oil owned by Tien Jack-Rich defrauded Nigeria of over N2.1billion in the month of June 2020 alone from the illegal sale of the Bonny light Crude which sold at N41.80 per barrel as of June 2020.


The approval limit granted BelemaOil by the NNPC is 10,000 barrels per day but in the month of June, the company told NNPC it recorded no production when its records showed that four of the oil fields that make up OML 55, indeed produced thousands of Bonny Light Crude. investigations reveal that Jack Rich, a notorious oil fraud who has been promised the 2023 Presidential ticket, shipped Bonny Light crude produced from his OML 55 through unmarked vessels in the coastal depot belt of the Niger Delta of Nigeria to countries in Europe.


The proceeds according to sources, are shared with Babagana Kingibe, the Sultan of Sokoto, Mohammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, Ibrahim Gambari, the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari, and other influential members of the Cabal who have promised to ensure he gets the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential ticket ahead of the 2023 elections.
Jack Rich is obsessed with becoming the President of Nigeria in 2023 and has lobbied everyone close to President Mohammadu Buhari. He recently built a Mother and Child Hospital in Daura, Buhari’s own town in Katsina State, North West Nigeria.


Sources confirmed that as of the last count, Jack Rich has made over $70million in cash from illegal sales of Bonny Light Crude through the black market. gathered that in the event he is not paid cash at the point of delivery of the illegally sold crude, jack Rich provides account information of proxies who are paid by the buyers.


“He has been doing that for a long time since the dispute surrounding the OML55 was resolved. In the month of June alone, he told NNPC that there was no production when in actual fact OML 55 produced thousands of barrels,” a source told


Documents from Belema Oil obtained by shows that the Quantity of crude produced in the month of June is as follows: 5th June 2020, 5,571 barrels net, 7th June 2020, 5,767 barrels net, 9,189 barrels net 8th June 2020, 9th June 2020 9,745 barrels net, 10th June 2020, 9,946 barrels net, 11th June 2020, 9,862 barrels net.


Other are 12th June 2020 9,970 barrels net, 13th June 2020 9,745 barrels net, 14thJune 2020 6,192 barrels net, 15th June 2020 6,691 barrels net   16th June 2020   5,914 barrels net, 17th June 2020, 6,030 barrels net, 18th June 2020 5,934 barrels net, 19th June 2020, 9,948 barrels net.


And 20th June 2020, 8,184 barrels net, 21st June 2020 9,490 barrels net, 22nd June 2020, 22nd June 2020, 9,471 barrels net, totaling 137,629 barrels of bonny light crude oil stolen only in June, sources in knowledgeable with his schemes told that he does that every month.


OML 55 current producing Fields are Robertkiri, Idama, Jokka, Inda, and Belema North. It has an estimated hydrocarbon reserve of circa 350 mmboe. It was previously operated by NNPC/Chevron Joint Venture (JV) but handed over to Belemaoil Producing Limited, in a joint partnership with NNPC in February 2015.


OML 55 is about 40km west of Bonney Terminal and located in the mangrove swamp to shallow water offshore in the south-eastern part of the Niger Delta and covers an area of 852km² approximately. is in possession of financial records of Jack Rich and Belemaoil and would release details of findings, how funds were being laundered, and the details of vessels used for the illegal sales of crudes in coming days.

Nigeria’s FayRoss tapped as the First Act on Morgan Heritage’s CTBC Nation Record Label

When GRAMMY Award-winning Morgan Heritage set out to find talent across Africa, they knew talented kids were out there and were extremely elated when they discovered 1A1V Music’s FayRoss from Nigeria. He is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and producer.

On his new single ‘Race’, Fayross tells a very relatable story where a boy meets a girl but doesn’t have much to offer financially and eventually loses the girl to a guy that has more to offer.

As an artist, FayRoss is on a trajectory that will put him in the conversations amongst the biggest names in African music with his new single “Race”. The GRAMMY award-winning groups label CTBC Nation is distributed by Sony Music South Africa. Through their partnership with 1A1V Music, they look to solidify FayRoss as one of Africa’s brightest stars.


The single will be released will be on the 6thof November 2020. FayRoss Race




Born Okhagbe Friday Arigamhe, the singer was born into a musically inclined family and has been singing his whole life. He mastered the art of playing piano and guitar himself before picking up the skill of production from his older brother. He is the sixth child out of seven and hails from the Eastern part, Okpella in Edo State in Nigeria. His music career officially started in 2012 and he doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. With the artist constantly innovating his music to reach dizzyingly high new heights.


Fayross is an emerging singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Nigeria. He’s been developing his lush combination of infectious Afrobeat rhythms and pop-infused hooks to the global stage for nearly a decade now. The young artist has released a number of well-received

Afrobeat anthems that have seen him grow a steady following worldwide. His debut solo release “Poker” saw him gain critical acclaim internationally, garnering a following in the thousands across the globe.

He’s currently signed to top-tier US label 1A1V music which has helped him spread his reach outside of Nigeria, making a sizable dent in the global market. His latest release “Race” showcases the artist’s ability to set a strong positive vibe. With upbeat rhythms and euphori dripped

hooks bringing us into show-stopping Afrobeat bliss. He’s due to release his latest EP in 2021 with the aim of spreading his reach even further.








Mohab Apparel Unveils Majestic Agbada Collection (#MAC2020)

Mohab Apparel has announced the launch of the Majestic Agbada Collection (#MAC2020) that screams luxury despite being a traditional attire.
The news comes roughly a month after Mohab Apparel was in the news for signing CEO of 47vibez media, Usman Olajuwon Oladuntoye as their brand ambassador.

The new fashion house in Kwara produces ready to wear indigenous attires with a touch of class and make deliveries to any part of the country.
The Majestic Agbada Collection includes both women and men’s clothing. According to the Kwara state fashion outfit, MAC2020 is “a rich string of royal attires with exquisite attention to detail and incomparable creativity.

The attires are made from high-quality fabrics and there is no going wrong dressed in MAC2020”. Spotted styled with MAC2020 are, Owolarafe Ridwan, Hameed Taofeeq, Okechukwu Chiamaka, and brand ambassador, Usman Olajuwon Oladuntoye while the makeup was done by Glam Drop. Xultan Photography shot it, Mr. Opeyemi Ashipa was also in attendance.  The MAC2020 is mostly a four-piece attire consisting of a cap(fila), a pair of long pants (sokoto), an undergarment (awotele), and a large embroidered free-flowing outer garment (awosoke) to adorn it.

Brand Ambassador, Usman Olajuwon Oladuntoye describes the collection as an “imaginative and elegant blend of cotton, Aso oke, silk and wool fabric that is comfortable and smooth on the skin” as well as “charming to the eye”.

To purchase or order, visit the store at Deborahs’ place along Abdulahi Mohammed Road Old Sawmill Area, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State OR contact Mohab Apparel via WhatsApp 09014926101. Follow on Instagram @mohab_apparel, Twitter: @MohabApparel

See More Photos below:


Lagos, Oyo, Edo protesters reject IGP’s reform, demand F–SARS scrapping

Some youths, under the aegis of the Gavel, a non-governmental organisation, stormed the Lagos State Police Command headquarters in Ikeja on Wednesday to reject the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu’s reform of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad and demanded the scrapping of the unit.

The protesters chanted solidarity songs and displayed placards with different inscriptions such as, ‘#END SARS NOW’, ‘I AM NOT A CRIMINAL #ENDSARS’, ‘Bullets At Us’, #Say No To Police Brutality’, ‘Am I Next To Die?’

The protesters mounted a tent close to the command headquarters, where they vowed to continue to sleep until their demands were met.

One of the protesters, Olorunrinu Oduala, told PUNCH Metro that the protest would hold for three days, adding that they had decided to sleep at the police command headquarters because their homes were no longer safe.

She said, “We want an end to SARS. The IG released a statement that was publicised on Twitter and we have been seeing statements like that in the last five years. So, we are saying no. This protest is a reaction to the cry of Nigerian youths. We set up a group and some people voluntarily joined and came out today without being paid.

“We are coming out because we are tired of being harassed by SARS men; we are speaking out to show our grievances to the government. We are protesting for three days and we are going to sleep over at the police command headquarters, because our homes are not safe anymore.

“The Commissioner of Police has addressed us, but he has yet to meet our demands and we are not leaving until our demands are met. We will be going to the Lagos State House of Assembly tomorrow (Thursday).”

Another protester, Temitope Majekodunmi, who said they were rejecting the move by the IG to reform SARS, said the protest commenced around 8am.


Nigerian rapper, Olawale Hassan, jailed for rape in UK

A Nigerian rapper based in the United Kingdom, Olawale Hassan popularly known as Goldie 1, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping a woman.

According to, the 33-year-old, who lives at Falcon Avenue, Grays, Essex, attacked the victim in Southend in 2017 after claiming he was a music producer, officers said.

However, during his trial, he denied the three counts of rape and one charge of assault by penetration.

Essex Police has described him as “manipulative and calculated”.

Detective Constable Victoria De’ath, of the force, praised the woman, in her 20s, for her “courage” in reporting the attack.

It was gathered that Hassan targeted the woman while she was out with a friend in February 2017. She turned down his requests for her number and to accompany him to his hotel room before he promised to get her home safely after her friend left.

Instead, he parked his car on the seafront and locked its doors when she tried to flee before attacking her. He later took her home where she called the police.


Who is Chidi Chriss?

Born Chidiebere Egburonu, Chidi Chriss is a Lagos-based Rnb and afro-pop recording artist.

He is a native of Nigeria and has always been into entertainment and showbiz from his teenage years with stints in the choir and later on hosting red carpet events and shows.

Chidi Chriss always has his fingers on the piano and writes a lot of his music from freestyle melodies on the keys. Although bears the look of a playboy, he believes that his music is more than just love songs and tries to bare his mind on other issues home and abroad.


Chidi Chriss is greatly influenced by Micheal Jackson and Akon and also has huge respect for Nigerian artists like Jesse jags, Dare Art Alade, and Blackface


Twitter: @whoischidi

Instagram: @whoischidi_