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Fast Rising Star ”Adeexy” Setting Trend With His New Unusual Afrobeats Sound

Fast Rising Star ”Adeexy” Setting Trend With His New Unusual Afrobeats Sound

Afro-beat is evolving into a more beautiful genre of music as new young talents emerge in the music industry.

Multi-talented artiste, Adeexy appears to be one of the new young talents setting a new standard for Afro-beat in Nigeria and across Africa.


As the name implies, Afro-beats, a genre of music that represents the sound and musical tune of Africa but it is saddening that many Nigerian artists who claim to be Afro-beat acts are doing music far from what is true-afrobeat.

Adeexy is one of the few Nigerian artiste that can boast of discography filled with true Afro-beat and sometimes as the spirit leads, he could decide to be unusual by infusing some other elements to his Afro-beat and making it become what he describes as Afro-fusion.

Unlike the Pioneer of Afro-beat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose Afro-beat sound got Nigerians awakened to the pain of bad governance, Adeexy’s Afrobeat sound relieves Nigerians of the pain.

His previous singles  “Easy”, “Wedding Day”  which was released July 2021  and Nov 2021 affirmed the claims that Adeexy’s kind of Afro-beat is excellently usual and creatively out of the norm.


Meanwhile, the question that may likely come to your mind at this point is; Why is Adeexy so good with Afro-beat?


The reason is not far-fetched, he is an artist who grew up culturally rich, his background as an Osun boy born and raised in Osun State made him a complete package of Afro-beat and more.

Taking a wide look around the music industry, you will notice the dominance of South-West artists and the huge success recorded from scores of artists from the South-West now.


No doubt, Adeexy has what it takes to be the next big thing in the history of Afro-beat. His current social media activities have given a hint that he’s got a new song coming and it’s definitely a project all Nigerian music lovers should watch out for.

Of course, the best of this young talent Adeexy is yet to come. Watch out for him!!



Biography of Dr. Christian Oyirinda Amadi

Biography of Dr. Christian Oyirinda Amadi

Christian Oyirinda Amadi was born in April 23, 1977, in Adanta Community in Isiokpo kingdom in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State.

A product of nature and nurture, he grew to become a major engagement of interest to those around him. His unusual demonstration of precocity made him attain a reasonable degree of financial self-reliance and independence quite early.

He is a highly motivated, energetic, conscientious, and professional Finance and Development Manager with over 20-years comprehensive experience in the Finance and Development Sector with massive and enviable exposure in all sectors of the economy.

A former Acting Executive Director, Finance and Administration of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr. Chris Amadi, holds a Doctorate degree in Trade and Development Finance of the Institute of International Trade and Development, University of Port Harcourt; an M.Sc in Finance, University of Port Harcourt; a B.Sc in Finance and Banking, University of Port Harcourt.

He is deep versed in finance development and administration and represents the best in the sector. An administrator per excellence, reformer and trailblazer, Dr. Chris Amadi hails from the ancient kingdom of Isiokpo, the traditional headquarters of the Ikwerre ethnic nationality in Rivers State.

He captures interest in many ways and serves as a major source of inspiration to the younger generation. His life holds attention, mostly because it is close to the generality of human experiences that the ordinary man in the streets can readily relate to in different ways, being from a humble background.

His passion for finance and development spurred him to take up a study in the field. By 1999 he had already bagged a B.Sc in Banking and Finance, thereafter he proceeded to consolidate and broaden his horizon by enrolling for a Masters program in the same field of study.

Perhaps, conscious of the rapid and dynamic nature of events within the financial circle, he enrolled and bagged a Doctorate degree in Trade and Development Finance of the Institute of International Trade and Development, University of Port Harcourt to further deepen his knowledge of the field.

Dr. Chris Amadi is a participant at the Harvard Business School’s “High Potentials Leadership Program” and Wharton Business School’s “Implementing Effective Strategy” he also completed a Project Management course at the University of Winconson, United States of America. He is given to a life of excellence, service and dedication to duty.

He is particularly known for leaving behind indelible marks of excellence, discipline, and transparency in all his dealings. From his University days, to his days in the Banking sector, he strove to leave giant footprints for many to follow.

As a great strategist and go-getter, Dr. Chris Amadi has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Pole Concerns Limited, where he oversaw the general operations of the company, articulated viable strategies and ensured the overall growth of the company amongst other things.

One of the few remarkable projects he embarked on while serving as the Chief Operating Officer was provision of specialized security patrol vessels for Nigeria Petroleum Company, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of 4-6 product transfer lines for Dangote Refinery, Lagos-Nigeria, Piping, Sandblasting and Painting of 20 units of 4M.L refined product storage facility in Dangote Refinery and many others.

Between 2011 and 2013, he was the Special Assistant on Finance to the MD/CEO of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, where he handled major responsibilities including liaising with various bankers and stakeholders on behalf of the MD/CEO as well as proposing and articulating relevant financial policies necessary for the smooth running of the Commission and advice same to the MD/CEO.

An ethical, firm, candid and skilled communicator, his gradation on the ladder of public service, particularly in the financial and development sectors is not unexpected given his passion and diligence towards service.

Here is a man who exemplifies leadership with mind-blowing simplicity and is readily accessible, attentive to all, kind-hearted and easy-going.

He spent a total of 11 years in the Banking Sector. Within the period under review, he rose to the enviable position of Branch/Zonal Head of Access Bank PLC, Port Harcourt region. An office he occupied from 2005 – 2011.

As the Branch/Zonal head, he was saddled with budget preparation, credit analysis, implementation, and monitoring, monthly MPR preparation and presentation as well as managing the entire marketing and operations of the bank.

Between 2003 and 2005, Dr. Amadi served as the Team Leader, Commercial Banking at Afribank PLC, Port Harcourt, where he grappled with schedules such as developing public sector business, planning and coordination of unit activities, relationship management and developing new businesses.

He was also the Credit and Marketing Officer at Ecobank PLC, Port Harcourt/Aba between 2000 and 2003. His sterling performance and special knack for getting results have always placed him on the spotlight.

Dr. Chris Amadi’s education and participation in several excellent executive training programs and workshops with notable institutions and organizations around the world ranging from International Trade Finance Training, Credit Risk Management, Financial Analysis using Moodies software, Anti-Money Laundering Course, Credit Analysis and Presentation amongst many others has assisted him in developing his leadership skills and becoming an effective manager.

He has several research papers to his credit, including Short-Run Casualty Analysis of the Determinant of Exchange Rate in Sub-Saharan Africa (2018), published with the International Journal of Business Research (IJBR), Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 2017, USA; Dynamic Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Manufacturing Merchandize Export on Economic Performance: An empirical evidence from Nigeria (2018), International Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences Research; An Empirical Investigation for the nexus between Agricultural Export Base and Economic Growth in Nigeria (2018), International Journal of Business Marketing and Management Research.

He is a member of some international and local professional bodies: Member, American Certified Fraud Examiners, USA., member, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria (ISM); Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria, FCE.

Dr. Chris Amadi is passionate and very committed to the progressive advancement of the society as a whole. He believes in the unrelenting spirit of the Niger Delta people and he contributed to the best of his abilities as the Ag. Executive Director Finance and Administration of the NDDC in collaborating with relevant stakeholders to reposition the Niger Delta region for the good of all.

During the period under review he was entrusted with fulfilling certain financial responsibilities which include providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the commissions financial commitments are met in attaining Niger Delta regional development, developing all necessary policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management and control of the commission, and developing and controlling the commissions annual operating budget to ensure financial targets are met in compliance with statutory/instant regulations.

Some of the administrative responsibilities he carries out in the commission as the Executive Director, Finance and Administration include coordination, and management of all directors and directorates, setting performance management guidelines and quality standard for the commission and a few others.

Chris Oyirinda Amadi is married to his hearthrob, Mrs. Maudlyn Oyirinda Amadi and they are blessed with three wonderful kids. At his leisure he loves to play football, read, travel and also has a charity foundation “Annabel and David Foundation”.


Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel

Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel

TROG World Media hosted a personal interview with upcoming artiste Chantel who introduced herself as OJUOLAPE PELUMI MARY and explained the interpretation of her stage name as a term that was coined from the words “chant” and “tell”.

She revealed that looking back, her background was full of opposition that it would have been difficult to conclude she will end up as a music artist. She started writing music because she found solace in it and that it was a get away from the noise reality had to offer.

She says being a music artiste will always be her first choice but if music didn’t work, she would definitely be a fashion designer; she further described her creative process as to involve self motivation, determination and most importantly a sprinkle of soothing music. All this including personal experience come together to inspire her to make good music, this shows she is very intentional about her content.
She then revealed her role models to be Tiwa Savage and Beyonce, she said her most favorite song to perform is Iremide remix, which written by very herself.

When asked what inspires her music, she replied that it depends on her mood and environment. She said the next frontier for her to conquer as an artist will be to make music that would transcend time, launching award winning Album(s) was stated to be a desired goal too. Owing to her interest in fashion designing she included that having a cloth brand would not be a bad idea. She disclosed that it was her heart desire to fulfil all these within the next five years.

She further mentioned during the interview that she would change how female performers/acts are perceived and treated in the music industry.

And On a final note, she sent a message out to her every fans promising to always make good music and never let them down especially when it came to contents.


BIOGRAPHY: Lord Of Lemon Biography

Biography: Lord Of Lemon Biography

Biography: Lord Of Lemon Biography

David ifechukwu Akabueze popularly known as Lord of lemon/Chief five star, A.k.a (I no fit kill my mama)is a comedian, Actor, content creator. He won the best comedian at the prestigious Emirates Award . Who derives from Anambra state but was born and brought up in Lagos state Nigeria. He rose to fame from a viral video popularly known by the name (I no fit kill my mama)which spread like wild fire.

David Akabueze aka (lord of lemon/chief five star) has since then remain consistent in not letting his fans down world wide… In the sense of partnering with more prominent names in the Industry, he has also gone as far as venturing into the music industry, by releasing a street banger titled ( I no fit kill my mama) with a tagged chalange world wide that also went viral

Which ever name you chose to call him be it “lord of lemon” or “chief five star” or  “I no fit kill my mama’ he has proven to be one of the best act among he’s peers or even higher rankings.



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Kika Osunde Precedence for success


Kika Osunde Precedence for success

Kika Osunde

The youngest of an eccentric family of 4; she is what they call ‘Baby Last’. Also the other half of the quality conscious hair extension brand ‘Good Hair’.

As the CEO and Co-founder of Good Hair Ltd, Brass & Copper Lifestyle and The Good Hair Space, Chioma Ikokwu has a client list that spans the globe, including places such as Tanzania, South Africa, France, USA, Jamaica, New Zealand, Bahamas, Switzerland and Russia.

Kika has also been awarded the ‘Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year award’, the ‘Most Enterprising Female in Nigeria’ award, and the ‘Best Hair Brand’ award. She has also graced the cover of magazines such as TW Magazine and featured in newspapers such as the Guardian and This Day for her achievements and charitable work.

Kika’s academic background is in Business. She has a degree in Business and Marketing from University College Birmingham and always

Good Hair launched in 2012 and slowly grew from strengths to strengths with an extensive buyer profile of repeat customers.

The Good Hair clientele now ranges from the First Lady of Angola (former and present, Vice President of Nigeria; Mrs Jennifer Atiku, former First Lady of Oyo State, First Lady of Anambra State, First Lady of Ghana, First Lady of Zimbabwe, First Lady of Congo, First Lady of Cameroon. The Queens of Swaziland and the richest black woman on earth. We also look after the top footballers wives.

Meet British/Nigerian beauty, fashion, and luxury influencer Kika Osunde or better known as @kikagoodhair.

An entrepreneur by day and a girl next door by night. What distinguishes this influencer from the rest, is her unique path to the world of social media. For most, the conventional path is blogger/Youtuber turned entrepreneur but for Kika, she started off as a hair-entrepreneur and restauranteur and through her authentic lifestyle, found her way to social media.

In an industry where it’s competitive, unpredictable and challenging but Kika’s savvy skills made her leap from success to success with her brands @goodhairltd and @brassandcopperofficial – which garnered a following of young women who could see their goals and aspirations in here.

Aside from her entrepreneurial adornments andcharitable work, Kika does an amazing job ofkeeping the community engaged and building high-impact relationships with them. For her, authenticity comes a long way, and paired with hard work and charm, she not only catches her audience’s attention with her impeccable sense of style, beauty, and an aspirational lifestyle, but their hearts as well.

Kika teaches about life, confidence, how to adopt a relentless work ethic, and exhibits African woman spunk that is endearing and a joy to watch. Her future aspirations is to create a wide array ofproducts that suit and are affordable to all demographics – which allows her to give back in more ways than one.

An optimistic, ‘free-spirited go-getter. Kika is that influencer who continues to shift the paradigms and allows her authenticity to break barriers andeffectively inspire a generation.

Inspired by Angela Ahrendts :

“The foundation of any great mission is being able to look at somebody straight in the eye and then being to hear them. I’m all about seeing people live their best lives each and every day and in that webecome united, in our dreams and aspirations – all day every day!”


Official unique

Official Unique is a lifestyle brand founded by Oluwatoyosi Malomo -an artiste, blogger, writer, director and graphic designer. She is a performing art graduate from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. The brand was established with a strong desire for entertainment and art development within Nigeria and across borders.

Over the years, the brand has significantly been involved in the growth of individual and corporate brands, by exploring creative approaches that improve their development. Kicking of more than three years ago as a blog website popularly known as Officialuniqueblog, the platform serves as a home to celebrate phenomenal entertainers and entrepreneurs. Also, it features Exhibitions, Events, Places, Articles, Music, Videos, Celebrity Shout-out, Unique Personality and Performing Art spots.

Furthermore, the blog’s regular mix tapes feature songs from fast rising and top artistes patronized by music lovers across the globe. The brand promotion of creatives across sectors including; writers, models, DJs and entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized.

As part of the brand’s credentials, official unique has a movie titled Blade and a song titled burst their brain ft. Suzie Ocean and Zeemyght with an accompanying video and is available on all digital platforms. It also has several events and shows to its name. The blog’s YouTube channel exists to expand the objective of the brand in content production where event coverage, movies and trailers, music videos, behind the scene and shows – like Casual Day, a show that reveals the normal life of creatives – peculiar to the blog features. As the brand evolves, it extends service into graphics, printing and branding.

With the positive development over time, the brand has grown beyond a blog as a lot of other arms have been established. The brand is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and has the license to function in these aspect AUDIO & VIDEO PRODUCTION & PROMOTIONS, BLOGGING, GRAPHICS & BRANDING, EVENTS & AWARD, PUBLISHING, PR& MEDIA.

To partner or work with this amazing platform and also to get updates, you can contact us on any of the following;

Whatsapp or Call: +234 816 143 0621



IG: Officialuniqueblog and Officialuniquedesign

Twitter: auniqueblogger

Facebook: Unique Blog Official and officialuniquedesign

Audiomack: Official Unique Blog

Youtube: Official Unique Blog


EP: Manky Vibez – The Making Tape (TMT)

Manky made an amazing come back after a long journey to self discovery. TheMakingTape is a Mixtape/EP project full of good vibes musically and it was targeted towards experimenting and sharpening his mix engineering skills. This project might have a vol 2 but for now enjoy unlimited six fire jams from Manky!

1. Lemme know DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Love Riddim DOWNLOAD MP3



5. Manky Vibez Ft. Thobbias – Good Loving DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Manky Vibez Ft. Flexzy – Ibadi DOWNLOAD MP3


Deji Alaran: Behind the Marks of the Legend

The saying that a child may not depart from the ways of his father seems true for Deji Oladokun, the son of the late Veteran actor popularly known as “Alaran.” Deji, also popularly known as “Deji Alaran” started his acting/movie-making career in 1994.
In an interview with TROG World Media, he disclosed the circumstances surrounding his journey into the movie-making world. For him, his appetite for movies was influenced first by his late father and has since then come to love and develop a formidable passion for the industry. However, his career journey would later deviate from the traditional ways.
According to Deji, there are late and living legends whose stories never got to the limelight and whose accolades are next to nothing. So, in his upcoming event tagged “Mark of the Legend; the Rebirth”, Deji, who has ventured into the comedy making part of the entertainment industry, plans to celebrate those whom he considers as legends in the entertainment industry.
The event which will comes up today 04/07/2021  is expected to feature great and well-known actors and actresses, some of who are contemporaries of his late father like Adebayo Salami, Iya Awero, Jide Kosoko among others. Popular comedians like Woli Arole, Yemi Elesho as well as Broda Shaggi are also to be featured.
In the entertainment industry, the comedy realm specifically, Deji looks up to popular comedians like Ay Comedian and his goal for the next five years is to work towards achieving such a standard as AY Comedian.
Speaking about his experience in Ibadan, the actor cum Comedian, Deji Alaran who is a B.Sc graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, said Ibadan is a nice place to do business. However, he added that one has to be wise and put the people into consideration when starting a business in Ibadan.
In his advice for upcoming artists in the entertainment industry, he urged them to understand the industry and know what they want while holding onto their God.

Who Is Mide Ajayi?

Mide Ajayi is a tenacious mind, a unique creative who’s ambitious, God fearing and kind. Besides his interesting personality, 

Mide Ajayi is a talent manager with a daring sense of humor and the owner of Superbold magazine as well as founder of District Youths.

He is the second son of a family of 7 from the western part of Nigeria, that is very passionate about giving back to the society and creating opportunities for others around him to thrive; hence the vision behind his latest project- District Youth.

District Youth is an initiative set to create platforms, opportunities that will inspire and connect the visionary youth on a journey of self discovery and personal development built with acquired skills that will prepare the youths for the future.

Quickie: learn more about District Youth here.

When asked; what made you start District Youth? 

He said;

“Growing up, I saw episodes where people around me wanted to learn a skill but were unable to afford it, because the cost of learning the skill was almost as much as what the families needed for support. That broke my heart even more…

So when I was in ss2, I thought to myself;

I want to be my own boss.

And I began to actively seek out opportunities that would enable me achieve this goal, eventually I graduated high school and got admitted into higher institution.

As we all know, the Nigerian educational system isn’t such a firm one and we had to deal with a lot of strikes while in school, during that infamous 6 months strike,

I got myself into working with different people in the industry which gave me a lot of platforms to start my career and Superbold professionally.

Quickie: Superbold is digital magazine with three printed editionsSee their lastest feature with Steff London Here.

I believe the youths hold the key to unlocking Nigeria’s economic potential and that is why I created this initiative District Youth so Youths can connect, network, be inspired and motivated to be the change they wish to see in their future. And this is not a task for only one man or a handful, it is a collective effort.

Therefore I urge everyone who has the capability to make this platform thrive to join me and make the youths great again.


Quickie: Incase you missed our last blogpost, you can catch up here.

Photography: @Tobiajayiphotography & @Teocrisphotography

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Henry Adams “BIOGRAPHY”

Henry Adams Oluwaseyi Oluwakayode, popularly known as Henry Adams. He is a Nigerian singer, rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Henry Adams started first as a rapper, then later developed interest in singing. He has been able to combine both amazingly well.

Henry did his first studio recording at the age of 15, while in secondary school in Port Harcourt. By the age of 16, Henry Adams with a couple of friends

started a musical group called Swag City Crew. They recorded two songs( Swag City and They Don’t Know) before graduating secondary school.

In 2013, Henry Adams moved to Ghana to school, where he officially signed his first record deal with Glory House Records. He recorded a few songs while also making beats for other artists.

After the expiration of his record deal contract, Henry Adams took a break from music for some years. However, within those periods that he was not actively into music, Henry did a lot of freestyle videos which he uploaded on Instagram and other social media platforms to keep his fans engaged.

He got a lot of reactions and comments from fans who urged him back into music.

Fast forward to 2021, Henry Adams recently signed for Obafunshy records, and has dropped a hit single already titled, ” I no like wahala” The video is set to be released together with his first EP.

Fans have been told to expect more good music, videos, and much more exciting stuffs from him.

Birth name Henry Adams Oluwaseyi Oluwakayode

(a.k.a Henry Adams)

Date Of Birth: 3rd February 1996 (age 25)

Address: Ile Ife, Osun State

State of Origin: Ondo State

Religion: Christianity

Genres: Afrobeat, Hip Hop, reggae, dancehall, R&B, pop

Occupation: Singer, Rapper, songwriter, Producer

Education: Sikkim Manipal University Ghana (2016)

Obafemi Awolowo University (2021)

Year active 2011–present

Label: Obafunshy records

Social media handles: Instagram- @henryadams_official, Twitter – @_henryadams