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Pinky Biography

My name is Ifeoma Juliet Okafor. Aka Pinky jay

The first daughter of Mr linus Anosike and Amara Anosike.

I was born on the 1st October 1988 in Anambra local government Area . A native of Mbaise local government in Imo state, Nigeria. I started my singing career at the early stage but I was not serious about it until I relocated to south Africa. That’s when i decided to take my music career to the next level. Then got signed by victorist media.

My first single titled BADMAN was released 2016 then Bad man remix ft solid star 6months after my first single produced by E-kelly.

My second single was released in 2016 featuring Alhaji Orezi produced by C tea. The year 2017 I dropped another single titled Angel produced by c tea .



2019 was phenomenal and adventurous. It will not be forgotten in a hurry for the many sided experience that laced it. But for the Young fast growing Nigerian Entrepreneur and a Reality TV Star, CHIDERA AKAMELU “DERA” it was a year that brought light to her dream and an opportunity that enlisted her business in the Millionaires’ Diary.

Counting her journey as a Reality TV celebrity and CEO of a thriving fashion entreprise, Dera the winner of The Young CEO Reality TV Show 2019, revealed how she used her 1 million Naira cash prize to grow her fashion business, Trend Closet By DERA into a multi million naira entreprise and launched a new frangrance brand, Scent World By DERA.

Read what she told Red Carpet On TV news:

After the Youngceo Reality TV Show 2019, I would say it was a great impact for me particularly on my business and brand.

Within one year, I have made tremendious progress, grown the business and launched a new perfume brand @scentworld_bydera.

With the 1 Million Naira I was given as Cash Prize and also with other supports, my business has grown to the next level. Of course It cost a fortune to achieve this, you know.

I must say; so far the Cash Prize and The Young CEO platforn have aided the viability I needed in my businesses. @TrendyCloset_ByDera is an online Unisex store, where we sell unisex Bags, Wears, Shoes, Belt,

Wristwatches and other fashion accessories. While the new brand, @ScentWorld_ByDera is an online store where we sell Original Designer Perfumes, Undiluted Perfume Oils, Scented Candles, Aromatherapy Diffusers/Humidifier, Body Mist and Body Spray.

So with the money, I was able to expand the business, Trendycloset_bydera and launched this amazing Frangrance brand after I left the Young CEO Business Bub 2019.

Applying all the priceless lessons and business strategies I learnt from the hub, I am currently building Africa’s next biggest fashion and cosmetics empire by God’s grace.

I will forever remain grateful to The Young CEO platform for giving me a great opportunity to achieve my dream.

If you are a young entrepreneur or aspiring to, you can always achieve your dream if you locate the right platforms.

By the way the 2020 edition of the Young CEO Reality TV Show will be hitting your TV Screen soon and promises to be more entertaining, bigger and better.



Tell Us About Mamzylee ?

Mamzylee is a brand in the entertainment industry, am an entertainer and am also an actor, I have basically recorded different genre of music and afrobeat is my main brand and culture with I plan taking it to the next level.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Play football, freestyle and watch movies

Most Remarkable Childhood Experience?

I remember going to the mountains in my hood to do some freestyles at age 6.

If you hadn’t pursued this particular career choice, what line of career would you have pursued? And who(s) had the most impact on your choice?

I would have been a footballer and Cristiano Ronaldo had an impact on my choice of playing soccer and I think I will still play professional football someday

High point and down point in your career so far?

At this point I will say it’s all going good right from day one it is all a process of learning so I can prepare for the main time which I don’t have to fail my fans everything will happen at the right time

Do you a relative who had been or is in the entertainment industry?

No i don’t have any relative who has been in the entertainment industry am the first entertainer of the family

What people don’t know about you? Or what they would hardly believe?

People don’t know I was once a break dancer then.

Your life tenements or principles that have guide you this far into success (so fans out there could learn)

My principle is hard work, consistency, prayers, and honesty to yourself

In your own terms- what would you call a “Nice time”? And how often do you have it?

Nice time is doing what you enjoy doing and I have that on a daily basis ..

Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t have a celebrity crush hahaha

Are you single?

Yes I am single

How would someone get your special attention?

I can’t really say it depends on my mood at that that particular moment

What has been your best/worst date?

I can’t really recall my best and worst date because I’m always going out on dates with my female fans ..

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve unloyal people only loyal for what the can get.

What’s your annoying habit?

Hahaha I can’t say any for now

Who is your inspiration?

Fela Kuti is my biggest inspiration

Do you speak any other languages?

I speak English, Pidgin and my native languages

Where would you like to visit?

I would love to visit all country in the world if I can so help me God hahaha

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen on the internet?

Reading about a controvial post that Infanyi David Adeleke isn’t Davido son hahaha so funny

What would you like remembered about you?

I will be remembered for touching lives all over the world with my songs and my lifestyle.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

Believe in yourself, set a goal and Accomplish it and also wanna say a big thanks to all my fans I love you all. Follow to see all my post @iamamamzylee