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Audio/Video: Innocent Jackson – No Weapon


Innocent Jackson has come with an Isaiah 54:17 song titled NO WEAPON.
The senior Pastor of Born Again Christian Church International, Spain is an ALUMNI of All Nation for Christ Bible Institute International Benin City, Edo State Nigeria.
Usunobun Innocent Jackson Ehioghae started his musical journey as a young dedicated choir member in his local church in Benin City and would later in the year 1993 released his debut album: titled “MESSIAH BELLS”. This brought him to lamplight.
For more than two decades, the Nigeria born Spanish based Pastor have been traveling far and wide, preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus Salvation to all nations of the world.
NO WEAPON by Innocent Jackson is a chart buster prayer song that should be in every true believers playlist and it’s available on all digital music stores worldwide.
Video out now on YouTube.
He’s married to wife and blessed with four children.




TSTV Partner First Faith Based Reality Tv Show – The Fathers House |@FathershouseTV

On Friday 28th January 2022 exactly 1:00pm Nigerian time, a high delegation of the first faith based Reality TvProject graced the office of Africa’s fastest digital TV platform in Abuja.

The Father’s Reality TV Project team was received by the Content Manager TSTV,alongside other staff.

The occasion was the official signing ceremony of the collaboration between the Father’s House Reality TV project and the TSTV platform.

The Partnership will see TSTV broadcast on a dedicated channel the Father’s House  Reality TV show 24 hours for 40 days with millions of cumulative  viewers across Africa especially.

During the signing ceremony, the Content Manager TSTV expressed his excitement at the collaboration as the Fathers House Reality project is a unique reality TV show that will have a massive reach especially because of its several deliverables.

The TSTV brand which prides itself in its customer friendly pay as you watch package can be viewed in 35 African countries; with all its over 100 channels running on High Definition(HD).TSTV is set to deliver on its brand promise of customer satisfaction as the Fathers House reality TV project hit the air waves in April 2022.

The Father’s house Reality TV project has in the last few months engaged in a nationwide campaign to select 13 intelligent and passionate Christian youths from different denominations.

These 13 selected youths referred to as Custodians will decently live together for 40 days with one strategic mandate of channeling the multi-dimensionalbenefits of Grace towards addressing myriads of socio-economic challenges confronting   our dear country Nigeria and Africa at large.

The excitement and thrill of having selected young Christians from the Celestial church, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican and other denominations will open a new perspective to the Church community in Nigeria for the world to see.

Leveraging their common advantage in Christ, the 13 Custodians of the Father’s House project will work together to stimulate and  engineer a superior culture of faith and national development in Nigeria that will result in  practical and measurable impacts across the Country and Continent .

With Poverty, Leadership, lifestyle and the fear of God as some of the key focus of the 40 days TV show,one of the Custodian is expected to stand out to win the ultimate prize of the ‘Father’s blessing’ with other amazing material gifts attached to it.





Bitcoin, also called BTC, is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world with the highest value. It was created over a decade ago and served as a decentralized, cheaper, and time-saving alternative to sending and receiving money through the blockchain. While some countries are still yet to adapt to Bitcoin and its shiny characteristics, others have accepted it and started using it as a means of payment. Ghana is one of those countries in which bitcoin has made a big impact.

As time passes, more Ghanaians have become aware of the amazing benefits of owning bitcoins. Not only does it make the transfer of funds easy, but it is also a means to make easy money. Hence, you must be informed on how to buy BTC not only with cash but with mobile money.

Buying BTC with mobile money in Ghana

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin worldwide using mobile money in Ghana. Ghana supports a variety of mobile money providers, including AirtelTigo, MTN, and Vodafone. Several platforms have been created to make the venture easy in Ghana.

With the increase in demand for bitcoin in Ghana, the number of platforms for its sales and purchases using mobile money has increased exponentially, thereby leaving room for scammers to exist. Hence, before you settle on any platform to purchase bitcoin, ensure to conduct thorough research on the platform. Before patronizing a platform, ensure that it is secure, reliable, and customer friendly.

In this vein, because we have your best interest at heart, we have put together three of the most efficient, reliable and secured platforms for you to purchase bitcoin in Ghana.



Binance is one of the most popular bitcoin exchange platforms in Ghana. In 2020, Binance launched an additional feature that allows mobile money payment for GHS peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Hence, you can now buy bitcoin in Ghana through Binance P2P and pay using mobile money payments.

Binance is intuitive and user friendly in its entirety. Apart from BTC, you can also trade other cryptocurrencies on Binance that includes Ethereum, USDT, BNB, NFTs, BUSD, and EOS without incurring any extra charge.

Buying bitcoin with mobile money on Binance involves a few simple steps.

●        Create an account if you have none on the Binance mobile app or web app.

●        Log into your account after ensuring that you have completed the level 2 identity verification (for securing your account from rippers and scammers).

●        Click on buy with cash and then select P2P.

●        Select the Buy tab, select BTC, and click on the filter icon at the top of your screen.

●        Select mobile money as your payment method and the currency to buy the crypto. Click on confirm.

●        Select the best offer from the listed offers and input the quantity you want to buy.

●        Select the preferred mobile money payment method and click on buy BTC.

●        Transfer money to the seller based on the seller’s payment information by simply clicking on transfer.

●        Click on confirm, and the transaction status will be updated to “To be released.”

Congratulations! You have successfully bought bitcoin using mobile money on the Binance platform.


Paxful is another popular, secure, and reliable exchange platform to buy bitcoin using mobile money in Ghana. It is intuitive in itself and can be easily navigated. Paxful also has a bitcoin exchange peer-to-peer feature that allows you to buy bitcoin using mobile money without the involvement of a third party. The only downside to this platform is that you’ll need to find buyers that accept mobile money as means of payment.

To use the Paxful platform, you will have to create an account first via email and verify the account using your email. After creating your account, follow the steps written below to buy bitcoin.

●        Sign in to your account.

●        Click on buy.

●        Choose bitcoin from the myriad of other cryptocurrencies.

●        Select mobile money as the payment method and choose from either MTN mobile money or Vodafone cash.

●        Enter the amount you want to spend in GHS.

●        Click on search offers and browse the list of offers to pick the offer that suits your budget. Ensure to make a careful selection by paying attention to the verification requirements, bitcoin rates, trade limit, and buying limit.

●        Click on buy when you find the best offer.

●        Input the amount you want to buy in GHS, and the corresponding bitcoin amount will be displayed immediately.

●        Click on “buy now.” Paxful allows you to have a live chat with the seller to discuss trading agreements.

●        The seller will validate your payment and send the bitcoin. Paxful will credit your BTC wallet in less than one minute.

Selling bitcoin for Cedes in Ghana using the DartAfrica platform

Apart from buying gift cards using mobile money, you can also convert your bitcoin to GHS by using DartAfrica. DartAfrica is the best cryptocurrency trading platform in ghana. It is a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows you to sell your bitcoin for cash without any hassle. Transactions done on DartAfrica are always seamless and fast. They also sell bitcoins at amazing rates in order to satisfy all their customers with mouthwatering profit.

Even more, DartAfrica has a cryptocurrency rate calculator feature that sets it apart from other platforms. With the rate calculator, all their customers are constantly updated on the current rates at which BTC, ETH, and LTH are sold.

The platform is secured, reliable, and fully automated with the best features. Their customer service is topnotch with representatives that work round the clock to attend to all customers. To get started, kindly log on to their website or contact us to have a chat with one of our representatives.


Audio|Video: Righteousman – Big God

Another Praise Affairs International Release.

Its the brand new music video from the award winning gospel reggae powerhouse, Righteousman.
The BIG GOD video was shot in Jo’burg, South Africa. Directed by T-Base for Onejohn5fourmedia. SA.
We have and serve a BIG GOD Who loves and cares for us unconditionally.

How to Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash in Nigeria

Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira


Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira


Do you have Gift Cards for sale, and you’re wondering where you can trade? Search no more; on this page, we’ll intimate you with how to trade gift cards for the best possible rates. Hence, either you got the card as a gift, or you are looking to make a business out of trading gift cards, you are on the right page.

There are different ways you can sell your gift cards for money instantly. Of course, you can always trade your gift card for Naira in person or online. Whichever way, when you do it right, you get a high payout.



How to Sell Your Gift Cards in Person

There are lots of scams online, so it’s possible that you are scared. If you want to play it safe, you can decide to sell your gift card in person. Now, this is unconventional but not impossible; most Nigerian gift card traders sell online. Also, in-person sales are inefficient, as you’ll have to meet with the buyer outside your home. Remember, the buyer also has to agree to such a trade.

There are several ways you can find someone to sell to in person;

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter, the microblogging platform, makes it very easy to connect with people within or without your city. For example, you can easily find someone interested in buying your gift card. You can negotiate with such buyers, and if they agree to in-person trade, you can meet up. However, trading this way is subject to if you and the buyer are in the same location.


It’s safe to say that there is a Nairaland thread for everything in Nigeria. Luckily, you can find someone in your city willing to meet up for trade on threads dedicated to gift cards.

Trading in person is possible; however, not common. It’ll be hard to find a buyer, as most traders live with the risk of conducting their business online.



How to Sell Your Gift Cards Online

Trading in-person has the main advantage of safety. However, you can also safely trade gift cards online in Nigeria. You’ll trade at the best rates while not spending extra effort or cash to meet your buyer. Here are ways and platforms you can trade online.

Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira


You can easily trade gift cards with other persons you find on Twitter or Facebook. You can also get connected to buyers if you have friends that trade gift cards. However, you must know that this isn’t safe. There are several scammers online; hence, you must beware of who you are dealing with.

Also, you probably won’t get to sell your gift card for Naira at the best rate on WhatsApp. The buyer will also be trying to maximize profit. Hence, it may be difficult to come to a compromise rate that’ll pay you.

Trading your Gift Cards on Gift Cards Hub

Gift Cards Hub is an online Gift cards exchange in Nigeria. As a trading platform, they buy and sell gift cards to customers. Gift cards hub offers a platform with the primary aim of helping customers maximize each trade.

Gift Card Hub offers amazing high payouts when you redeem gift cards to cash. Also, you can be sure that the transaction and your details are secure. With the security infrastructure for Gift Cards Hub’s platform, you can be sure that your account details won’t be compromised.

You’ll need to input your account details on Gift Cards Hub when you sell gift cards so that they can deposit your money into your account. While being one of the best Gift Card Trading apps with the highest rate, they also pay fast.

Gift Cards Hub also features an impressive and intuitive website where you can sell your gift cards instantly. You don’t have to be a guru to figure out the website.

Once you create an account on Gift Cards Hub, you are set to go to redeem your gift cards for cash. With few clicks of the button, you’ll get to trade your gift card for money instantly.




Trading your gift cards for cash doesn’t have to be a hassle. Obviously, of the various processes mentioned in this post, the best platform to sell gift cards for cash is Gift Cards Hub. On the platform, you’ll get both the best rates, fast payments and without the risk of being scammed. So why don’t you get started with using Gift Card Hub now!


Unveiling The New Gold Fish J. Jeff

Vision of Christ Entertainment, a Japan based record label is working tirelessly and ready to release their first project, a Gospel hip-hop artiste by name Jeffery L. Omo-Omoregie AKA J.Jeff, a nigerian born, Japan based artiste and president of VCE.

J Jeff is not coming to you as your everyday religious artiste.
This awesome hip-hop & RnB gospel artiste has been working underground for so many years.
Writing great songs and performing in club houses around japan.

At the tender age of 12 he knew he was destined for greatness as he found himself dancing, singing and rapping all kinds of songs, from the likes of reggae icons Late Bob marley, living legends Orits wiliki to hip hop heads like 2pac, LL Cool J and many more.

1998 was a turning point in his life after the birth of his first daughter when he had an encounter with the LORD.
And he got the instructions to use his talent to serve HIM, not for the show but Worship, in spirit and in truth.
That is how the VISION OF CHRIST ENTERTAINMENT was birthed.

He’s bringing a brand new special blend of spice to further elevate the freshness of the gospel of Christ Jesus.

He’s coming as a church straight to your house and offices.
If you think you’ve seen all about gospel music, then you are in for a big SURPRISE as we introduce to you the new Gold fish of gospel hip-hop J.JEFF

As you know, there’s Strength and success in unity.
Vision of Christ Entertainment has termed up with a Nigerian production, promotion and management company BIGTOWN INTERNATIONAL to further use their expertise to making sure this project comes to the full light and the gospel of Jesus is been spread all over the world.

Wait for J.JEFF


Audio|Video: Righteousman – Sweet GospeL Ft. Carol Cee


From the Stables of Praise Affairs International In Conjunction with Bigtown International comes another SWEET GOSPEL that you cannot REFUSE, RESIST or DENY.

Sweet Gospel is another Righteousman powerhouse production featuring Carol Cee.
We move in Power
A walking mobile Kingdom of God….expressing the power of our Kingdom in Righteousness, Peace & Joy in the Holy Ghost
Instagram: Righteousmann
Youtube: Righteousman Channel
Watch Video below..