Germany not yet seeing major movement of refugees from Ukraine ― Minister

Germany says it has not seen any major movement of refugees from Ukraine following the country’s invasion by Russian forces, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said in Berlin on Thursday.

Germany was already offering support and assistance, Faeser said.

She said the government was working on the assumption that displacement would initially take place within Ukraine but no estimate of numbers could be provided at this stage. Faeser added that a Polish government representative had told her earlier in the day that refugees had not yet arrived in Poland in large numbers.

Poland had not yet accepted an offer of medical and technical assistance from Germany, she said.

Ukrainian citizens holding biometric documentation may enter Germany without a visa and may remain for 90 days.

European Union member states would reach an agreement on the future status of Ukrainian refugees, Faeser said.

Faeser held talks with the heads of Germany’s security organs and the interior ministers of the country’s 16 states.

“We are also seeing that Russian propaganda and disinformation were increasing significantly as a result of the Ukraine conflict,’’ she said.

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