I’m always exploring new ways to tell stories – Cyborg

Afropop singer, Ezeh Success, aka Cyborg (Da Freak), has said that he is constantly exploring new ways, including business, to tell his stories.

The singer who recently unveiled a non-fungible token platform called Dafreak 5, said, “I am always exploring new ways to tell my stories, engage with my community and build new bridges of connection. There is a story behind every melody I have composed or every picture I have tried to paint. Fans can learn and explore my NFT character and see its uniqueness.


“I created the NFT because I saw that it adds value to my sound. It works in synchronism with my musical career and I intend to take my musical career to the highest heights possible. This is why I am going through this lane of entrepreneurship. This new project was inspired by the love I get from my listeners. So, I have decided to give back to my fans by creating a luxury digital future for them.

“I designed and minted myself, with the aim of attaining excellence.”

The singer also stated that the benefits holders of the NFT would enjoy include free access to his concert, and they will be the first to be considered whenever there is a giveaway.

Other entertainers that have been involved with NFTs include MI Abaga and Don Jazzy.


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