Nigerian Singer and Lecturer Bags Ph.D. In Kwara State University, Nigeria

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and Lecturer, Dr. A.A, Isiaq is popularly known as theorist ologo bagged Ph.D. honor in Kwara State University, Nigeria.

He said education and talent could make one go far in life as both do not affect each other. According to him, he happened to be an artist and also a lecturer at the University of Ilorin.

According to reports, theorist ologo or Dr. Theorist who happened to be the first African lecturer to sing hip-hop music is determined to influence people from all walks of life on the value of education and talent exhibition and how both can be managed effectively to become a successful individual.

The “First African Lecturer Hip-hop Artiste” who bags his Ph.D. with distinction (First class) in an interview with one of our correspondents said,

While talent may rule the world, education can help to improve it. As a result, being an artist does not diminish the importance of education in personal development and social progress. Therefore, I want to be an exemplary role model for emerging youths, who may wish to forgo education for talent or talent for education.

Do you agree with his view that talent and education go hand in hand? Kindly share your views in the comment section.


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