Music: Nessy Bee – Gidi To Jozi (EP)

Nessy Bee - Gidi To Jozi (EP)
Nessy Bee - Gidi To Jozi (EP)

Nessy Bee – Gidi To Jozi (EP)

This project is a good explanation for his brief silence. He has really been working hard, his fans will thank him for this one.

21 hours featuring Idowest was a revival. It brought Nessy back into our frame. A good preamble for his new EP Gidi to Jozi. This is his best project yet. As he likes to put it, this is beautiful hard work.

Staying true to his sound has been his biggest strength, one his fans have come to enjoy.

The trips he takes you on are different. This 8 track project is one you will enjoy from start to finish. I wish you a safe journey from Gidi to Jozi. Check on it!

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Elle

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Shashamura (feat. Vyce Carter)

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Chop Am (feat. Rushthestar) 

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Won Ba Ti (Part 1) (feat. Dj Rhazki & i$ick)

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Manna

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Ashabi Sha Dollar (feat. Pizzle Lion)

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – Won Ba Ti (part 2) (feat. Ajanaku)

DOWNLOAD Nessy Bee – O Normal (feat. Idowest)

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