Maestro Ft Swizzy Jen & Stein – No Stress (Lyrics)


Maestro Music CEO,  Maestro Releases an  amazing Afroswing  tune dubbed “No Stress”.  An Outro Vibe for the “Bond EP” album, talking about having a good time after the hard work, after the hustle, the grind, sharing love to Maestro’s fans and friends. “No Stress” features the amazing afro singer Swizzy Jen and the lyrical Stein.

Verse 1 – Stein
Long hours in the stu
24/7 working like Jack Bauer do
Big things coming
Maestro introduced
Headlines popping
By four in the… news
You know we got the game on lock like the five-o
Clearly you ready know who winning the game of maestro
Competition getting cleaned up
Like bacteria with Lysol
We do it like Chlamydia, we viral
Taking shots, bottoms up
Still we aim for the top
Putting in work, hitting clubs
Bruh believe it not
We started from the bottom
Yeah we was knee deep in the mud
Now we like the doorman
Cause we got the keys to the lock
Crossing Ts putting dots
Doing it cool like ice
Just do it like Nike Ticks
All good no lies
Crazy how we taking over
How we colonise
I said what i said
I ain’t gonna apologize
Verse 2 – Stein
Where would you rather be?
In the back of the bus
Or riding here with me?
No rock bottom
Unless it’s a glass of henessy
After putting the work
We party with the same energy
Ain’t no bluff
Check the stock, check the pedigree
Can’t doubt the mojo
Man is dope like we NSG
YOLO hommy
That’s the motto that’s the flex I’m in
Don’t be shy
Take a photo, take one for the gram
Take one for the gram
Bring your friends come over
We balling, Sharapova
Don’t be shy to say hello come say hola hola
Come meet the gang
‘fore is too late hate to say i told ya
Swizzy and I with a bang
We like mentos and soda
We just wanna chill and have a good time
likkle fun vibes after a good grind
Under the moonlight with some moonshine 2x
Hook: Swizzy Jen & Stein
Maestro coming through
We just made you the second best in
You know how we do
Lame Wannabes them stay vexing
Step into the stu
We creating bangers no stressing
Outro: Stein
You hanging with the best out here
We stay fly like we buzz light year (ya yeah)
Demma know
We do it with no stress i swear
We’ll pull up with a jet next year
I swear (demma know)


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