Better Half: A Dating App for Long-Lasting Relationships

Better Half Dating App, allows you to conveniently meet and link up with similar qualities and interests. The app doesn’t only provide you the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, it also creates an atmosphere needed for you to build long-lasting relationships.
The good news is, unlike most dating apps that have been cultured to serve a particular set of people, Better Half is a dating app that meets up the expectations of every user. In search of a partner to lighten up your mood after a hectic day at work? Go to the Better half. In need of a soulmate that would stand by you to achieve that long-lasting relationship, you have always dreamed of? Get the Better Half app today and unlock the happiness that awaits you. With Better Half, everyone can find love.
Right positioning is a crucial element for meeting the right person especially online. The Better Half space is where you need to be, not only to find romance but to also find true love. The world is gradually becoming more distracted with so many things that they lose focus from the things that really matter like building a long-standing relationship. So, we created the Better Half app not only for you to be at the right position to attract your soul mate, but to help you mingle right.
We kicked off with a pre-launch bonus season by allowing the first 5000 people to submit their details and get a month’s free subscription. They subsequently got a free alert when the app became ready.
As of now, we are urging every person who has struggled or is looking for love to hop on the opportunity by downloading the app from the play store or app store.
The brain behind the creation of this app; Sowade Oluwakayode and some friends came together after discovering the glitch with relationships. They realized that there were good, interesting people who found it difficult to mingle and express their feelings physically. In order to breach this gap, they came up with the idea better half.
The beautiful thing about the Better Half dating app is the ability to keep and maintain privacy and animosity is an issue most dating app users worry about. We realized that since being on a dating app is not often flaunted in this part of our world, users would need to be discreet as possible before getting involved in the online matchmaking space. Thankfully, the Better Half app provides a privacy feature that allows you to be as anonymous as you would prefer until you are ready to mingle.
With Better Half, you can be what you want to be, you do not need to pretend to be someone else. There is a right match for everybody, with Better Half, you can stay true to yourself and your desired partner to achieve an enjoyable relationship. Honesty is one of the major pillars of a long-lasting relationship. It lays a strong foundation for the relationship, it helps to build mutual trust between both parties.

How BetterHalf Works

● Download the app
● Fill your details
● Fill in the right details of your partner
● Get three matches
● You can decide who to take off your list.
Better Half offers
● Membership verification. Do not fret about the people behind your screens, all
accounts on the Better Half app have been scrutinized thoroughly before joining the
● Expert & medical community support
● Anonymity until you are ready to mingle.
● .Full subscription-based app.
All you need to do is download the Better Half app from Playstore or App Store; fill in your
details correctly, fill in that of your desired partner correctly and automatically get a match.
Let’s get you started on this exciting journey!


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