Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O burns down Transcorp Hilton Abuja.

Over the weekend, Nigerian, Kogi born international performing artiste Baba Ojonugwa AKA J.F.O literally set the roof on fire when he emerged into the jam packed conference hall of the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Abuja dressed in a combat-like Igala attire on a white beret and white shoes. The event was the silver jubilee celebration of Who’s Who in Igala land organized by Chief Hilary Amodu. J.F.Os performance which had fire dancers in a blend of world music, afro beats & lgala contemporary sounds performed for less than fifteen minutes & rapturously magnetized the audience like the spiritual performer that he is.
All who witnessed the performance of Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O on the transcorp stage attested that he sure deserves the name ”ancestor and oracle” with his control of the stage and audience. The message of his performance was simple ”UNITY IN IGALA LAND” which was summed up in his last track on stage titled ”UDAMA” which is also the last track in his recent wave making album titled ”GABAIDU”.

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