Enough Is Enough’ – IGP Orders AIGs, CPs, PMF, CTU, SPU Commanders To Reclaim Public Space

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu has ordered the immediate mobilization of all police organizational assets and resources to put an end to the gross violence, killing, theft and destruction of public and private property, and to regain public space from criminal elements masquerading in some parts of the country as demonstrators.

Today , October 24 , 2020, the IGP issued the order to all Assistant Inspectors General of Police (AIGs), Police Commissioners (CPs), Heads of Tactical Units of Police, Squadron and Base Commanders in charge of Zonal/State/FCT Commands, Police Mobile Force, Counter Terrorism Unit and Special Protection Unit.

In addition, in the different states, CPs/ Heads of Police Formations have also been tasked with mobilizing their men and operating in tandem with the Command CPs in the areas where they live, dominating the public space and maintaining peace and stability in the affected areas.

The IGP states that all acts of lawlessness, disturbance of public peace and order and gratuitous violence that have resulted in indiscriminate robbery of shops , malls and warehouses, property damage and loss of life in certain parts of the country has become too much and needed to stop.

He also ordered strategic police managers to direct and organize the operation personally and use all legal means to avoid the further descent into lawlessness and brigandage.

Instead of panicking, the IGP requires law-abiding citizens to join forces with the police and other law enforcement community members to protect their neighborhoods from the criminal elements.

It also calls for citizens’ awareness and cooperation to ensure that action is aimed at ensuring public order, protection and public safety in our communities.

Nevertheless, the IGP cautions troublemakers not to challenge the nation’s collective will by coming out to trigger any more breakdown of law and order.

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