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There is this trending Edu-gaming website on the internet right now. So I decided to write a review on them.        

What about Times Five? 

Times Five is a digital company developed by some group of engineers on an automated scale aimed at users answering a set of ten questions with a stake. And if the questions are correctly answered, such users will be awarded exactly times five of their stake(s).

How to play: 

1. Log on to and register 
2. Verify your account with the email address you used to register.
3. Fund your account with any amount (minimum ₦100).
4. Drop a stake to play a game
5. Select your best 10 categories that you want your questions from. When you answer the ten questions correctly.
6. Gbam!!!…. You’ll be awarded exactly times five of your stake (the amount you drop).

What are the available stakes?

The stakes on are as follows with their rewards.

1. ₦50 = you’ll win ₦250 
2. ₦100 = you’ll win ₦500 
3. ₦200 = you’ll win ₦1,000 
4. ₦500 = you’ll win ₦2,500 
5. ₦1,000 = you’ll win ₦5,000       

Earn from inviting a friend

You can as well invite friends to play the game. And as the inviter, you’ll get 10% of the invitee’s first game win.   

How many questions?

There are 10 questions to be asked in a game session. When the 10 questions are answered correctly, then the user will earn times five of the stake he/she dropped.

What type of question?

Questions are split into different categories which include; football, mathematics, currencies, foods, science, and technology, governors, commerce, science, books, state and capitals, mayors, etc.
What is the time allocation?

When a user starts a game on the website (it’s called a session). A session consists of 100 seconds countdown. 10 seconds for each question. After the countdown of the 100 seconds in aggregate, the site automatically submits the answer for the user and the result is shown afterward. 

Is Times Five genuine? 

Yes, times five is a genuine website and it is registered. Users have played the game, testified, and also cash out their money.

Social media pages 

Facebook @ Times Five Inc
Twitter @ timesfive_inc
Instagram @ timesfive_inc       
Linkedin @ Times Five Inc
Telegram @ timesfivebot

What type of browser(s) does not support?

For now, the old opera mini browser does not fully support the operations at times five. But if you want to use opera mini, make sure it is not in ‘data saving’ mode. Instead, use google chrome, firefox, etc. UC Browsers ain’t supported either.

What is needed to play the game?

– Good/strong network
– Good device (avoid broken/cracked screens so as to see the questions clearly)
– Environmental Serenity (avoid distractions in all forms)
– Paper and biro as the case may be


Contact To ask a further question; 

Whatsapp/Telegram: +905391042375

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