Have you ever asked for the best way of making money online in 2020 ?In this post I will show you how to make extra money online from using your smart phone, Tablets, PC. Kindly read

the post below line by line to get the full gist.

How Does incomebizng Works?

On this platform you earn money online everyday in Nigeria legitimately by becoming a Member on incomebizng. You earn money on incomebizng  by surfing the website daily, reading and commenting on news.

A program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on monthly basis.

In a nutshell, incomebiz its a news paying site that pays you for reading news, referring your friends and loved ones and also commenting on daily news posts

Who Should Join incomebizng?

You dont need a laptop, just your smartphone is enough and anyone can become a member of incomebizng .It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers,Bloggers, even Slay Queens or anyone who wish to earn money online. If you take advantage of your Facebook friends, twitter, WatsApp, and other social media platforms, you could be earning above 40K monthly with referrals and 7k without referrals. How cool is that?

How To make money on incomebizng

Signing up on incomebizng  is the easiest way to make 7000 naira or more monthly online in Nigeria without referalls. Unlike other read and pay websites, incomebizng will give you a welcome bonus of N200 for successfully signing up. There are 4 ways to earn in incomebizng , check them out below:

1. Daily Login

You will get paid 100 Naira daily just to login to the incomebizng  website.

2. Reading News

For each news you read, you will earn 10 Naira. The maximum amount of news you can read daily is 10

2. Comment on Posts

Apart from getting paid to read news, you will be paid 10 Naira per comment on any news that you find interesting and you decide to comment on the news. The maximum amount of comment is 10 daily.

3. Referral

You will be paid 1,000 naira per active referral you direct to incomebizng.

4. Sharing Sponsored Post on facebook.

Incomebizng  has paid you to read news, comment on post, refer new members, now you will also get paid to share post on social media. You will be paid 100 Naira for each sponsored post you share to your facebook wall.

Breakdown of earnings

Daily login N100 multiply by 31 days=


Reading news N10 multiply by 10

for 31 days = N3,100

Commenting on post N10 multiply by 10 for 31 days = N3,100

Total = N9,300

Cool, right? You can earn N9,300 monthly without referring a single soul. If I added the money you will make by sharing sponsored post, it will amass to over N12,000 monthly!

How Does incomebizng  Pay?

On incomebizng  the Minimum amount you can withdraw is N5,000 for non-referral earners and N1000 for affiliate/referall earners. Withdrawal is every day for affiliate and  activity earners make sure you have provided your bank account details in your profile.

How to register on incomebizng?

To Register on incomebizng  platform, you need make a one time payment amount of N2,500 Naira only for incomebizng  registration, your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack. So make sure you have your N2,500 Naira ready before you proceed to

registration. To register you will need to purchase   incomebizng  Coupon Code from assigned coupon distributors on



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