Peeps Clothing Unveils Super Star Fawazzy In Its Covid Collection

Businesses across major cities in Nigeria especially in Lagos and Abuja have experienced a complete shutdown due to the corona virus pandemic, Regardless of this set back, Peeps clothing which is a Lagos based luxury and lifestyle clothing brand unveils superstar artiste Fawazzy in its April casual collection.

Superstar act fawazzy didn’t come short as his elegant pose and his handsome face shone through like a super model on the face of a Hollywood fashion magazine. He appeared elegant and stylish and this wasn’t a difficult for him because Fawazzy is a fresh, handsome and stylish artiste who can never be found or caught ‘’Unfresh’’.

His style and demeanor is regarded as one of the best in the music industry as he is always on point and will always attract and command the attention of everyone anywhere he steps in.

The covid collection is inspired by the covid 19 pandemic says the CEO of peeps clothing: ‘’this virus has relegated everyone to remain indoors and it was essential for me to create something worthwhile that will transform the negativity of this pandemic into something positive and I decided to come up with simple stay at home clothing design suitable for anyone regardless of status or position’’ CEO of peeps clothing on why he chose fawazzy had this to say, ‘’ every time I have seen fawazzy both in person and in photos he has always made a fashion statement different from others and we felt that as a growing brand it was appropriate to bring him on board.

The experience was awesome and we look forward to using him in subsequent editions. He is also an amazing, talented and uniqueartiste and trust me he is here to stay for a very long time.

Fawazzy recounts that the experience was awesome and wasn’t challenging as he felt at home because he was simply doing something that was second nature to him.
The photography was handled my celebrity photographer Abel kayoed for yuldel photos make up and creative direction was by savage concepts for peeps clothing.

Follow fawazzy on Instagram @fawazzy_fbf and peeps clothing @peeps_naija


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