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VIDEO & AUDIO: Mike & Deglorious – Jesus


Mike & Deglorious after releasing Turn Around and New Dawn in less than one month makes a U-Turn from Groovy Dance Songs to Solemn Gospel Song titled ‘Jesus’.


Jesus speaks sorely about Jesus Christ, its time we focus on Jesus and stop thinking of what He has not done or have not received.


The Bible says: “Call upon me in the days of trouble and I will hear You”.


I Charge You to call on the name, Jesus today in that and You will see how Jesus will turn that ugly situation into a testimony.


Listen & Download.


Connect with Deglorious Ministers, On Twitter: @Degloriousmin, And on instagram: @Degloriousministers.





Omarion Rants Over Grammy Nomination Snub, Compares Himself to Jesus?

In a series of tweets, he tries to convince followers that his collaboration with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko ‘Post to Be’ deserves a Grammy nomination.

A lot of musicians like Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo and Madonna failed to take a Grammy nomination this year but they did not react the way Omarion did. The R ‘n’ B singer went on a Twitter rant on Monday, December 7 after not finding his name in the list.

Omarion was mad at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for not recognizing “Post to Be”, his collaborative track with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. He called the song “one of the greatest R&B collaborations ever.” It was indeed Omarion’s second-highest charting song in his career after 2006’s “Ice Box”.

Omarion argued that his song deserved better. “Even though people act like its easy to make a hit (& it’s not). As an artist you look forward to being acknowledged by the game,” he tweeted, adding, “The odds have always been against me. I constantly prove you wrong. I’ll consistently do great things & you will have to celebrate me.”

But the singer refused to call his posts a rant, writing, “This isn’t a ‘im upset’ (post to be) rant. This is a- ok so that wasn’t good enough. I’ll be back. Have my Grammy’s ready.” He continued, “The game has long changed since I was introduced to it. They want to still treat me like I’m a new to this. My moment is coming trust. So when it’s all said & done. Remember. I prophesied it. It’s my destiny. I was destined.”

The 31-year-old singer drew criticism for his last comment and he responded with a laughter and a comparison to Jesus. “Lmaooooo, they laughed at Jesus,” he wrote. One commenter said, “…you aren’t Jesus. You’re just an artist pouting because he did not get a Grammy nomination.” Omarion snapped back, “read the context of the convo before stepping in #Checkyaself.”
Omarion also questioned the Academy’s choices. “Since y’all here! Answer the question. What other song can u name that didn’t have a rapper for a collab!?” he tweeted before congratulating all the nominees. “Enjoy this milestone,” he wrote.

So, does Omarion deserve a Grammy nomination? Judge for yourself.