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“I’m A Coward, That Spoke Up” — 2Baba Finally Speaks On Missing Feb 6th Mass Protest

2baba was labeled a renegade after he backed out from the Feb 6th mass protest. He had called for the cancellation of the mass movement against Buhari led government, barely 24hrs to the D-day. The protest still held, but paled in comparison to what it should have been.

Nigerian comedian, Gordons had called out 2face Idibia earlier saying he didn’t go about the process with the right set of tools, and called him an illiterate while trying to buttress his point.

2face in a video shared on social media said he was happy at being a coward, but atleast he raised his voice to the cause.

Read his full speech below…

“I will like to thank you all for the messages and solidarity, I watched with tears in my eyes as Nigerians came out to speak up in protest on the street, on social media, on radio and so on. I watched as Nigerians demonstrated that no one voice is louder than the other, whether you be 2baba or you be security, president, or you be anybody. I watched as many people called me a coward but I’m happy that I am a coward that spoke up and I will always continue to speak up.

I watched as many of you defiled all odds to come out to tell the government, to demand from the government, that you deserve better lives. I’m grateful for everybody that lent their voice, when I lost mine, you guys are the real heroes. I’m happy you came out and I’m happy you came out peacefully.”


Charly Boy Mocks 2Face Over Cancellation Of Scheduled Nationwide Protest

Veteran entertainment personality and the self-style ‘Area Father’ Charles Oputa a.k.a. Charly Boy is well known for his social activism and he was one of the first celebrated artistes to back the African Queen crooner on his mission to embark on a nationwide protest.

On hearing that the singer had backed out, citing security and public safety concerns, the Area Father reacted and mocked “ The struggle to overcome political insanity, audacious impunity and mindless looting in Nigeria took a negative hit last night not just because Tuface Idibia called off the 6th of February, 2017 protest; because most of the demons we are fighting against hijack the people’s protest and anger at the establishment.”

His full post reads as thus: The TuFace Cancelled Protest. The Struggle to overcome Political Insanity, Audacious impunity and Mindless looting in Nigeria took a Negative hit last night not just because Tuface Idibia called off the 6th of February, 2017 Protest; because most of the demons we are Fighting against hijack the Peoples Protest and Anger at the Establishment.

We must not Trivialize the Struggle because it is the Emancipation of the Nigerian Mind.
President Muhammadu Buhari is not the Problem of the Nigerian State and this is not excusing his Failures.

The Nigeria Political Elite are Vampires Feeding off the Blood of a Willing and Docile Populace.
They Loot Because we Hail; The Celebration of Ibori in Delta State Yesterday and Across the Country Typifies the Insanity of our Stupidity and eternal Problem of the Nigerian Struggling Populace.
Now we retreat to regroup and replan and we will lock hands to synchronise our objectives.

For me, it is #ALUTAETERNAL, because If we no plan well things no go work well.

No be everybody get that kin heart to stand tall when jungle mature.

The real tsunami it’s coming, and no doubt I will be on the front line.

I will take the First Bullet; let my body be the first to drop; Let my Blood be the first to wash our LANDS.

Will the Nigeria youth back a Full Blooded Peaceful Political Mass Revolution at the Federal, State and Local Government Level?

I doubt. But, I no go give up on my children, The Coalition of the Frustrated, Angry and Hungry, as well as this country that I love.
We must sustain the pressure and cannot turn back as the Revolution Continues.

We must begin to resist political insensitivity and mindless looting of our common wealth. I, AreaFada will fight so fear will no longer cripple my people.
Our MUMU don reach last bus-stop.

And before we go start to chop sand sand, we go enter street and purge our lands of political dictatorship, oppression, poverty and corruption.
We must not walk/work alone or we will fail miserably.

The Nigerian politician is our eternal enemy; The Nigerian people are the willing victim and it is time to channel our angero peacefully towards making governance work work for us not against us.


How 2face’s Mum, Rose Idibia Forced Him To Cancel Nationwide Protest

More revelations have emerged on the real reason music star, Innocent Ujah Idibia, otherwise known as 2face canceled his planned nationwide protest.

2baba shocked many of his fans when he took to his Instagram page to announced the cancellation of the much-talked about protest, citing security concerns.

However, findings by DAILY POST reporter revealed that his mother, Mrs. Rose Idibia was behind the cancellation of the protest.

The singer had announced few weeks ago that he would be leading other entertainers to a nationwide protest to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to the untold hardship the current administration has subjected the nation to.

Following the announcement, the federal government warned him to rather express his grievances via a national broadcast instead of organizing a protest at a time the security situation in the nation was unstable.

The Lagos State police command had also vowed to stop the protest, claiming that the singer never took permission from them.

An insider hinted this newspaper that 2face’s mum who doubles as Vice Principal at Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi Abuja warned his son to hands off the protest.

“His mum was behind the cancellation of the protest. She was angry because 2baba (Innocent) never asked for her opinion before he went on air to announce the protest. His mother summoned him and asked him to call it off because he has nothing to gain from it, rather he would buy enemies for himself,” a source said.



2Face’s Manager Fires Back At Blackface Over Song Theft Allegations Against 2Baba

2Face Idibia’s manager, Efe Omorogba has finally taken time out to address Blackface’s allegations that 2Face stole his song. Read the press release below:

When my attention was drawn to Blackface’s twitter rant about the “theft” of his songs by his ex-band mate 2Baba, my
initial reaction was to ignore what I perceived as an obvious marketing gimmick for his new single.

The reaction from a vast majority of people on social media who read about the allegations was evidence that the ploy had backfired.

Blackface’s press interviews since the twitter rant has made it necessary for me to present the flip side and set the records

1. 2Baba and Blackface do have a bunch of songs they co- wrote in their days as Plantashun Boiz.

2. Both artistes have collectively and individually recorded and commercially released materials from this collection.

3. 2Baba has always given Blackface (Austin Ahmedu) co- writing credit every time he recorded any song that has
Blackface’s input – No matter how minimal.

4. Blackface has neither given 2Baba (Innocent Idibia) co-writing credit nor sought “permission” to record any of the
materials they jointly authored.

5. Blackface has earned royalties off his shared publishing rights for about a decade.

6. A huge chunk of income he has made derives from royalties earned by the commercial exploitation of the successesful materials performed/recorded by 2Baba.

7. 2Baba did not and couldn’t have stolen “Let Somebody Love You” from Blackface. The song was released about 2 years ago. Blackface complained about his name being misspelt on the CD sleeve and we personally apologised to him.

8. Yes. Blackface contributed to the writing of the first verse of the song. The second verse was entirely 2Baba. Bridget
Kelly wrote her verse and Efe Omorogbe wrote the outro verse.

9. Efe Omorogbe is not 2Baba’s manager on “Let Somebody Love You” but a co-writer. 10. The outro verse was lifted from the song “How?” written in 1997 and recorded in 1999 at Dolphin studios, Surulere.

Blackface didn’t write that bit. Couldn’t have written that bit. Blackface cannot in 2016, touch Efe Omorogbe’s writing from 1997.

11. Blackface should be honoured to have shared co-writing credit with 2Baba. I am. For each and every song we have
collaborated on.

12. Blackface should be grateful 2Baba recorded their co-authored materials to ensure a lifetime of royalty income
for him.

12. Blackface should record and release his own version of “Let Somebody Love You” and keep 100% publishing on
that version. Oops! 2Baba will still be entitled to a share.

13. Blackface is not in 2Baba’s league as a songwriter. Their post-Plantashun Boiz’ catalogs speak for themselves.

14. Blackface should go to court to seek redress if he indeed believes he has a case.

15. Blackface should know that nobody ever secured a court judgement via a twitter rant or media tour.

17. Blackface must have realised by now that the unfortunate tirade has not made “Killa” a hit. At least, not at the moment.

We grind our way to the results we seek bro. Just HARDwork. No short cuts!

– Efe Omorogbe


It Is Just So Unfortunate- 2baba Finally Reacts To Blackface Allegation On Property Theft

Nigerian artist, Innocent Idibia , popularly
known by his stage name, 2baba has
described Blackface’s allegation as
The multi award winning singer expressed
his shock at the accusation during an
interview with Channels Television.
“It is just so unfortunate. I do not know
where it is coming from (but) I am trying to
think of different reasons,” he said.
2baba said that he initially thought
Blackface’s account was hacked, stressing
that he felt disappointed with the act.
On their friendship, he said: “He (Blackface)
did not consider me his friend anymore,”
noting that he wished him no ill will.
The Benue State born artiste said he would
make sure the dispute was resolved,
restating that it was unfortunate that his
former singing mate was coming at him in
such way.
“We will trash the whole matter but I got
nothing but love and respect for him and it
is just so unfortunate that he is coming at
me like that,” he said.
Ahmedu Obiabo, who is popularly known as
Blackface had earlier this week, called out
singer 2baba in a series of tweets for
allegedly publishing a song he owned
without permission.

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Blackface Calls Out 2Face Idibia, Accuses Him of Stealing His Songs

Everyone is stealing From Blackface..hmmmmm!!

The former Plantashun Boiz member today in a series of tweets called out his former mate – 2face Idibia now known as 2baba accusing him of stealing his songs, trying to destroy him, trying to kill the Plantashun Boiz brand..etc.

Recall that Blackface, who together with 2face and Faze formed Plantashun Boiz in the late 90s/early 2000s, has had the least success in his career after the group split up, has also accused Wizkid of stealing songs from him less than two weeks ago.

Anyway, he has promised to drag his former group member, 2face Idibia to court to seek redress.

Read His rant Below:

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2face Shares Photo Of Dammy Krane, Shina Peller & Wizkid With An Interesting Caption

Legendary African artiste, 2face Idibia now known as 2baba has weighed on the on-going rift between his artiste, Dammy Krane and Wizkid which got physical at Shina Peller’s Quilox Club in the early hours of today, 15th January, 2016.

He shared the photo below of Dammy Krane, Shina Peller and Wizkid with this caption;

“All we need is one love,” and added, for emphasis, “#Inmyvoice.”

See Pics below

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Pepenazi Explains The Reason He Works With Olamide

One of the most played songs on radio today is Illegal by rising act Pepenazi featuring YBNL chief Olamide. The song is the third the two are doing together.

In a recent interview, Pepenazi was asked why he chooses to work with Olamide. He said, “Olamide is someone who has been very supportive of my craft and has always had a positive influence on my career. I work with him because he always brings out his A game on everything he does.”

Pepenazi is a graduate of  Estate Management from the Federal university of Technology Akure  (FUTA).


I Have Not Been To Church In 8 Years – Jesse Jagz

I have not been to church in eight years and this is the first time I am saying this,” came the shocking admission from Chocolate City Rapper, Jesse Garba Abaga.

Ironically, the 31 year-old was raised in the city of Jos, Plateau State by clergy parents, Pastor Chris G. Abaga, Founder, Chris Abaga Ministries and Mrs Lydia Abaga, a gospel artiste and counselor.

He waxed philosophical about his decision to stay away from Church; “Well, I think it is because I believe that education doesn’t only exist within the boundary of school, education is a separate thing on its own. Same way, God does not just exist only in religious institutions, He exist on His own.”

In a chat on Wednesday at Chocolate City office, Jesse explained further, “Growing up in church and all that…I have come to realize that a relationship with God is what is most important. Church might/ can be defined in so many other ways but as long as God and you is okay…whether you are a Buddhist or whatever. Yeah, I believe God exist but it is we human beings that take religion thing.”

This confession should not come as a surprise to those who have keenly followed the career trajectory of the founder of the indie label, Jagz Nation whom some have described as a ‘rebel.’ The 31 year-old woke one morning and exited from Chocolate City, a record label that was co-run by his brother, M.I Abaga. What emerged from that radical move was his second and most critically-acclaimed studio album entitled Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come.

“He has a mind of his own,” M.I Abaga once said about his talented producer Cvm rapper brother.

The singer who has since returned to Chocolate City is due to release a third studio album entitled The Return Of The Gods this September.


Burna Boy Threatens To Kill All Bloggers

LOL!! This kinda threats should be taken seriously.

This is 2015. The blogs have taken over, people will talk and write about you, now it’s your job as a celebrity to deal with it maturedly.

Fams, what do you think??