Photos: 10 Celebritiy Couples Most Likely To Break Up Before 2015 Ends 

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Everyone knows celebrities and love go together like oil and vinegar. Celebrities normally credit their breakups to scheduling conflicts. Others normally chalk it up to them having gigantic egos and extremely

Whatever the case, celebrity couples have trouble lasting. TheRichest recently looked at the shocking breakups of 2015. But is it actually fair to use the word shocking when it comes to celebrity couples splitting up? It really shouldn’t be when they never stay together. Nobody was surprised when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth didn’t last.
In reality, there are a few couples that have stood the test of time to this point, such as Jay-Z andBeyonce, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Why them? No idea. I’m not a psychic, but think I can make a few generalizations about why some couples don’t work. Age is a huge breakup factor. Maybe young Hollywood stars aren’t ready to pass on the attention that is thrown at them or maybe they’re just too busy to fully commit. Either way, the older the couple, the more likely they are to stay together.
The second factor would be occupation. Rock stars are known to sleep around, just look at the amount of people Mick Jagger and Gene Simmons have supposedly slept with. The split of a touring rock legend and a famous actress who have completely different schedules such as Chris Martin andGwyneth Paltrow or Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence isn’t shocking. Going off these two generalizations, a few other smaller ones, and my analysis of social media and the celebrities’ upcoming schedules, here are the 10 celebrity couples most likely to split by the end of 2015.

10. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith

Rumors have been running rampant the last two years that Will Smith isn’t getting “jiggy with it” with his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. The two have been married for 17 years and have two children, Willow and Jaden. The root of such “splitsville” rumors began with the filming of Focus in 2013. Several photos captured a cheerful Smith with his stunning co-star Margot Robbie hanging out. Both Jada and Will have addressed the plethora of rumors surrounding their relationship, admitting that a marriage “goes through stages.” Will this new stage last into the new year? Doubt it.

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9. Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris

This has to be the easiest choice. These two perform all around the world and have no free time to build a relationship. Taylor Swift is currently in America’s Midwest on tour while Calvin Harris is doing his thing in Vegas. Long distance relationships are impossible for us regular people, so that makes it doubly impossible for two of the biggest celebrities in the world. To be honest, Taylor Swift coupled with anybody would have made it on the list.

8. Iggy Azalea And Nick Young

Nick Young, a.k.a Swaggy P, of the Los Angeles Lakers doesn’t fit the mold of a person ready to settle down – sorry Iggy. Really, any professional athlete doesn’t fit the mold of a person ready to settle down. Young is also, to put it nicely, a boastful young man who seems to like attention. Young actually celebrated a basket before it went in, and the ball never ended up going in! If he likes the attention on the court he probably likes the attention from the ladies off the court.

7. Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

These two have to be the two biggest narcissists in the entertainment industry. Some could argue that’s why they are perfect for each other. Two wrongs, however, don’t make a right. As such, two narcissists definitely don’t make a selfless, loving relationship. Kanye and Kim are expecting their second child, which is a good sign for them staying together, but I’m not sure it’s enough. Kanye is back on tour at the end of September and Kim will probably spend a lot of time alone. The two are arguably the most publicized couple of all time and with different schedules, lives, and probably interests, it’s going to be difficult for them to not want to kill each other by the year’s end.

6. Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

Depp, 52, and Heard, 29, aren’t exactly on the same wavelength when it comes to age. This doesn’t mean it can’t work, but Amber’s career is still in its infant stage and Johnny’s is towards the end. The fact that they are in different stages in their careers, as well as in their lives are two red flags. Johnny Depp’s Black Mass has just been released to good reviews, but pictures of him on the red carpet have been released to bad reviews. Maybe Depp has put on some weight for a role. But with his larger-than-life image for the last 20 years and a growing dad’s bod, it seems like Amber would be better suited with someone who is at a similar place as she is in life.

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5. Russell Wilson And Ciara

Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks’ star quarterback and Ciara is a famous singer. The athlete-musician combination is a scary one to start, but it has worked in the past with the Beckhams and a few others.

Both Wilson, 26, and Ciara, 29, are in their 20s which generally means they have a lot of time to screw things up. Still, the Beckhams also got married at a younger age and they are still together. You shouldn’t necessarily believe gossip sites, but rumors have swirled that Wilson’s past relationships included infidelity. Is this true? Not necessarily, but it is true that Russell Wilson is a very religious man who is waiting until marriage to have S3x with Ciara. It is also true that Ciara has a child with the rapper Future and this has caused conflict on social media, making their relationship very public. When you add it all up, it makes it hard to believe that Wilson and Ciara are likely to make it past the year, but then again, maybe it’s so crazy it might work.

4. Jennifer Lawrence And Michael Fassbender

Rumors have just started to spread about the two X-Men stars being an item. They probably aren’t a real couple yet, but I wanted to include them anyway because they are an easy couple to knock off this list. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. She’s a ridiculously talented actress and an even funnier woman. Like Taylor Swift, Lawrence, too, has an intimidating personality. We know Fassbender has a type A personality, given George Clooney’s remarks about Michael’s “golf club penis.” But that won’t mesh well with Lawrence. There are only a few people who I’d give Jennifer Lawrence a shot with. There’s me, myself, and I. That’s about it. I’ll be the type B personality for you Jennifer.

3. Chris Pratt And Anna Farris

Another cute couple that I see falling to the wayside is Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The main reason is Chris Pratt’s rise to A-List status. When Pratt and Faris got married, Faris was the bigger star out of the two. Now the roles have been reversed and this provides obvious conflict. I’m not going to say Chris thinks he is a Hollywood King who can get any woman he wants and might be tired of Anna, but I am saying that Chris “could” think he is a Hollywood King who can get any woman he wants and might be tired of Faris. I hope you see the distinction. In reality, he seems like a good guy who wouldn’t do this, but good guy Ben Affleck and his deteriorating relationship with Jennifer Garner makes me think Pratt definitely could.

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2. Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves

There’s no way Matthew McConaughey loves his wife more than himself. That guy loves himself more than anyone in the world. Some narcissistic people are just covering up insecurities, but not my man Matthew. He just straight up loves himself and the only way I wouldn’t put him on the list would be if McConaughey was dating himself. This couple will divorce sooner, rather than later.

1. Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

This one will probably piss readers off more than some of the others on this list. This couple passes all of my generalizations about celebrity breakups, so why would I put them? Jennifer Aniston’s love life is akin to a gambler’s relationship with NBA team, New York Knicks – you always bet against it. I am a big Aniston fan; Rachel in the hit sitcom Friends is my dream girl. But her track record indicates this relationship will end sooner rather than later.

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