My Brea5t are Small like two small mounds of Fufu — Eva Alordiah

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Popular female rapper, shared a writeup on social media as she stares at her reflection. She controversially named it, Becoming Caity-lynn.

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Becoming Caity-Lynn:

I stood facing her. She stood facing me. I raised my hand to wipe my brow. She raised her hand to wipe her brow.
“I have had a really long day abeg,” she says to me. Her comely face tried to conceal the stress she was under but her voice could not.
The room was H0t and sweat beads glistened on her almost broad forehead. As usual there was no power supply, she hadn’t been able to get any fuel for her generator and had been too timid to try the black market supply which was not even readily available.

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She was Nak3d. I was Nak3d.
“You know this is like growing up all over again right? I feel like I am learning everything from scratch. I thought I had passed this. I thought I knew all these things already.”
She sighed.
I sighed.
My Brea5ts almost doing a bounce as my chest expanded and contracted with air. They were too small to do a full bounce and protruded out of my chest like two small mounds of fufu.
B cup. She was a B cup too.
“I have to get my hair done. I always have to make sure my nails are tidy and well manicured. Did I tell you I hate having to get these extensions attached to my nails? Sometimes I feel like a cuticle infection is not far from my grasp anymore.”

She raised her hands to look at her nails.
The blue glitter polish made them appear like they had stars encased in the acryllic. “But I really like these ones sha, a lady named Lydia did them for me in Kenya,” she said with a sigh.
Lydia was the same lady who had done my nails.
I saw the sadness in her eyes. A replica to the one mine bore.
“Yesterday I woke up and looked around me and could not believe the dump I lived in for a house,” she continued. “Boy! I cleaned and cleaned. It felt like I hadn’t done that in a long time. I took it as therapy.”
“You do realize I haven’t slept on a bed for 2 years now? Well of course except when I am away and have to stay in a hotel. God do I cherish those nights! How can I not have a bed! I have been sleeping on a couch for 2 years! I feel like i have… ***continue on: blog.evaafterdark.com Tomorrow at 12PM***

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