M.I Abaga VS Milli:the next industrybeef?

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In a season of clap backs and
quadruple beefs in the
entertainment industry today
it wouldn’t be a surprise
anymore if another beef
sprang up. This year has truly
been an entertaining year in
the Nigerian entertainment
scene and if the paparazzi
were to be in the country they
would have had a whole lot to
feast from.
A few days ago news broke out
in top blogs across the country
with a lengthy piece reportedly
written by former chocolate
city rapper “Milli’
In the supposed article, he
directed shots at the
president of his former label
M.I Abaga, for kicking him out
of the label. In his own words,
‘M.I. really went deep, calling
me disloyal for leaving the
family and so on. People in the
label office stopped talking to
me. It became difficult for me
to work with Reinhard, my
producer that I introduced to
I went through the piece and
immediately my mind flashed
back to MI Abaga’s track
‘Everything’ that was released
in April 2016 off his last mix
tape, Illegal Music 3, and
couldn’t help but notice some
of the punchlines sounded like
shots against Milli.
Take a look at this rip off the
lyrics of “Everything” below
‘Gotta get a broom, I got
some roaches in my
cupboard. If a N!gga
tripping, I can do without
the luggage. People left the
family and started chatting
rubbish. Gangsters move in
silence I gat Sh!t that I can
publish. Loyal to the core
till the business is
established, I can never
walk away and leave my
family famished’.
Reading this lyrics, I got a
notification pop up on my
blackberry. It was a twitter
notification. I just got a follow
from Milli tagged along with
link to his video “Unlooking
Watching the 59 second clip, I
noticed a scene where a
masked guy in a black hood
stepped out of a car with a
crown and gasoline in hand,
dropped the crown and set it
on fire. My head sparked and
all I could think of was is that
supposed to be a beef to the
self acclaimed “Chairman”?
Various notable pundits have
been interpreting that act from
Milli as a direct response to
“the chairman”
Of course , MI has a lot of
materials where he has staked
claim to the rap throne most
notably his come back from
sabbatical single “King James”
Now the question on
everyone’s lips is, has Milli
revealed his plans to upstage
MI by burning the king’s
Is there a whole lot more to be
revealed or we are about to
witness the next big industry
Akpofure Shedrack. Follow me
on IG & Twitter @king_konfam

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