INTERVIEW: Meet UK Based Nigerian Rapper – Bibbee

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Who is BiBee?

“BiBee” is singer, song writer, rapper and philanthropy

How did music begin for you?

I grew up listening to music and it’s started professional after I finished from music school in London and start teaching young people about African music

What are your real names?

My names are Bola Adeleye

Why did you decide to go into music?

My passion for music actually started when I was
listening to real music of 70’s and 80’s, I learn to sing along and I pick interest in music and everything about string and bass.

What is the genre of your songs and what message are you trying to pass across?

Afro pop and rap. Is to make people strong and
self independent and make d
struggling man on d street believe he can be the
elite man one day

Which musicians inspire you?

In the like of Salawa abeni, and I believe she is a
woman wit struggle, but she conquer

Has music fulfilled your dreams?

Music to me is just part of my journey in live and
the reason I’m giving it my all. it’s because it would help to lead me in the path that I want to live and be happy.

How do u handle your male fans?

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I appreciate my male fans but regardless either
male or female I love my fans they mean d world to me, I really appreciate them giving their time to
listen to my music Why did you decide to venture into music
at this point in time?

first, I believe doing the right thing at the
right time is the best but Music as always been part of me but I have to get a degree first, education is a must for me

What were you doing in UK?

Well I study and work there, I work as a youth
worker. youth work is about working with young people that trying to get back on their feet. My job is
to get them the right help they need, it has given
me the opportunity to give back something to the system and to know that one of two people are been touch with the little helping hand.

What did you study in school?

Youth and community work

Why did you choose to return home when
a lot of people really wish to relocate abroad ?

See one things I know and tell people is there is
never going to be a place like home” HOME IS ALWAYS GOING TOO BE HOME” with a few knowledge and experience I have it’s will always be nice to give
back to my homeland

Do you do music abroad before you decided on coming back to your motherland and do music?

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Yes, I actually do and teach music back in London
but I fell it’s important to share my music with my people.

What’s your greatest fear or challenges since you have been back home?

Well I do not have any fear or challenges I was
born and brought up here before going ways. And I believe there is nothing that would happen that
as never happened before as long as I I’m focus
and I always pray to God to grant me the strength to continue.

Are you dropping out of school to pursue
music or you want to joggle the two together?

Well I’m done with one face of school but I’m still
looking to further more later in future. you know there is no limits to knowledge. The competition is very tough now,how do youintend to stand out?

The only way forward in life is just doing “YOU”
the race for survivor as no limits, people started this game and People will always comes up, one thing for sure is that the strong will always survive.

What project are you working on presently?

I have a project that I’m working already but until
then I’ll keep it on a low key. *wink*

Are you single, married or dating?

Lol haha non of the above, Music is my everything, just say am in love with music cause that is my priority for now


Which Team are you working with in the
industry including producers and director?

No record label for now but my team and I are
working with everybody in the industry both big and mighty

Say something to your fans out there and
what that they should be expecting from you?

I just really want to appreciate all my fans for
choosing to love and support me and I want them to know that I love more. They make me who I am
because without them there will be no me, thanks
for supporting my movement.

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