Editorial: Bleeding Ghods-Chaos Awoken (Chapter 2)

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In the darkest corner of her room stood a celestial being roughly six foot eight in human form with an aura emitting strong enough to give even the most familiar goose bumps, Nikalia looked briefly and turned away heading straight for a basin of water, she dipped both hands washing off the blood, sweat and filt then gently took one more glance down the dark end trying to hold back her tears and speak at the same time, Zapht for once felt mortal and vulnerable, short of words He reached into the light revealing himself and was cut short by her withdrawal, You could have stopped her, when would you put an end to this? Children are birth to with no one to call father, is it all pleasure and death she asked with a comical tone, do our burnt offerings mean nothing to her? Tame your beast as she roams destroying everything she mounts and leaving a wave of destruction, Zapht stood speechless, not short of words but short of another means to express them, expecting no audience this time and the sense of someone approaching He vanished. Three gentle knocks and a voice covertly tuned uttered, it is time, she grabbed her vail and followed heading straight for the Temple of the Ghods, it was unusually quiet but not unexpected as she reached the twenty foot doors with giant lamps swarming with moths standing on each end of its fourteen foot wide span and an inscription boldly carved probably for the near blind “the Ghods sleep not”.

Twenty where gathered around a golden head with cheek bones and contours crafted to give off an image of a war general, they chanted in unison “Manos father of the forsaken we call upon thee “Nikalia joined steering right at an ancient stone known as “the deaf” created by an ancient sisterhood of future seeing souls known simply as the Nin, thought to have been long lost the deaf made it impossible for any being Man or Ghod not withing a unified mental conscious perimeter to hear what was being discussed. Manos Appeared, invoked into the gold head by their two minutes of soul rendering chants, gazing directly at Nikalia as if He could sense an aura of Ghodly visitation around her, in a baritone voice with more un-human texture He spoke, there is but a way to put an end to this, seek an audience with the Nin they have valuable information of the objects you seek. Both lost and confused she asked, “what objects do we seek Ancient one” as if to show total solidarity. Sounding nothing short of a father telling His child a bed time story, Manos told of an object able to transcend Ghods to mortal form making it able for them to meet their death, in shock Nikalia stepped back looking down letting off an unconscious whisper “we want them unable to harm us not killed”, there was a sudden outburst from one of the Women, mortal death to the Ghods, Death! a sudden chorus went up as if synchronised, death, death and at the third chant Manos Continued as if in support, death is the only end, revenge is inevitable if a single Ghod survives, Manos took a brief pause as if to put effect on the next couple of words, there would be no one left to tell of your civilisation. 

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How do we kill immortals? How do we end those who are beyond death? A question on everyone’s mind but uttered by the same old lady known as Dia, Dia more than anyone wanted the Ghods dead, Her husband had been the first of the unlucky ones to go as well as her first Son Dien, Her ears had long awaited an what was about to come it was more than obvious patience wasn’t one of her virtues could it be grief or that her second son was all she had left and had reached full maturity, the juicy type ready to be plucked by a Ghoddess.
Manos spoke of an unbelievable truth, time, time was the key, long ago before the existence as you know it Man and Ghods where immortal with only supernatural powers as a divide, the Ghods numbering but a few ruled over hundreds of millions of them, Nikalia had fallen in love with an overly ambitious immortal whose plan was to become one of the Ghods better still, rule the Ghods. Geish, unsuspecting of his inconceivable ambitions brought him to the realm of the Ghods time and again, with the help of the deaf they secretly and forbiddenly spoke of everything concerning the Ghods, Her only naive intentions where to educate Him of their ways, while His was to control the realms, for His good services and help in Ghodly diplomatic missions over hundreds of years He had earned the trust of both Geish and Zapht, Geish had shown Him amongst many a weapon of war known as the Erkclairs Spear, one of those relics the Nin had made as a means to put an end to the immortal and unruly. Planned and ready to execute His quest, during a banquet of the Ghods, He stole the spear and in an act not shy of desperate foolishness snuck behind Zapht seeking to probably put an end to the “Immortal of all Immortals, The King Creator worthy of both mortal and immortal praise” a most likely impossibility, He made a run across the room charging with an unwise battle cry followed by a leap of faith but was brought down mid flight by Menos, Menos with one foot pinned to His chest and an arrogance worthy of His Calibre took the Erkclairs Spear and drove it without mercy through His left eye, Piercing through his skull and breaking the ground beneath His head, the banquet was over.
Out of rage Zapth thought of a way to make it impossible for history to repeat itself, the concept of time was created, taking away all knowledge of the vunrabilities and similarities, he made a limit to Man’s life giving Man the unending burden of survival and earthly chaos withing a brief period called “life time”. Mortality for the humans and banishment from the realms of the Ghods was His Solution. 

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No one knows the beginning of the Ghods because there is no beginning, Time is a concept used to ultimately measure the beginning and end, take away time and all you have is Eternity, You humans where once immortal, for the sins of one you live to die, the Erkclairs Spear is believed to be lost, it was thrown away by Zapht, the Nin know of its location, seek their council and they shall heed but beware human sacrifice is the only way to gain their undivided attention Manos said as he vanished leaving the golden head.


Slowly they all dispersed with new knowledge and truth no one could comprehend. Time, immortality, the spear, words She slowly whispered as She made her way out the temple, the thought on everyone’s mind was more of who would be sacrificed for the Nin as they bumped into one another thinking out loud to themselves…

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