Editorial: Bleeding Ghods-Chaos Awoken (Chapter 1)

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‎Cries of Agony Swept The City, Destruction, Blood & Death filled the air, Rubble mapped the floors as smoke filled the air, it would seem like war had ripped through the city while everyone slept but those who where all to familiar knew Geish “the Ghoddess of Death” had come to claim another soul through her Lust for mortal S3x, who was it this time? Curious to know Nikalia raced through the streets mindful of the rubble that lay on every turn, the closer she got to the cries the more images of her husbands corpse flashed through her memory, she had been through it before, she woke like everyone else to the shock wave that tore through her home only to see what was left of her husband, blood dripping out of his ears, eyes, nose and mouth with no sign of life. 
The crowed grew stronger and finding her way through the human traffic was only possible because of the respect she had earned for standing up to the Ghods in defiance and not being struck down where she stood, She finally reached her destination, it was a sight not to behold, His head had been totally ripped off, while his body showed signs of serious trauma, Geish had her satisfaction with him, it was clear, his entire groin region was smashed in like it had been hit by a 50 kilo beam falling at max speed, He was the 50th victim, most people had lost count but Nikalia kept the records, slowly People drifted away back to rebuilding, they where used to it.


High above, Mateley had a smirk on His face as Geish walked passed and His mockery filled voice He ask ‘how was it’, Geish ignored him as usual, as she walked to Her chambers, closed Her doors and fell on the floor weeping, all She could do knowing She had lost the one mortal being She fell in love with, the only one ever in existence to go round after round in untiring passion filled S3x. Manos the Guardian had seen the destruction below but was unable to show any shred of sympathy, Zapht King of the Ghods, His Almighty creator was seated looking down at His mortal Woman, what explanation or excuse shall I offer He thought, He had promised Nikalia that death shall no longer visit her city a promise He couldn’t hope to keep as interfering and aiding the humans was forbidden…Let the Ghods do as they please…hundreds of miles away in a thick forbidden dark forest Menos the Ghod of Lust and First Son to Zapht had brought His young prey, a young 16year old village boy to have His way, His 19th victim uncontrollable His Lust was but barely his fault as He had been cursed by Geish to seek such pleasures for slaying Her seemingly immortal lover, Menos was the true definition of a Ghod, His hair was like silk, skin radiant beyond words, His physic could only possibly be matched by a teenage girls fantasy and His face, handsome enough to have stopped the beating heart of a mortal lady who had set eyes on Him by the stoke of faith mixed with ill luck, She was instantly struck down by His blade, non shall set sight on my beauty and live to tell the tale, He took off His apparel slowly laying the boy face down and legs apart, after fulfilling His every desirable S3xual ritual it was time to put an end to His victim, miles away no one could hear His final screams, as Manos stuck His blade like a toothpick into his back piercing his heart and killing Him in seconds. He was never to be seen. The Ghods…The Story begins



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