Doctors Find Cond0m Inside Woman’s Appendix During Surgery [PICS]

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According to the fellow who shared the photos on Facebook, a Cond0m was found inside a woman’s appendix in Cameroon during surgery. He wrote……

‘The unknown 26-year-old visited a hospital in Cameroon with stomach pains on the right side of her pelvis, leaving her unable to eat and feeling nauseous. A doctor diagnosed her with appendicitis following scans.

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The lady was then rushed to emergency surgery and as they cut into the appendix they discovered the organ had a piece of rubbery material stuck inside it. Once removed they realised the object was ‘consistent with a Cond0m’.

Detailed in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, the woman later confirmed she had swallowed the Cond0m accidentally during oral S3x with her boyfriend’.

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