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Classifieds is a collection of advertisements. But it is not just an ordinary collection. It is a unique place with hundreds of thousands of offers gathered there for making your life easier.

With classifieds, you don’t have to spend much time for shopping. Regardless of what you need, where you live and work or where you are right now, you can take a laptop or a Smartphone and buy everything you need or want in one place.


That is what Jiji.ng is about. Though this service is known for its convenience and excellent web representation, principles it is based on are not new and unique. Actually, Jiji resembles a good old familiar marketplace, as all classifieds do, in fact. It is a shopping spot where people sell their goods and offer their services. Direct communication between sellers and buyers is Jiji’s main principle. The only difference is that communication involves emails and phone talks, seller’s offers are available for much wider audience – for people from all over the country, and you don’t have to pay for a market stall, as adverts are posted for free.

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Here you don’t have to pay any additional charges – just start selling. As a result, more and more people start discovering shopping at classifieds. Jiji has gained a reputation of the best classifieds website in Nigeria. Of course it did, for it is convenient and reliable service, which always takes care of its users. That’s why it has grown into the biggest classifieds in Nigeria.

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You can imagine how impressive the selection of items is – both new and used ones (which are in a good keep). Every minute, five new adverts appear, and the number of active ads amounts to 520,000. Every month, 10 million users visit Jiji. You can join them and discover what shopping at classifieds is right now.

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