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Story: Love Story Episode 4

The night met us eating vegetable soup together which she had arranged on her arrival from the market. While eating, we talked about numerous things. My eyes were settled all over, as her grin influenced me to need to tell every one of the jokes on the planet. She treated me like a sibling. She had no dread of me and took care of me as if it was her commitment to do as such. I had never been in that position. I just envisioned it. Right then I found that there was a momentous distinction amongst creative energy and reality. We completed the process of eating and she took the plates away.

The Television was on, the sound of the roof fan could be heard plainly, and she was conversing with me and snickering at the same time. She was an extremely upbeat being. In any case, in all that made sounds in that room, whatever I could here was echoes of Angelic voices emulating to superb melodies as she was talking. I wasn’t tuning in to her. I could just observe her lips moving.

The allurements of her lips nearly drove me to conquer my still, small voice and fears. Simply at that point, my telephone rang, and my concise personality travel stopped. I addressed the call. It was my mom calling to know how I’m coping . I revealed to her all but I do not  inform her that living with a young lady. A really one at that. After the call, Ogechi and I continue with our discussions. I let her know more about myself and she did same. It proceeded until around 10pm when she requesting that I join her in Prayer , after which we resigned to bed. (On the same  bed).

The following day was a Sunday. We Prayed and arranged for Sunday service . She was a member of Christ’s Embassy . We went to the church together . On landing, practically everybody we went over ceased her to state some things previously giving her a chance to continue. I turned out to be a body guard , waiting until the point when she was finished with whoever she ceased to chat with. It appeared to me like she was truly well known there. When we got to the main Church Auditorium , she handover me over to a beautiful female usher who took me in and gave me a seat. I didn’t know where Ogechi had gone to. I anticipated that she would sit appropriate beside me in that congregation. Before sufficiently long, the seats in my role was filled despite everything she hadn’t come. I got my brain off that and focused on the man who was taking the opening prayer Halfway into the administration I couldn’t at present locate Ogechi anyplace in the Church . At the point when the choir were called to serve their Special number , I looked, and there she was among them. She hadn’t revealed to me she was a chorister. The choir leader presented the title of the song and gave the mic  to guess who ; Ogechi. She was the lead vocalist. When she began singing, first thing that emerged was her other-worldly voice which advanced without a moment’s delay to my body framework to stir dozing cells and tissues. While the gathering was getting honored by the verses of the tune, I was at the same time respecting and venerating Ogechi. She was essentially great. Her uniqueness continued unfurling as the days passed.

After administration, nearly everybody complemented her for her Beautiful choir ministration. I needed to wait until the point that every one was finished. She introduced me to two or three the brethren there as Jesusboy. They sort of wondered about me for bearing such name. Furthermore, at whatever point any of them inquired as to why I bear that name, I would state; since Jesus is the one I serve .

Some of them would giggle to that while some others got shy of words. Notwithstanding, they would all call me Jesusboy a short time later. They asked Ogechi how she came encounter with me, and she said; I met him two evenings back  and he ended up being a decent person. I realize that in no inaccessible time he’ll be up and serving in one of the units here in chapel. She swung to me and said; right Jesusboy? Unquestionably! I answered. It will be my pleasure to make myself helpful to the Master in this awesome place of love. They were all happy to hear me say that, and they are all happy that she brought me to the chapel. To some degree, I felt she was pleased with me due to the statement I simply made. I wouldn’t know since I never asked.

At night that day, I needed to hang out a little since I was at that point used to doing as such every prior night I met her. I inquired as to whether she had anything doing that night and she said no. why? She inquired.

‘I need to hang out a bit. I was thinking about whether you would go along with me’

‘N..a..h., I’ll simply remain at home’

‘See, I know you’re saved what not. I likewise am, yet every so often you have to loosen up. What’s more, in the event that you’re apprehensive ‘What occurred on Friday night may repeat itself, put your mind at rest I assure you nothing bad will happen to you’

‘(She lay there on the bed taking a look at me without saying a word, most likely pondering what influenced me to figure I could spare her from the police) Don’t stress. Proceed. I’ll go along with you another day please Oge, it will just take a while. It will be boring for me to hangout alone. Ok if that is the case fond some young lady out there to stay with you. Like you stated, it’ll just take a while’.

‘That would have been a smart thought if there was some young lady out there as beautiful as you are. A lovely young lady like you close by will give me a good memory . You never comprehend what you may get from this hangout. Simply accompany me, I beseech you’.

Despite everything she didn’t respect my request, until when I went on my knees, it resembled I had done magic on her. I couldn’t believe that the young lady I had invested a lot of time  pleading  to convince her to hang out with me just agreed just because I knelt down for her . I will Accompany YOU. She said that three times without me saying anything. I was flabbergasted! I remembered that. That appeared to me like her weakness, and I arranged that I would utilize it at whatever point she developed extreme. So I rose to my feet and said thanks to her for consenting to accompany me. She instructed me to give her a few minutes to change into something decent. She went into the washroom and turned out in a red outfit that went short beneath her knee level, with valuable stones sparkling everywhere throughout the outfit.

‘You look additional Gorgeous perfect’s I commented.

‘Much thanks to you’ she answered becoming blushing

I remained there for 30 seconds gazing at her with a smile without saying a word. I think she adored the way I was admiring her since she smiled constantly. At that point abruptly she raised her eyebrows, applauded a couple of times and said; ‘HELLOO? Can we GO NOW?’ I gave her my hand, she took it, and we exited.


‘What would you prefer to take?’ I inquired.

‘I don’t have a clue. Anything will do’

‘ok. Waiter! Kindly get us two bottles of Heineken

‘Heineken ‘ She shouted.

‘Of cause! Thought you said anything?’

‘(Forcefully) Y..e..a..h.., yet not liquor’

“Gracious” truly? How was I expected to realize that? So now, what do you wish to take

‘You’re truly not serious you know? I’ll take malt’

‘Server, please change of request. Two bottles of malt. Also, tell that mallam to bring suya worth N1,000

‘Approve Sir’ said the server

‘Much thanks to you’

‘Why did you change your request as well? Don’t you need to drink Heineken once more?’ she inquired.

‘I don’t take liquor’

‘All things considered, same here’

‘Why at that point did you arrange for it in any case?’

‘Since… … ..(waiter intrudes)

‘Here’s your request sir’ the server said as he dropped our request on the table.

‘Much thanks to you. (Swing to Ogechi) So Oge, you never revealed to me you were a chorister’

‘No doubt, it never entered my thoughts to do as such. Be that as it may, now you know. You have an issue with that?’

‘In no way, shape or form. Unexpectedly, I cherish music, and additionally artists. Particularly vocalists like you who can pitch high’

‘Incredible! Much obliged to you. I wouldn’t not be right to expect you’re a chorister okay?’

‘Not precisely. I do music, yet I’m not a chorister. I’ve never been in a congregation choir or music bunch some time recently, yet I’ve recorded a song number of tunes’ I stated, feeling like a star.

‘Stunning! You’re an Artist ! Little world! I’ve generally longed for the day my congregation choir will begin doing studio recordings. I anticipate the day our tunes will go worldwide and touch lives. We have such a great amount to offer, and it needs to go past the four corners of the congregation to the world on the loose. I simply don’t know how soon that will happen. My choir executive doesn’t appear to be as anxious as I am to witness that. What’s more, I’ll need to hold up until the point that he does’

‘You’re off-base. You should not be in a congregation choir to get that going. You can simply go solo on the off chance that you are that anxious to contact the world. Who knows whether your choir executive will ever purchase getting your choir to record a collection? Possibly all he needs is simply to serve in chapel. I’m not sure about that at any rate. However, that is an idea you should acknowledge’

‘(Ogechi considering on what I just said) It had entered my thoughts to do as such. I simply didn’t locate the correct inspiration’

‘then this is the right time cos I can help you I said.

‘I get it is. Be that as it may, I’ve never recorded a tune in a studio. It’s all going to be strange to me’

‘There’s always a first time. Additionally, that is not what you ought to be stressed over. You ought to be more worried about the written work and making perspective out of it’

‘That is the issue’ she said tragically.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Melody composing is not by any means my thing. That is the motivation behind why I couldn’t manage without my choir leader. He composes the writing tunes, and I offer song to it’

‘That won’t be an issue. I’ll do the written work for you. It is ideal you can make song. What’s more, I’ll likewise aid that, if at all you require my assistance anytime’

‘Why you can do all that when you’ve never joined a congregation choir or music bunch some time recently?’

Lol you may need to send that inquiry to G.O.D’ I stated, .

‘Are you genuine about this or you’re simply playing tricks on me as you did with Heineken ‘

‘Of cause not! I’m not kidding. Like I said; I’ve recorded a significant number of tunes’

.ok if what you’re saying is true ,let me hear some of the music u have recorded?

‘Despite everything you don’t trust me right? Mrs Thomas who don’t believe Jesus has resurrected . My tunes are all on the web. I’ll give you a link to one of them.

I’ll give you connects to the others. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for the connection?’

‘Only a moment. (She goes after her purse and draws out her blackberry z10) ok, proceed’

<a href=” “>’Title is ‘RISE and Shine</a>

‘OK Sir! I’ll do as such before I resign to bed today around evening time. How about we drink up and go ahead. It’s getting really late’

‘Okay Miss! Your wish is my command

‘You’re a truly clever person’

‘Furthermore, you’re the cutest young lady I’ve ever seen

We gazed immovably into each other’s eyes after I put forth that expression. It was as though I had dropped the bomb. The more we looked at each other ideal in the eye, the nearer our appearances got to each other’s. Gracious’ my gosh!!! Was this truly going to happen?

To be continued from episode 5.

Editorial Relationships

Story: Love Story Episode 3

Episode 3

In the wake of registering with the room we spent the initial 7 minutes peacefully, chilling the Tension. When we were both loose we proceeded with the quiet, sitting tight for the first individual to talk. Any time I look at her, she would profess to be taking a looking at another thing to abstain from looking at me. What’s more, when she at long last face My direction to look at me , I would do likewise. So Another 10minutes was spent in silent . At that point I began talking.

“So how’s the hooker thing going?”

“What? What hooker thing?”

“Go ahead young lady, I’m not attempting to frightful or something. I’m quite recently attempting to make a decent discussion here.”

“Also, calling me a hooker is your concept of a decent discussion? I think I better move out of this place you can’t be saying trash to me simply Because you paid for this room.”

“okay I’m sorry , you don’t need to leave here! I won’t say anything again till we take off. It could be unsafe out there. You could have revealed to me you would not like to talk, and I would simply keep silent .”

“You don’t get it isn’t that right? I’m not a hooker!”

“Truly? At that point what the hell would you say you were doing out there with the hookers at this point of the night?”

“This time? It’s only after 11pm, and this isn’t my first time of returning home late. I always attend a fellowship meeting with my colleagues in the campus to ask and confer the end of the week into God’s hands. We usually close by 10pm. Also, what simply happened today doesn’t occur this early. For reasons unknown it did today and I happened to be at an unlucky spot. Say thanks to God I didn’t fall prey under the control of the police.”

“(Grinning) Better believe it, express gratitude toward God I was there to safeguard you.”

“(Chuckles tenderly) You’re not genuine. Furthermore, you, what were you doing there? You went to get a hooker right?”

“I would not like to disclose to her why I was there a direct result of disgrace. All things considered, we’ll go our different courses in the morning. So why should I start to give her access on such data.”

“Not by any means. I felt so exhausted at home. I had been dozing throughout the day and there wasn’t any rest left for the night. So rather than simply lying on my bed that way, I chose to… … ..”(Ogechi interfered)

“I know! You chose to go there and get yourself a lady to stay with you till morning. ooOOhH’ Folks!”

“That is not what it was. I just went there to have a drink and after that, you know, sustain my eyes a bit.”

“Goodness yes? You believe that I will trust that?”

“Of cause! How on earth could a man who went to bring home a hooker be mulling over an elastic seat in a semi bar with a container of water before him? Haven’t you thought of that?”

“It’s conceivable you quite recently nodded off, or you could be sitting tight for a young lady you had officially finished up courses of action with.”

“No! None of that happened! Much the same as you, I was at an unlucky spot approve?”

“Approve, I trust you. (Moves in the opposite direction of me and whispers) wrong place at the wrong time my foot. (Stands up boisterous) I have to take a shower.

“Definitely me as well. You go first. When you’re set, I’ll do same.”

She got into the bathroom  while I lay on the bed sitting tight for her to turn out so I could likewise get in and take my bath. After we both took our bath, I inquired as to whether she needed anything to eat before going to bed. She didn’t, neither did I. There was no night wear at all so we went to bed with the fabrics we had on. Before we went to bed we stared at the television a bit. She sat on the love seat while I lay on the bed. It entered my thoughts to switch and let her have the bed in the event that we dozed off, yet the bed was so delicate and agreeable to lie on, besides, I paid for the room and that was the first occasion when I would be spending the night in such a conducive place since I got to Enugu,. I was all the while thinking about on regardless of whether to do the switch when she stood up from the love seat and killed the television. Next thing I heard was, LET’S Pray . I said OK and stood up decisively. We clap our hands, sang some religious songs and after that prayed . After the prayer,she without a moment’s delay cleared a path for the left hand side of the the bed not bothered

that I was going to think about the bed or not. I wasn’t generally certain of what to do, however I chose to lie on the bed with her, hoping to get a protest from her yet rather, she turned and faced the roof, shut her eyes and said goodnight. Goodnight, I answered. I was so glad she made no complaints since I truly needed to think about that bed.

By 6am in the morning I heard a tap on my shoulder. Wake up, wake up, she said. I extended myself a little and backpedaled to bed. Wake up, wake up, she continued saying. At that point I woke up as yet feeling drowsy. What is it? I inquired. It’s morning, she answered. This is only 6am; enable me to rest somewhat more. Moreover, today is Saturday and the compensation for this room terminates by 12pm. So unwind. Saturdays was typically my free day from my N5000 work. I didn’t think about her however I accepted she would likewise be free on Saturdays regardless of what her occupation was. In the event that she had some place to go, she could simply ahead and clear out. Why wake me up? She got up from the bed took a look at me and said; LET’S Pray. I didn’t state much else. I got up and joined her and we prayed . Subsequent to sprucing up she needed to make utilization of body cream however there was none there. Goodness! She shouted delicately. What is it? I inquired.

“I can’t go out without applying cream to my body.”

“You shouldn’t stress over that since you’re going home from here. You’ll do that at home. Or, on the other hand will your skin change its shading on the off chance that you don’t do as such at this point?”

“Quit joking! I’m not going straight home. In the first place I’m going to get some cash from the ATM, and after that to the market to get some stuff for the end of the week. I won’t not return home soon because of the long queue at the ATM and the aggregate time I may spend in the market. So I should apply cream on my body to dodge some stuff that way. You wouldn’t know. You’re a Man.”

“No doubt, right. You’ll need to go home first then and apply your cream before continuing with your journey .”

“Smart thought, yet my home is far from here.”

I don’t know what else to say to her so I just proffered an answer that never existed just to give off an impression of being kind and concerned.

“My home is quite recently close by. I would have taken you there so you could make utilization of my cream on the off chance that I had one. As it is presently, na just Olive Oil I get.”

“(Cuts in) That will do! In any event half bread is better than none.?


“(My eyes wide open)What? Olive Oil? no. That is certainly not useful for the skin”

“Try not to stress. It is my skin. I’ll wash it off before the day is half spent. I simply require oil on my body. So let’s go time is not by our side. There is a mess more to do today other than heading off to the market. I additionally need to cook, clean my home and wash a few fabrics”

“Ehm… , ehm… , ”

“What is it? You are not going home now? , simply let me know so I can be en route. ”

“(I gazed at her, looking befuddled and after that said); it is not that I don’t want to go home now.., I don’t  understand you anymore . I think I better go ahead. A debt of gratitude is in order for everything.”

She cleared a path for the door of the room and I rushed towards her, held her back and said; you see… , in all actuality I don’t have a place to I called home for now until further notice. I just got into town a month ago and have not gotten an apartment yet. If I had known that you will need the olive oil , I wouldn’t have said it by any means. I was simply putting on a show to be caring and concerned. You don’t have a place to live ? She inquired. How at that point do you make due here? I mean like, where is your things? Where do you rest, where do you have your shower what not? Hold up a moment, you live in a lodging? No I don’t, answered me. That place you saw me the previous evening is the place I spend my evenings. I at that point described everything to her and she showed compassion for me.

“So how soon do you anticipate getting yourself an appointment ?”

“When I have set aside enough cash for that, suppose two months.”

“(She went into profound considerations for a minute snapped out and said) I live alone. I can’t afford to leave you here like this when I can render a help. That would be against my religion . However,you have to promise me that you guarantee to be of good character amid the time of your stay in my home.”

“Haha, don’t stress young lady, I can deal with myself. I’d preferably mull over the roads than in the place of a young lady who will have me live by her tenets. What do I look like to you? Your child sibling? Stop that! I’m a major kid, and huge young men don’t cry. I’ve been in this position earlier and I survived. Much obliged yet no way.”

“Gee, I see your inner self is showing signs of improvement part of you. I wish you would simply comprehend that I’m endeavoring to offer assistance. Go ahead, you’re a person, and I’m notwithstanding offering to give you a chance to remain at my place. Isn’t that sufficiently unusual? It could be a major hazard since I don’t have any acquaintance with you and what you’re prepared to do. Be that as it may, none of those issues since I’m doing this for Christ’s purpose and I trust God will spare me from any threat should you end up being undeserving of this generosity. Yet, I can’t way courses with you simply like that after what you just let me know. Enable me to offer assistance. Simply be of good conduct.”

“I needn’t bother with your assistance g..i..r..l. I can deal with myself. Also, I should instruct you to be watchful of the sort of benevolence you show to individuals you don’t have the foggiest idea. I could simply be an individual from a mysterious gathering looking for whom to slaughter and give up to keep the cash streaming, and afterward you appear like this with such offer? You would have prevailing with regards to making things very simple for me you know? Be watchful! I caution you. You don’t know who I could be.”

“Whoever you couldn’t be the previous evening, you won’t be inside the following two months. Plus, on the off chance that you would anything say anything were that revolting, you wouldn’t be uncovering yourself OK? So we should go.”

(After much persuading words from her, I capitulated. Be that as it may, I had effectively consented to her offer in my heart the minute she voiced it out. Simply that I didn’t need it to seem as though I was sitting tight for her to state that. It likewise astounded me that a young lady would take a person into her home to live with her without knowing him. What’s more, that she said she was improving the situation Christ’s purpose. Or, on the other hand might it be able to be that she’s a specialist of dimness searching for folks with brilliant future to pulverize? All things considered, I’ll see that out soon)

“Appears you would prefer not to give it a chance to slide. Approve, I’ll do as you say. Also, know for beyond any doubt that I didn’t request this. This is woefully your decision. I’m simply playing along in light of the fact that you said you’re doing it for Christ’s purpose. I wouldn’t need you conflict with your accept.”

“(Mumbles) Self important individual!”

“Say what?”

“(Strongly) Nothing. How about we go.”

We exited the inn space to the ATM. She pulled back some cash and we boarded a transport to her living arrangement. You are welcome to my modest residence. I trust you think that its exceptionally agreeable. Incidentally, where are your things? She inquired. I came here with only a school bag and I keep it in a store at my office. I’ll go over there later on and get it. She raised her shoulders and said; alright at that point, let me set you up breakfast before I make a beeline for the market. Much obliged, I answered. She immediately arranged tea for me with left finished bread that was there. While I was eating the bread, she went into the washroom with some arrangement of creams and restorative. I pondered what might happen to her in the event that she didn’t make a apply a cream for one day. I utilized that opportunity to review the house she lived in. It was a self-contain. She had an arrangement of gadgets and a deep freezer in it, a bed sufficiently huge for two, a perusing table and divider holder. I wouldn’t recognize what she had in her kitchen. This sort of houses cost a ton in Enugu, so I closed she should be a rich young lady. After a brief time, she left the washroom shining like a jewel in the sky. I gazed at her in a bizarre way, and she took note. Instantly, she dropped those corrective in its place and said; I’m setting out toward the market now. See you when I return. Alright I answered. She got to the entryway of the room and halted all of a sudden, turned towards me and asked; I neglected to ask what your name is.

“oOhH! My name is Jesusboy”

“Like seriously ?”

“Better believe it, that is my name.”

“Sufficiently alright with the joke. What’s your name?”

“I’m not lying . That is my name”

“As in, that is the name your parent gave you during childbirth?”

“No! I offered it to myself”

“What’s more, why might you call yourself Jesusboy?”

“Since Jesus is the one I assert.”

“(Sort of shy of words for around 5 seconds) Approve Jesusboy, see you when I come back from the market.”

“goodbye .”

She cleared out shaking her head and grinning. I rapidly got up to take a look at her from the window. That was the point at which I understood that she was a marvel to expound on. She had long dark hair, astounding bends and was about my tallness, likely my age. Her reasonable skin sparkled at reaching the light of the sun. Her moderate and delicate strides made the folks around take a moment, third, fourth and fifth take a look at her. When I saw these things, I was happy that I was going to be remaining with her for some time. I watched her until the point when she boarded a transport to the market before I came back to the breakfast she had arranged for me. I couldn’t quit pondering her a while later and couldn’t sit tight for her to return with the goal that we could go into some genuine discussion.

To be continue episode 4


Story: Love Story Episode 2

.After I had walked some distance away from the park, I got hungry and stopped by a local restaurant to refresh myself. “Madam, wetin you get?” “I get Egusi, I get Dror soup, Oha and Bitter Leaf. I also get Stew-Rice, Ofe Akpu and Pepper Soup. Which one should I brought for you?” “Give me Bitter Leaf.” “Garri or Akpu?” “Akpu.” “Make I put how many meat?” “A plate with one meat how much?” “N400” “Ha! Madam ee too cost oo.” “My son ee no cost oo. Ee go bellefull you well-well.” “The meat na today meat?” “Na today meat nah. We no dey do carry over for here oo.” “Okay oo, oya bring am nah.” “Okay my son.” “(Soliloquizing) Inside IMT campus, a plate of food was N150 back in 2008. I don’t know if it has increased by now oo. No matter the increment, if at all there is any, it won’t be up to N400. For what? Is that how much I’ll be spending on food? N800 for two meals a day? From tomorrow, I’ll be eating inside campus. And I’ll still patronize that my 2008 madam. At least she knew more than embarrassing me by asking how many meats I wanted because she know say I no dey chop meat.” After eating, I stayed back to watch television until it was closing time and I left. I joined a bus that was going to New Heaven, with no exact destination in mind. When the bus got to Otigba junction I told to conductor to stop. I stopped because it is always very lively there and remains so till the next morning. What made that place lively were the hookers that normally hung around there waiting to be picked up by customers. I located a nearby bar and ordered for bottle water, sat there sipping the water little by little while feeding my eyes. That became a normal routine for me. During the day I would go to a valley by Ebano tunnel where water constantly flowed through an opening on the surface of the rock to have my bath. That place was more like a stream for the guys. Girls were only permitted fetch water and leave, and that only happened when no guy was bathing. If any guy was bathing, a girl that wants to fetch water would have to wait some distance away till the guy is through before being allowed to step in and fetch. The wonderful thing about that place was that there had never been a rape case there, even though the environment was conducive enough for that. Sometimes, there could be up to 20 guys bathing and just one girl waiting to fetch, yet, no guy would harass her. Besides that, every other thing you could think of happened there, from weed smoking to ritual sacrifice all went on there. Meanwhile, I had not forgotten the purpose for which I embarked on a journey to Enugu in the first place, so I was busy trying to find what to do before I ran out of money since a place to freshen up and a place to spend my nights had been settled. One day I stumbled into a little café with some inexperienced workers. From the look of things, the café was struggling to stand and could not afford paying for the services of capable hands. I took advantage of that and offered to render professional service for whatever amount they could pay. They doubted my capabilities at first and brought out a typing project with they had at hand and told me to type. They offered to pay me N50 for each page I typed, and that motivated me a lot. Omor come see typing! After my JSSCE exams, my mother had enrolled me in computer institute, and out of all I learnt, typing without looking at the keyboard was the lesson I was most passionate about because I watched American actors do so in the movies and I so loved it. So when I had the opportunity to learn about computer, I took it upon myself to study and master typing. I became a very fast at typing, and as soon as I had learnt how to type, I stopped going for the computer lessons. Eventually, I worked with a computer firm where I acquired the rest of the basic knowledge of computer. So when I was given this very project to type, I shone very well. I typed 50 pages within 90 minutes and got N2,500 for it. Oh, what a wonderful day! They asked me to come again the next day, as there was still so much to me typed. The typing lasted for 12 days, after which I was employed as a full time staff with a monthly pay of N5,000 only. How I wish there was always something to type. That way, I would make more money to rent an apartment. Well, no problems. Half bread is better than none. One of those days I did a lot at work and was so exhausted. After dinner I went to my normal spot and bought a bottle of water. I started sipping the water and feeding my eyes, but before long, I fell asleep on the chair I sat on. I felt a very soft hand tapping me on the shoulder. I could tell that whoever had the soft hand was trying to wake me up, but the softness of the hand made it seem like a massage to me, so I lay back and enjoyed it while it lasted. If that hand had continue to try waking me up in the same manner it started with, there would have been no end to my slumber. But after a while of trying to wake me up unsuccessfully, I heard a slap on my left chick and the soft tone of a gentle voice screaming; WAKE UP! Immediately, I woke up. I noticed everyone running helter-skelter. It seemed like there was chaos, and I started weeping. LORD, PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME! HAVE MERCY ON ME DEAR LORD! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE WITH THE ANTI-CHRIST. PLEASE I WILL GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME. JUST GIVE ME ON MORE CHANCE. “What’s wrong with you? The gentle voice which woke me up asked.” I didn’t even pay attention to it. I thought the RAPTURE had taken place. I was still weeping deeply and asking the Lord for mercy, and then the soft hand that had slapped me before did so again. Then I noticed that it belonged to a very pretty damsel who was squatting beside me as though hiding from something or someone. “What is wrong with you? She asked again.” “Can’t you see that the world has come to an end? I replied. The saints have been taken up to heaven by the Lord and the sinners have been left behind. Now we will have to suffer for not paying attention the commandments of the Lord.” “I can see that you had so much to drink today. That’s the only reasonable explanation to this drama, said the girl.” “What do you mean by drama? I asked. Or are you so ignorant that you don’t even have a clue what’s going on?” “I should be asking you that, she said. The police are here arresting people and there you are, pleading for mercy and begging for a second chance. Better keep your head low before we are spotted and arrested too.” “You mean it is not the rapture?” I asked with much excitement. “So it’s the police? Thank God!!!” There was a great relieve within me that I even forgot the police were on operation and nearly screamed but the pretty damsel stretched out her arm and covered my mouth with her palm. “Are you crazy? She asked. Do you want to be arrested? Well if you want to, I don’t, she said. Just wait till I’m out of here before calling such attention to you.” “I’m sorry,” I said. And suddenly, my courage, which seemed to have left me temporarily returned, and I remembered everything I had forgotten. “What is your name?” I asked her, smiling. “Seriously?!” She exclaimed. “Do you really think this is a nice place for that? We are caught up in the middle of a mess and all you can do is ask my name? Are you really that drunk? I bet the next thing you’ll ask for is my number. Crazy dude!” “Don’t take my wanting to know your name the wrong way,” I said. “I’ve got a perfect idea of how we could get out of here unnoticed by the police. You know if we keep hiding here long enough, they will find us.” “Really? Okay, my name is Ogechi” “Now ogechi here’s what will happen……………………………………….” I devised a means by which we escaped to a nearby hotel where we hurriedly checked into a room. To be continued.

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How To Get Rid Of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Naturally

Sexually transmitted Infections, commonly known as (STI), are diseases that can be transmitted through sexual interactions with persons already infected with it. These diseases are also known as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or venereal diseases (VD).

Types Of Infections(STI)

Chlamydia is the most common organism responsible for causing most STDs. It infects the cervix in women, and the penile urethra in men. Its most frequent symptoms are pain during sex, and discharge from the penis or vagina.

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection affecting the urinary tract. If the infection occurs in the lower part of the urinary tract it is called cystitis or a bladder infection. If the infection affects the upper part of the urinary tract, it is called pyelonephritis or a kidney infection.

Gonorrhea, a common bacterial STD infection caused by Gonococcal organisms has similar long-term effects like Chlamydia. Symptoms of gonorrhea include burning when urinating and, in men, white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease with a notorious history. Caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, it can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Syphilis is transmitted by direct contact with syphilis sores, which can appear on the external genitals and the mouth, as well as in the vagina or rectum. Because these sores can appear on areas not covered by a condom, condoms only reduce the likelihood of transmission, but not eliminate it entirely. The small painless sores (chancres) of early syphilis may heal by themselves, but that doesn’t mean the disease is gone — it just become more difficult to detect and treat.

Symptoms Of Infections (STI) May Include:

Painful urination
Blood in urine
Pain during sex
Severe vigina discharge
Breast milk
Frequent urination
Discomfort in the lower abdomen
The feeling of urgency and need to urinate but unable to

If you been diagnosed with infections (STI) and you’re looking for a natural, safe and easy way to permanently remove it and prevent its recurrence, then Our 100% 2 in 1 Infection Solution will help you eliminate the above infections (STI) in the shortest possible time.

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Must Read: How A Nigerian Man Fakes His Arrest To Propose To His Girlfriend (With Photos)

Popular interior designer, Brown Affah, narrates how he uniquely proposed to his bae, Yemi, with the help of the Nigeria Police Force

Read below:

Good morning Facebookers

This pictures have so many stories behind it, firstly I was sure of the color of clothes she wore to work, black top and blue jeans so i called some of my single friends who are still around after Christmas Kingsley Asika, Grandeur Chef Wisdom Noble, Woka Richy and my blood Brown Victor to wear same clothes including me and partake in the action movie episode 1$2 while I’ll be acting episode 1 with her, they’ll join in episode 2.

Police man 1
Police man 2
Police man 3
Brown Affah – the proposer
Effiwatt Yemi – the proposee

People passing by
People who came to ask what happened
People stopped while driving to see if they really caught a criminal.
Camera man 1
Camera man 2.


I went to her office and picked her up by 5:43pm, drove her to GRA phase 2 that I wanna buy her shawama which I know she’ll fall for. Meanwhile I’ve given signal to my good police officers that we are on our way without her knowledge. On approaching they flagged us to stop, I cleared they said finally we have caught you, the notorious criminal Brown, i said sorry officer that must be a mistake somewhere… Shut up they shouted, are u not brown? Yes I am I answered, u were involved in a robbery and now we have caught u….. #guns C0cked….. My girl was scared but calm, all she said was baby its Ok, lets follow them but I know you are not a criminal.

Cuff them, and they did. Pushed us towards their vans with my girl panting but calm….then I told them I wanna say something, shut up they shouted but the leader asked ; what do u wanna say? So i looked into my lady’s eyes and told her babe; u don’t actually know me well… u know them? She asked, yes I know them i replied…. And u know I’ve never said the word; I love you to you because I wanted to be sure I did and tell u on this day i said….

Yes I do love you, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you I continued , with one knee on the floor….whaaaat she screemed, covered her face and said a big YES with the police men clapping, and passers by clapping and watching….we hugged and the cuffs was removed…. And finally that’s a wrap.
End of episode 1, episode 2 coming up soon.

Credits to the camera men
The Nigeria police force,
They are your friends
Not all police are bad, this crew was super and nice.

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Is Wizkid actually begging his second Babymama Binta?? [photos]

Starboy boss, Wizkid, who is in trouble with Ugandans for cancelling the concert (in case you missed it), is trying to make peace with his second babymama Binta and is accepting the baby as his.

According to Instagram DM, leaked by Binta’s close friend, Wizkid has been the one begging Binta and her family contrary to reports that she has been throwing herself at Wizkid.






Nigerian musician, Sheyman, decided to keep his wedding away from paparazzi as he got married to his bride Cynthia Okoronkwo..
The couple had their traditional wedding on Saturday, November 26, at his bride’s home town in Imo State.

According to his friends Sheyman made sure no pictures were taken in other not to alert the public. Only his close friends and family members went with him to Imo State for the function.



Actor Kenneth Okonkwo And Wife Shares Testimony At Shiloh 2016 After 9 Years Of Marriage

The family of Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo and wife Ifeoma delivered a baby boy on Saturday, May 6th 2016. They had their baby at The University of Maryland, St. Joseph Medical Center, USA after almost 9 years of marriage.

The actor shared his beautiful testim
ony tonight at Shiloh ground Canaan land.