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Exclusive Interview With Helen Meju (Must Read) Fredoo Perry 


Fredoo Perry: So tell me who is your role model in the music industry? 

Helen Meju: Like Onyeka Onwenu from childhood.

Fredoo Perry: Was singing really ur talent? 

Helen Meju: I started singing and dancing as a child. My friends call me okoso, And I still dance very well. Love music. 

Fredoo Perry: Who would you love to Feature in the music industry? 

Helen Meju: I love Phyno and Flavor

Fredoo Perry: OK.. What other things do you do apart from being a lady?

Helen Meju: I’m a wife, a mother of two beautiful kids a boy and a girl. A Registered nurse by profession. 

Fredoo Perry: Was Ekele Your first hit single?

Helen Meju: Yes.
Fredoo Perry: What inspired you to sing that song? 

Helen Meju: Ekele was a song of Thanksgiving to God Almighty for blessing me with two wonderful children after being told by many Specialists, Doctors that I will not be able to have any children. 

Fredoo Perry: Who was the producer? 

Helen Meju: BO Boy

Fredoo Perry: In one word explain Ekele..? 

Helen Meju: Like the song says..”As he do am for me he go do am for you” Is to inspire those believing God for one thing or the other. He makes impossibilities possible. 

Fredoo Perry: Which year was the song released?

Helen Meju: 2017

Fredoo Perry: Was music really ur talent?

Helen Meju: I love music so much. I get inspiration from God and things around me. Sometimes I wake up from sleep singing songs that I received in my dream

Fredoo Perry: Do you sing with passion? 

Helen Meju: Yes I do sing with Passion. 

Fredoo Perry: Discribe Helen Meju

Helen Meju: Helen Meju is this woman set apart by God from childhood for a purpose.  Went through a rough time growing up. Didn’t give up. Gave my life to Christ. Continued believing in God till He intervened. Very honest and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. 

Fredoo Perry: What are you telling ur fans out there? 

Helen Meju: Believe in yourself and trust God.  Do not give up. He will make a way where there is no way. 

Fredoo Perry: When are you dropping new hit for ur fans? 

Helen Meju: Working on a new song and will be releasing soon.. 

Fredoo Perry: Which State are you from? 

Helen Meju: Ogwashi Ukwu Delta State. 

Fredoo Perry: What are your strengths As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: My God whom is forever faithful. Giving me inspirations, My husband and kids who are ever supportive of me and my beautiful friends and fans. 

Fredoo Perry: Tell me a difficult situation you have overcome in the workplace?

Helen Meju: Working in an environment with people who do not see life as you see it. Most times I try to hide my identity as a singer at my workplace because they get mad when they find out who you are and what you do.

Fredoo Perry: What can you offer to the World that another person can’t?

 Helen Meju: I would not say another person can’t offer what I can offer. I would say that I’m a unique person that is happy and love me. I would encourage everyone to love and appreciate who they are, appreciate God. Trust in God that if God can do it for me He can also do it for them.

Fredoo Perry: Where do you see your career in five years As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: I see me succeeding tremendously in my musical career in the next 5 years. This up coming gospel artist you see today will be lifted so high by our Lord Jesus whom had called me to praise Him.

Fredoo Perry: What motivates you?

Helen Meju: God’s faithfulness.  I get charged in the spirit anytime God proves the enemy wrong in my life.

I didnt just wake up one day and decided to sing gospel even though ive been getting inspirations. I’ve been told by many Men of God I come in contact with that I’m not doing what God want me to do. They had told me that God want me to sing for Him that once I start obeying my life will turn around. I started this by joining the choir.

Fredoo Perry: What experience do you have As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: As a gospel singer I have noticed that anytime I get inspirations from God and actually obey and praise him, I  start getting blessings from all corner, people are also encouraged. I sing and encourage people to praise God even when they feel things are not going the way they want it.

Fredoo Perry: What did you like least about your job As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: People forget you are just a human being like them and can make mistakes sometimes There certain things you want to do but wouldn’t because they will say hey she sings gospel. 

Fredoo Perry: Have you worked with any team before?

Helen Meju: Yes but not in the music industry.

Fredoo Perry: How have you made an impact on your team in the past?

Helen Meju: I contributed and made sure we achieved our goals. Always a team player. 

Fredoo Perry: What do you think about Teamwork? 

Helen Meju: Teamwork is the best. You cannot achieve your goals without being a team player.

Fredoo Perry: Do you have a team in the music industry?

Helen Meju: Not at the moment. As an up coming artist everyone wants to know your capability first before working with you.

Fredoo Perry: Which Type Of Gospel Song Do you sing?

Helen Meju: I sing Afro/hip hop gospel.

Fredoo Perry: What makes a product successful?

Helen Meju: Good product and good promotion..laughs…That’s why you are involved.

Fredoo Perry: What are your salary requirements As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: Not expensive at the moment.  I want all my fans to be able to afford what I can offer.

Fredoo Perry: OK.. Thank you,

Helen Meju: You are welcome.

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As the dawn of the new year breathes fresh air of hope across the cities of Africa, a world’s auto-tyres giant brand, Nokian Tyres targets the most populous black nation in history, Nigeria, kicks to unveil its brand with a grand launch ceremony in Lagos Nigeria soon.


Nokian Tyres, made in EU Finland, continues to be the choice brand for automobile tyres with all range of tyre sizes. The products are developed for extreme challenging weathers to ensure safe driving under any road conditions.



Nokian Tyres Liability covers raw material and manufacture defects. The Liability remains effective for Five ( 5) Years after the manufacture of the tyre.



Through Eustore247, Nokian Tyres will be launching its market operation in Lagos Nigeria on the 23rd of February 2018. Venue at Oriental hotel Lagos, No 3 Lekki Epe Express Road.



According reports, Nigerian automobile tyre industry will experience disruptive change in its business operations via -platform, which will turnaround business situation in the automobile market, said the promoters. 


Dealers and Distributors are therefore needed nationwide to take up the rich potentials the FINLAND tyres giant welds. The brand’s official launch and media promotion consultant, Dabinchi Global and RedCarpet On TV confirmed that, topmost executives of Eustore247, Nokian Tyres representative in Nigeria Mr. Ismo Sillanpaa (C.E.O) and Mr.George Essang (Chairman M.D) will be in Nigeria for the Launch.





Celebrity Update: Coded Boy

Since the departure of Dagrin so many rappers have emerged the industry and the best have being seen one of them goes by the name Coded Boy.

Who is Coded Boy

Akorede Okediji is a Lagos born rapper based in Ketu part of Lagos State, he is the second son and the third child of a religious home. Akorede (Coded Boy) started is musical career 2012 at this period he was inspired by Olamide who told him (Coded Boy) that he has gotten a raw talent.

Akorede Made his stage name from his original name which so many has found so creative of him, the name Coded Boy was later made official and public during a rap battle he attended at Ghana, he was the winner of this battle and caught the attention of Edge Records Ceo Reminice who personally encouraged him to do more.

Coded Boy is currently signed into Zion Crew Entertainment a new label owned by Emperor Richie Boston and he (Coded Boy) has shown how serious he is with his career. Project:

1. Jaye Orimi

2. Jokijo

3. Wo cover

4. About dropping Emi Ni

Coded Boy has the ultimate aim to take over the industry with his rapping style so be on a look out.

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Celebrity Update: Aunty  Rayzor

 Introducing Africa Next  rated rap sensation, a female rapper  who  is  ready to take over  the music  industry with her  music  Style  and she goes  by the name RAYZOR or  AUNTY  RAYZOR. 


Olugbenga  Abisola popularly called Rayzor  is  a Lagos  born female  rapper  that hails  from  Ogun State Nigeria. Her  musical  career  started at  a  very little age but finally pushed it  2012 and has  since  then gotten the support  of  everyone in the industry and industreet. 

Abisola  (Rayzor)  is  from  a home that  loves  music and also  the first  daughter  of the family. Rayzor  as  an artist  who is  into Rap  and also  sings  but  enjoys  rapping and has  got  a unique rapping style. She has  being to different  Rap  battles  and Competition which  she has  always  been unbeaten,  it  was  during one of  this  battles she  was  given the name Rayzor  because  of  her  sharp flows  and unique  attitude. 

Some many people  compare  Rayzor  to Mhiz Kizz  of  Capital  Hills  Records  but  she (Rayzor)  has  in so  many occasions’  shows  their differences.

 Ever  since Rayzor  has  ventured into music she has  gotten so many Label  invite and different Collaboration from  top rappers  and musicians  in the  industry names  like:  Qdot (Yorubad Boi  CEO)  CDQ  (  NSNS CEO)  ADLEY  (YEBO  Crooner)  EGE (GBERA Crooner) and so  on. 

In case you don’t  know  Rayzor  is  the first  artist  to be announced  by CDQ  as  the winner  of  the KOSERE  Competition. 

Rayzor  has  different  project  which she  has  done  and also working on, some  of them  include:

 1. Kidnap (mixed by Indomix)

 2. Kosere (  a  competition setup by CDQ) 

3. Kurombe (which is  taking over  the industry now  and extremely hot)

 Be  on a lookout  because RAYZOR  is coming.

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C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week 3 (Winners List)

Here is another blessed week and we present to you C-town Celebrity Face Of The Week being week 3. In this week’s episode we have two vibrant men have been consistentin their field.

Winner 1 – Mc Tush


Everybody has a sense of humour, but some people can create comic relief even from the oddest situation. That’s the type of talent OGUNBGURE Temitayo popularly known as Mc Tush is blessed with. He came to Benin Republic in 2012 with a dream, and so far he has been slaying effortlessly.

He has organized different comedy shows that rocked Cotonou, and has maintained high standard in his delivery. Talking about shows and project, presently, he his working on a charity program he call ” Laugh And Save A Soul” a program supported by donations from the public to help the less privileged.

He gave a brief insight to what the project entails.

“The idea came to​ life when I lost my mom on the 25 October, 2012, that was when I began to feel the pains of the less privileged, then I knew what it felt like to lose a loved one, what it feels like to live with a big hole in the heart. There and then I decided I would use all I have to make the less privileged happy, using my talent to make life worth living for them and that was what brought about the whole idea”.

Mc Tush has been consistent in serving him fans with undiluted comedy, and he has been going places.

Winner 2 – Manoj


Manoj he his a business Indian man.Highly business oriented and creativity inclined .He partner to own a club in Benin republic called LEMON CLUB which is among d best rave and BST selling club so far I’m Benin republic.
His mandate is to work with Nigeria student therefore making a NIGERIAN the manger of the club.So far so good various artist has been welcomed from Nigeria to his club were he mingle with lots of Students to catch fun,him ground and be known,
Ballers,spenders,poppers and ladies love him and d club itself has its ground.
So far so good has been hard working making it deep DAT his name and d name of the club expand.
He decided to work with the Nigeria student DJ KOREX.
Information reach us that working with him is just like working with a Nigerian ( Igbo man ) when it comes to tackics in business he his very free in giving.
*What abt wife*as a business man Running a club for now we still Looking up to that.
*Can u work without d Nigeria STUDENT* so far so good have been working without d Nigeria STUDENT in so cases BT working with them is sweet and can neva working alone.dey all are good downfrom d CEO to their fans.Much love .

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Spotlight On 7Figures Aka Yung Fela As He Talks Upcoming Single Titled “Elevate”


AYOBAMI Yung Fela popularly known as 7FIGURES, A fast rising Rapper, Singer and Song Writer, a Final Year student of LE CITOYEN UNIVERSITY republic of Benin. He started writing while in secondary school due to his love for the game at a tender age. 


He got into recording immediately after tertiary institution and right now his the CEO of SMG gang  worthy single for a debut titled ‘ELEVATE’ produced and mastered by  Indomix which should be expected to cross boundaries by the time it is officially released. Anticipate his time of dominance in the game.


As for “Elevate” I CAN’T REALLY SAY MUCH ABOUT IT NOW YET,  i can only say by ,Inspirations, Motivation, and Orientation things i see around me, what people see around them from each angles, what they believe in  that brings about progress

Instagram: @7figures_Smg
Facebook: @Ayobami Yung Fela

Elevate is about to change the  Story for GOOD.

Keep reaching BBJOINT@pk10 & ç Dreshgrafix +22966865628

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The Emergent Record Label: Y.F.E – Yankee Friends Entertainment


Yankee Friends Entertainment (Y.F.E) is a dynamic cross metropolitan Entertainment Brand. We are a team of passionate music artist, producers and spirited entertainment experience people, Label based in the East Coast of Nigeria.


We share one dream, we love people, we love music, and we love entertainment. For us entertainment is more than just fun, more than a lifestyle, is more about being Essential- living our passion; realizing talents and fulfilling dreams.

We are about music production, promotion, Artist management and Entertainment PR.

As a record label, Yankee Friends Entertainment (Y.F.E) is aimed at impacting the society by creating opportunities to talented individuals who dont have the chance to exhibit their prowess.

It is working on harnessing youthful exuberance in a positive direction and playing a role in the building of musical legends. It is owned by IKEGBUNAM AZUBUIKE (Macarty), who is very driven and focused on being a part of the new music era.

Yankee Friends Entertainment (Y.F.E) was established on the 16th March 2016 and was registered on the 11th July 2016. Yankee Friends Entertainment (Y.F.E) is fully registered with Co-operative Affairs Commission (C.A.C). Currently, Yankee Friends Entertainment has four artistes currently signed to it with a disc jockey.


Stage Name: MACARTY
Position: CEO Y.F.E (also an artiste)


Stage Name: DJ B-TUNEZ
Position: OFFICIAL DJ Y.F.E….


Stage Name: WIZE


Stage Name: SEAN CHRIS
Position: SINGER


Stage Name: XSPLURGE
Position: Y.F.E FIRST LADY


Coming to shift paradigms in the mainstream music industry


To successfully create a music power engine for real talents.

Download the official first single below:

Download Tune


‘I Am Not Threatened By Yemi Alade’ – Chidinma

Singer, Chidinma, has made her stance known on talks that her position has been taken by fellow singer, Yemi Alade.

Speaking with Moet Abebe on Soundcity’s ‘The Takeover‘, the ‘Emi Ni Baller’ crooner, made it clear that there is enough space for every artiste to grow so, she does not in the least feel threatened by anyone.

Watch her interview below and tell us what you think?


Davido Reveals Reason Why He Dropped An EP Instead Of An Album In New Interview

Sony Music act, Davido, has opened up on why he dropped an EP instead of an album as promised multiple times.

Speaking with Ndani TV, the ‘Aye’ crooner, said:

I knew that once I drop my album, I’ll have to focus on the album on that album so, I am just trying to get as much music out,s o that’s why i dropped the EP first….

Watch the interview below and share your thoughts:



Meet FINNIBEATZ [@finnibeat Performing Artist And Music Producer In Exclusive Interview


In The Nigerian Music Industry, There’s Always been a Thick line Between Ability And Talent! New Talents Have been Unveiled in 2016, Some Of Which Have Been Included in Our Top5 Next Rated Artists In Nigeria

Here’s An Exclusive Interview With Afinni John Ope!  popularly Known As FinniBeatz! A Fast Rising Music Artist And Producer who Produces Good Music In A Professional and Unique Style..


@SHYGOATBLOG – Give A Little Insight About Yourself ?

@FINNIBEATZ – My Name Is Afinni John Ope!  A Graduate Of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Studied Masscomm! Stage Name Is FinniBeatz And I Be Fine Boy as U Can See..  ߘ Am A Performing Artist, Music Producer And A Model!
Well am me and I like being real and a risk taker!

@SHYGOATBLOG – What really Pushed You To Become A Music Artist ?

@FINNIBEATZ – Honestly I wasn’t Really Pushed To Do Music, It’s Something I’ve Always Had In Me To Do! The Passion And Drive Was Always There.. The Inspiration to Fully Face It Came from other Songs I used to Listen to! Mo’hits, p’square And Duncan Mighty Amidst Others!

@SHYGOATBLOG – Which instruments do you play? 

@FINNIBEATZ – Drums!  I be Drummer boy oo. I used to be a church drummer boy.. I Enjoy Playing The Drums

@SHYGOATBLOG – Is your family musical?

@FINNIBEATZ – No music background parsay

@SHYGOATBLOG – How often and for how long do you practice?

@FINNIBEATZ – The real thing is I don’t even look at the time when I start  practicing all I do is i start and stop whenever I need to rest my brain or whenever I remember have not eaten all day .

@SHYGOATBLOG – For How Long So You Intend To Keep Doing What You Do! Do u Have A Precise Age?

@FINNIBEATZ – Music is life and I believe as long as am still breathing 

 @SHYGOATBLOG – Which famous musicians do you admire? And Why?

@FINNIBEATZ – Dbanj , wizkid yemi Alade.. Because their hustling spirit is real so so real  


@SHYGOATBLOG – Which famous musician would you like to work with?  As a Producer-
BeatbySarz , Pheelz,  Gospel on the beat,  Mastercraft and TYmix.

As an artist Dbanj (Eja Nla) and Falz The Badt Guy

@SHYGOATBLOG – How Did u Get to Learn Music Production? Who Were Your Teachers?

@FINNIBEATZ – Dr Edward Sunday a.k.a Bros Eddy and Kayode Adenuga a.k.a Keyz Beatz .. These Guys have helped a Lot And I’d Forever be grateful for All They’ve Done for me so Far And All They’ve thought me!

@SHYGOATBLOG – Everybody has Been Talking  about Your New Video “GINJA’. It Making Waves And Has Managed to Stay On Our Top10chart For 2weeks! What Inspired the Audio And Visuals Of The Song!

@FINNIBEATZ – i just Simply Got into The Studio To do what I do Best! I just Had fun while doing it And It Came out Fantastic! Party Rock Has Always Been the People’s Demand! I Just gave em what they wanted!

@SHYGOATBLOG – Do you teach music?

@FINNIBEATZ – Yes for now I train on music Production 


@SHYGOATBLOG – How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

@FINNIBEATZ – ermm, well I know I seem to create time for whatever I want to do 

@SHYGOATBLOG – In wat ways has your music changed from when you started?

@FINNIBEATZ – Oh my, a long way I use to laugh at myself a times when I play some old songs of mine or produced by me in the past ߘ well thanks to God still moving and still learning day by day 

@SHYGOATBLOG – What are the main inspiration for the lyrics you write?

@FINNIBEATZ – Atmosphere things happening around me.. basically

@SHYGOATBLOG – Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed for the beats or the lyrics flow and content?

@FINNIBEATZ – Hmm I don’t think am in the best position to answer that 

@SHYGOATBLOG – Do you Have Any Project You’re Currently Working On? What Should Your Fans Expect Anytime Soon?

@FINNIBEATZ – Yeah Definitely! Expect New acts songs produced by me and new sounds! It’s gonna be Different And From the Noise Everybody Is Used to In This Country!

@SHYGOATBLOG – What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

@FINNIBEATZ – Face your fear and always be a risk taker oo.. #Lobatan

@SHYGOATBLOG – Give us a list of three celeb. you’re to kiss one, make out with one nd kill one. who nd who will it be?  

@FINNIBEATZ – Ahh This One Ehn.. ߘᮮ  Well I’ve Always Wanted to Kiss Genevieve, Make Out With Jackie-Appiah,  And The Last One.. Who I fit kill ooo…. I never Sabi!!

@SHYGOATBLOG – would u like to Make  A Shout-out to Anyone?

@FINNIBEATZ – A big Shout goes out to Everyone Supporting me and my Music.. Hod bless you All!!

@SHYGOATBLOG – Thank You Finnibeatz for your time With us!
Go follow @finnibeatz On Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!
For Bookings And Enquiries Contact FinniBeatz On – +234811 715 2609

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Meet Simeon Daferebe George with stage name ‘iShyne’ a Nigerian Reggae/Dancehall Artiste.He hails from Isoko LGA in Delta State born on the 6th of November. iShyne is signed under BUCKTUNES West Africa (B.T.W.A). Read what he told iHype9ja in an Exclusive interview ;


My mother inspired my stage name,I have always being a shy person so my mother motivated me to shine out that is why I go by the name I-Shyne meaning I will always shine on.


Music has always been in me,I always believe I have a message to pass out so I chose music as a tool

I am a simple and easy going person who sees Life very simple.I take what I need from life to build myself,being alive keeps me going and gives me hope.

YES I  am single.

I have couple of songs on radio play but I am yet to release a debut single under B.T.W.A titled ‘Worldwide Queen’


It is a song for the women,their sufferings their pains my Mother actually inspired the song.The song is set to be released soon.

I see myself worldwide by God’s grace


Instagram- @ishyneon
Twitter- @ishynevybe
Facebook- Simeon iShyne George