Caitlyn Jenner spent $70,000 on six surgeries to get new look — Surgeon

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65yr old Caitlyn Jenner (formally known as Bruce) spent a whooping  $70,000 (appro. 14 million naira) on six different surgeries to get his new feminine look.

According to a Plastic surgeon Dr David Alessi, who told Page Six of the New York Times, that Caitlyn had undergone six major surgery to get complete gender transition.

He claims that Caitlyn underwent Rhinoplasty, which runs anywhere between $9k to $15k. Then a facial rejuvenation surgery that often costs in the neighbourhood of $25,000.

Alessi also think that Caitlyn has had a brow lift (around $12k), cheek implants ($6K-$8K), Adam’s apple shave ($6K-$10K), and Botox ($800).

The total amount the surgeon estimates the cost of all the procedures is around $70,000. 

The doctor says, the former Olympian will have to undergo yearly touch ups and tweaks, to maintain the appearance.

He also believes that Caitlyn will want other procedures down the road, including liposuction to have a more hourglass shape.

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