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Music: Juicy J Ft Cardi B – Kamasutra

Download and listen to Juicy J Ft Cardi B – Kamasutra

Juicy J may be getting on, but there’ll probably never come a day when he isn’t highly intoxicated. On his new mixtape, Taylor Gang’s most turnt keeps the party going with youngsters and OGs alike, including A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Project Pat, XXXTentacion, Smokepurpp, $uicideboy$ and Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmii. Meanwhile, Mike WiLL Made-It, Southside, TM88, Key Wane and others provide the music for this crazy party.

The Juice Man also closes out the effort with “What Did I Do,” where he reflects on his rise to the top over $uicide Boy$’ soulful production. “I’m getting better with this fame Tell me what I did to make these ni**as act so lame,” he raps. “All I did was give them all the sauce and all the game The players always change, but the bosses stay the same.”.

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Story: Love Story Episode 4

The night met us eating vegetable soup together which she had arranged on her arrival from the market. While eating, we talked about numerous things. My eyes were settled all over, as her grin influenced me to need to tell every one of the jokes on the planet. She treated me like a sibling. She had no dread of me and took care of me as if it was her commitment to do as such. I had never been in that position. I just envisioned it. Right then I found that there was a momentous distinction amongst creative energy and reality. We completed the process of eating and she took the plates away.

The Television was on, the sound of the roof fan could be heard plainly, and she was conversing with me and snickering at the same time. She was an extremely upbeat being. In any case, in all that made sounds in that room, whatever I could here was echoes of Angelic voices emulating to superb melodies as she was talking. I wasn’t tuning in to her. I could just observe her lips moving.

The allurements of her lips nearly drove me to conquer my still, small voice and fears. Simply at that point, my telephone rang, and my concise personality travel stopped. I addressed the call. It was my mom calling to know how I’m coping . I revealed to her all but I do not  inform her that living with a young lady. A really one at that. After the call, Ogechi and I continue with our discussions. I let her know more about myself and she did same. It proceeded until around 10pm when she requesting that I join her in Prayer , after which we resigned to bed. (On the same  bed).

The following day was a Sunday. We Prayed and arranged for Sunday service . She was a member of Christ’s Embassy . We went to the church together . On landing, practically everybody we went over ceased her to state some things previously giving her a chance to continue. I turned out to be a body guard , waiting until the point when she was finished with whoever she ceased to chat with. It appeared to me like she was truly well known there. When we got to the main Church Auditorium , she handover me over to a beautiful female usher who took me in and gave me a seat. I didn’t know where Ogechi had gone to. I anticipated that she would sit appropriate beside me in that congregation. Before sufficiently long, the seats in my role was filled despite everything she hadn’t come. I got my brain off that and focused on the man who was taking the opening prayer Halfway into the administration I couldn’t at present locate Ogechi anyplace in the Church . At the point when the choir were called to serve their Special number , I looked, and there she was among them. She hadn’t revealed to me she was a chorister. The choir leader presented the title of the song and gave the mic  to guess who ; Ogechi. She was the lead vocalist. When she began singing, first thing that emerged was her other-worldly voice which advanced without a moment’s delay to my body framework to stir dozing cells and tissues. While the gathering was getting honored by the verses of the tune, I was at the same time respecting and venerating Ogechi. She was essentially great. Her uniqueness continued unfurling as the days passed.

After administration, nearly everybody complemented her for her Beautiful choir ministration. I needed to wait until the point that every one was finished. She introduced me to two or three the brethren there as Jesusboy. They sort of wondered about me for bearing such name. Furthermore, at whatever point any of them inquired as to why I bear that name, I would state; since Jesus is the one I serve .

Some of them would giggle to that while some others got shy of words. Notwithstanding, they would all call me Jesusboy a short time later. They asked Ogechi how she came encounter with me, and she said; I met him two evenings back  and he ended up being a decent person. I realize that in no inaccessible time he’ll be up and serving in one of the units here in chapel. She swung to me and said; right Jesusboy? Unquestionably! I answered. It will be my pleasure to make myself helpful to the Master in this awesome place of love. They were all happy to hear me say that, and they are all happy that she brought me to the chapel. To some degree, I felt she was pleased with me due to the statement I simply made. I wouldn’t know since I never asked.

At night that day, I needed to hang out a little since I was at that point used to doing as such every prior night I met her. I inquired as to whether she had anything doing that night and she said no. why? She inquired.

‘I need to hang out a bit. I was thinking about whether you would go along with me’

‘N..a..h., I’ll simply remain at home’

‘See, I know you’re saved what not. I likewise am, yet every so often you have to loosen up. What’s more, in the event that you’re apprehensive ‘What occurred on Friday night may repeat itself, put your mind at rest I assure you nothing bad will happen to you’

‘(She lay there on the bed taking a look at me without saying a word, most likely pondering what influenced me to figure I could spare her from the police) Don’t stress. Proceed. I’ll go along with you another day please Oge, it will just take a while. It will be boring for me to hangout alone. Ok if that is the case fond some young lady out there to stay with you. Like you stated, it’ll just take a while’.

‘That would have been a smart thought if there was some young lady out there as beautiful as you are. A lovely young lady like you close by will give me a good memory . You never comprehend what you may get from this hangout. Simply accompany me, I beseech you’.

Despite everything she didn’t respect my request, until when I went on my knees, it resembled I had done magic on her. I couldn’t believe that the young lady I had invested a lot of time  pleading  to convince her to hang out with me just agreed just because I knelt down for her . I will Accompany YOU. She said that three times without me saying anything. I was flabbergasted! I remembered that. That appeared to me like her weakness, and I arranged that I would utilize it at whatever point she developed extreme. So I rose to my feet and said thanks to her for consenting to accompany me. She instructed me to give her a few minutes to change into something decent. She went into the washroom and turned out in a red outfit that went short beneath her knee level, with valuable stones sparkling everywhere throughout the outfit.

‘You look additional Gorgeous perfect’s I commented.

‘Much thanks to you’ she answered becoming blushing

I remained there for 30 seconds gazing at her with a smile without saying a word. I think she adored the way I was admiring her since she smiled constantly. At that point abruptly she raised her eyebrows, applauded a couple of times and said; ‘HELLOO? Can we GO NOW?’ I gave her my hand, she took it, and we exited.


‘What would you prefer to take?’ I inquired.

‘I don’t have a clue. Anything will do’

‘ok. Waiter! Kindly get us two bottles of Heineken

‘Heineken ‘ She shouted.

‘Of cause! Thought you said anything?’

‘(Forcefully) Y..e..a..h.., yet not liquor’

“Gracious” truly? How was I expected to realize that? So now, what do you wish to take

‘You’re truly not serious you know? I’ll take malt’

‘Server, please change of request. Two bottles of malt. Also, tell that mallam to bring suya worth N1,000

‘Approve Sir’ said the server

‘Much thanks to you’

‘Why did you change your request as well? Don’t you need to drink Heineken once more?’ she inquired.

‘I don’t take liquor’

‘All things considered, same here’

‘Why at that point did you arrange for it in any case?’

‘Since… … ..(waiter intrudes)

‘Here’s your request sir’ the server said as he dropped our request on the table.

‘Much thanks to you. (Swing to Ogechi) So Oge, you never revealed to me you were a chorister’

‘No doubt, it never entered my thoughts to do as such. Be that as it may, now you know. You have an issue with that?’

‘In no way, shape or form. Unexpectedly, I cherish music, and additionally artists. Particularly vocalists like you who can pitch high’

‘Incredible! Much obliged to you. I wouldn’t not be right to expect you’re a chorister okay?’

‘Not precisely. I do music, yet I’m not a chorister. I’ve never been in a congregation choir or music bunch some time recently, yet I’ve recorded a song number of tunes’ I stated, feeling like a star.

‘Stunning! You’re an Artist ! Little world! I’ve generally longed for the day my congregation choir will begin doing studio recordings. I anticipate the day our tunes will go worldwide and touch lives. We have such a great amount to offer, and it needs to go past the four corners of the congregation to the world on the loose. I simply don’t know how soon that will happen. My choir executive doesn’t appear to be as anxious as I am to witness that. What’s more, I’ll need to hold up until the point that he does’

‘You’re off-base. You should not be in a congregation choir to get that going. You can simply go solo on the off chance that you are that anxious to contact the world. Who knows whether your choir executive will ever purchase getting your choir to record a collection? Possibly all he needs is simply to serve in chapel. I’m not sure about that at any rate. However, that is an idea you should acknowledge’

‘(Ogechi considering on what I just said) It had entered my thoughts to do as such. I simply didn’t locate the correct inspiration’

‘then this is the right time cos I can help you I said.

‘I get it is. Be that as it may, I’ve never recorded a tune in a studio. It’s all going to be strange to me’

‘There’s always a first time. Additionally, that is not what you ought to be stressed over. You ought to be more worried about the written work and making perspective out of it’

‘That is the issue’ she said tragically.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Melody composing is not by any means my thing. That is the motivation behind why I couldn’t manage without my choir leader. He composes the writing tunes, and I offer song to it’

‘That won’t be an issue. I’ll do the written work for you. It is ideal you can make song. What’s more, I’ll likewise aid that, if at all you require my assistance anytime’

‘Why you can do all that when you’ve never joined a congregation choir or music bunch some time recently?’

Lol you may need to send that inquiry to G.O.D’ I stated, .

‘Are you genuine about this or you’re simply playing tricks on me as you did with Heineken ‘

‘Of cause not! I’m not kidding. Like I said; I’ve recorded a significant number of tunes’

.ok if what you’re saying is true ,let me hear some of the music u have recorded?

‘Despite everything you don’t trust me right? Mrs Thomas who don’t believe Jesus has resurrected . My tunes are all on the web. I’ll give you a link to one of them.

I’ll give you connects to the others. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for the connection?’

‘Only a moment. (She goes after her purse and draws out her blackberry z10) ok, proceed’

<a href=” “>’Title is ‘RISE and Shine</a>

‘OK Sir! I’ll do as such before I resign to bed today around evening time. How about we drink up and go ahead. It’s getting really late’

‘Okay Miss! Your wish is my command

‘You’re a truly clever person’

‘Furthermore, you’re the cutest young lady I’ve ever seen

We gazed immovably into each other’s eyes after I put forth that expression. It was as though I had dropped the bomb. The more we looked at each other ideal in the eye, the nearer our appearances got to each other’s. Gracious’ my gosh!!! Was this truly going to happen?

To be continued from episode 5.

Sport News

Sport: Conte Happy With Morata’s Performance Against Arsenal

Antonio Conte has leapt to Alvaro Morata’s defence, after the striker was criticised for his performance against Arsenal.

The Chelsea No. 9 has had a flying start to life at Chelsea, but could not improve on his tally of three goals and two assists.

His critics feel he is lacking in the physical section and Conte has dismissed any such criticism, as he maintains he is happy with his performance against Arsenal.

“I don’t know [if his physicality is a problem],” Conte said at his post-match news conference.

“In my opinion, Morata played a really good game.

“I’m very happy with his performance. In my opinion, for me, he played very well today. He had a lot of the ball and tried to send Willian, Pedro, our wing-backs [forward with his passes].

“He played a really good game. We are focused on whether the No.9 scores or not.

“If he scored he played a good game, if he doesn’t he didn’t have a good game. But I was happy with his performance. We see different things.”

Sport News

Sport: Emery To Let Neymar And Cavani Decide Who Takes Penalties

Unai Emery says he will let Edinson Cavani and Neymar come to an agreement over who will take the penalties, after the pair appeared to argue over a spotkick in the match against Lyon.

PSG won the match 2-0, courtesy of two own goals, however, the disagreement between the two star forwards overshadowed the match.

Cavani won the argument, but ended up missing the spotkick, and Emery says he will only intervene, if they cannot come to a gentleman’s agreement.

“The penalties are to be struck by a few players, one is Cavani and the other is Neymar,” Emery said.

“It takes a gentleman’s agreement on the ground to hit the penalties.

“Afterwards, we will arrange internally for the penalties that are coming in, because I think both are able to score them, and I want the two to alternate in this exercise.

“If there is no agreement, I will decide. I do not want it to be a problem for us.”

Foreign Music

Music: Travis Scott – Blue Pill

Download and listen to Travis Scott – Blue Pill

Yesterday was Metro Boomin’ s 24 th birthday and today he decides to share the celebration with fans .

As a gift , he releases a brand new song . Initially you ’ d think it was an instrumental because there ’ s no artist name in the title but it’ s actually a Travis Scott song .

It ’ s called ‘ Blue Pill ’ and chances are it won ’ t end up on

Astroworld and will remain a loosie because it was teased back in 2014 .

Listen Below

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Sport Highlight

Sport Highlight: Video: Watford 0 – 6 Manchester City [Premier League] Highlights

Watford 0 – 6 Manchester City [Premier League] Highlights video, mp4 download

Sergio Aguero made it nine goals in his last five games against Watford with a hat-trick in Manchester City’s 6-0 win at Vicarage Road.

Manchester City moved to the top of the Premier League and extended their unbeaten run to 13 games with a 6-0 win over Watford inspired by a Sergio Aguero hat-trick.

Pep Guardiola’s men made light work of a Watford defence that had been impenetrable in the Hornets’ previous three games, with Gabriel Jesus, Nicolas Otamendi and Raheem Sterling all joining Aguero on the scoresheet.

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Sport Highlight

Sport Highlight: Video: Getafe 1 – 2 Barcelona [La Liga] Highlights

Getafe 1 – 2 Barcelona [La Liga] Highlights video, mp4 download

Paulinho’s late goal at Getafe helped Barcelona maintain their 100 per cent start, but Ousmane Dembele went off hurt.

Substitute Paulinho scored a late winner as Barcelona came from behind to beat Getafe 2-1 and continue their perfect start to the new LaLiga season.

The Brazil international netted his first Barca goal with six minutes remaining as Ernesto Valverde’s men recovered from a dreadful first half to claim a fourth straight top-flight victory in 2017-18.

The visitors lost Ousmane Dembele to injury in the opening period of his full Liga debut and their Saturday afternoon got worse when Japan international Gaku Shibasaki scored his first Getafe goal in stunning fashion before the break.

But another of Valverde’s subs, Denis Suarez, struck for the first time since January as the visitors battled back in the second half, before Paulinho grabbed the winner just as it looked like they would have to settle for a draw.

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Sport News

Sport: Pochettino: Kane Saved Me From The Axe In 2014

Mauricio Pochettino has picked a goal in Kane’s career for Tottenham, as the one that saved him from getting sacked in 2014.

Pochettino recalled the 10th match he was in charge of Tottenham, with the Spurs having only gotten 11 points from nine games.

Kane was playing understudy to Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor at the time, netted a 90th minute deflected free kick to earn a 2-1 against Aston Villa.

Tottenham and Kane have become unstoppable since then, with the England international claiming the PL golden boot two years in a row. And Pochettino has guided the club to consecutive top three finishes.

“Maybe I can find many other goals that were fantastic but for me the goals are related to emotion, in the period you are living,” Pochettino said.

“For me that goal was an amazing goal because it meant for us, for everyone, the possibility to stay here today.

“It’s true, the team were 14th or 13th and we were a little bit under pressure because the team were there and play well, but not win games.

“Always in football, when you don’t get good results, the first to be sacked is the manager. That is why that goal allowed us to carry on working and try to change the club.”

Sport News

Sport: Premier League ! Chelsea vs Arsenal To Clash On Sunday @ 1 : 30 pm – Who Do You Think Will Win? (Drop Your Predictions )

This clash of the titans is coming so fast again to our screen, after the FA Cup final played by the teams earlier this season.

Looking at the both teams recent form and performance so far we can always easily say who’s going to be the winner, but this is football, anything can happen.

So considering the team players qualities and everything have you. What do you think scoreline will be?

Foreign Music

Music: Brain Ft Lil Dicky & The Game – How Can U Sleep

Download and listen to Brain Ft Lil Dicky & The Game – How Can U Sleep

Lil Dicky and The Game Dish join forces on “How Can U Sleep”. By Brain

The Game comes through for the middle verse, and absolutely obliterates the ominous, carnival-esque instrumental. Dicky is spitting bars on the majority of the tracks, including the epic closer “How Can U Sleep”. He introduced his first alter ego, Brain.

Listen Below

Download Tune