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A Blog Reader Awkward Christmas Beach Experience

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LGT Legited’s Awkward Christmas’s Day Experience

That was how I carried my single A$$ to the beach with family…. they were all having fun as expected and so was I not until this moment…..

I thought of climbing the beach rocks to sit and same time take some dope selfies with my borrowed Iphone 6 hmmm never knew the devil was involved

On reaching the top of the rocks as desired, there came this guy with a pretty señora walking hand to hand in a way you’ll know they were lovers.

I maintained and continued with my selfies… minding my business… not until this happened

First, it was the guy carrying the girl on his back while he climbed the rocks…. same rock of which I was seated

I said nothing cause it’s a free world

Then, they both went down and this time the girl carried the guy on her back to climb the same rock ….hmm you can imagine how he had his hands all over her….B00bs as they climbed … So annoying

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I still maintained. not until I noticed he was doing all this things looking straight at me…. Still I ignored him

They continued… up, down, up, down…. and at the 7th time I just couldn’t take it any longer

I dipped the borrowed Iphone 6 into my pocket, boldly and angrily walked up to them as they attempt their 7th climb and said these Words from the deepest part of my heart… Thus

“If nah devil send two of unah to me today to destroy my happiness….. , You both shall fall”

Ghen gehn…O.o this was the twist of my story… things got real as real:sS

Just after I said those words, they both fell and it was the guy carrying the girll this time..

For my mind I jst talk sey “OMG see Gobe” Luckily for them, they were both physically fit after the fall… Note physically fit

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I didn’t even say a word to them I just stood as bold as ever.. happy at heart for they weren’t physically hurt.. still I didn’t show it on my face:|

The guy checked on his bae to see if she was okay of which she was. He then dusted himself up and climbed up to me

At this point I was ready for anything*boxing* …. On reaching where I was, he amicably stretched forth his hands to shake me of which I reluctantly responded to….

After the fastest hand shake ever… he then said these words to me..

“Brother, you shall remain single this 2016

Ahhhhh #Ekpe (curse) O I got furious *Noooo*

And that was how it all got physical….*boxing**boxing* *boxing *ninja*

#No be small level ooooo

Finally, we got peacefully separated, he denounced his early say cause I was damn! Furious about it still

We shook hands and this time longest even with a fistbump, hug each other and that was the turning point of my experience…. Guess what:]Y

His only beloved bae gave me a #CrushWink ……Tnx to Iphone 6…. yeah of course am #Cute

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LOL…. U knw d rest…… things got hmm hmm with her ever after

#LGT Legited
2016 am fully ready!!! #TeamNoMoreSingleLife
Written by LGT Legited pin:2AF9E051 Contact: +22966694148

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