9 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Is THE RIGHT MAN

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Love is a beautiful thing and there is no greater thing than the love of a woman. Here are top 9 signs to know – HE IS THE ONE.

1. Being around him is always fun even when the situation bad:
Like the one time you were stuck with an assignment for hours and he came through and helped with every possible way. Being with him turns all things into great things.

2. He knows about your weird side and he’s into it:
He knows you watch korean movies over and over again while Nak3d and he thinks it’s cute for some reason. The reason: because he is awesome.

3. He’s consistently great to you:
If he makes you the most romantic dinner on a Monday night and still spends Friday night with you instead of balling with his boys, he is a keeper

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4. You know (and like) all his friends:
You are friends with his friends and even if you’ve never met some of them, he talks about you all the time, so they feel like they know you.

5. He challenges you to be even more amazing: You’re already the coolest and he knows that because that’s why you’re together, but he thinks you’re capable of even more than you think you’re capable of (and you know you’re capable of a lot, so that’s saying something.)

6. He makes you feel like the most gorgeous human in the world:
Even on days when you definitely do not feel that way, he still makes you feel like Jennifer Lawrence would feel ugly standing next to you. How does he do that?! Oh, by genuinely believing you’re the most gorgeous human in the world? That’s cool.

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7. He cares about your physical needs:
This needs no explanation and even if you guys aren’t sleeping together he finds out you like neck kisses so he goes out of his way to deliver more neck kisses.

8. He supports your dreams and goals 100 percent: Sometimes even more than you do because he knows you’re capable of doing anything you want to do. Whether it’s becoming the next model or going high in the career of your choice,he’s into it.

9. He’s always crazy excited to see you: And vice versa. Even if you just saw him yesterday, it still feels like you havent seen him in years.

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