5 Reasons Bloggers Give Up

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True it is that there are over 600 million active websites, the fact is over 60% of these sites are blogs and close to 80% of blogs has either died, hanging by a thread or maltreated (poorly handled).

Quickly here Are The top 5 amongst many reasons why Bloggers with the early Usain Bolt enthusiasm fade out after a while.

Note: This is not a do/don’t manual or anything you’ve read before. Just plainly written research result.

1. Money : I’ve read many articles that tell Bloggers to put money off their mind when they start out. Don’t believe this sheepishly as it’s a technical statement. After a while, if money isn’t coming, you might wanna up your game or do something else.

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2. Posts : Almost every blogger has something that takes the chunk of the daily routine. So carving out time to satisfy your readers might be choking. The longer you go without blog posts, the more you lose readers and the more readers are lost, the… What the heck do you have a blog for without readers?!

3. Comments : Believe it or not, comments or lack of it gets to Bloggers. When you have comments, you feel heard. Without it, you can only A$$ume or be discouraged. That’s why if you read a nice piece of blog post, the only way to encourage the blogger is by dropping a comment. That’s the least you can do.

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4. Traffic : Lack of traffic is something that discourages Bloggers. Search Engine Optimisation is one thing clients(Bloggers) are advised not to joke with, the refusal of your site to surface on search engine pages is a red flag. Closing up shop can’t be far fetched.

5. Solo Blogging : Solo blogging kills your enthusiasm faster than anything. You compose the articles, you edit/proof read, you post them, you share them on social media platforms, you still go source for back links, you… Pls tell explain how you won’t close up the blog before it wears you out?

Cheers to your blogging success!

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